"A Golden Treasury Of Christmas Music" Chorus
"A Golden Treasury Of Christmas Music" Orchestra
"In" Group, The
"Sound Stage" Calliope Band, The
"Uptown" Dance Hall Orchestra
"Whoopee" John Orchestra, The
101 Strings
13 Engines
1st Brigade Band, 3rd And 4th Divisions, 15th Army Corps, The
2 Unlimited
31st of February
3rd Bass
4 Non Blondes
4 Runner
44th Street Portable Flower Factory
98 Degrees
9th Regiment Pipe Band
Aaron, Lee
Abbas, George, Jr.
Abbey Choir
Abbott And Costello
Abbott, Gregory
Abdul, Paula
Abercrombie, John
Abilene Christian College A Cappella Choir
About Nine Times
Abrams, Colonel
Abrams, Miss, And the Strawberry Point School Fourth Grade Class
Abrams, Miss, And the Strawberry Point School Third Grade Class
Abstracts, The
Academy Award Orchestra
Academy of St. Martin-In-The-Fields
Acapella Project, The
Accelerators, The
Accents, The
Ace of Base
Ace of Hearts Orchestra
Ackerman, William
Acklin, Barbara
Ackridge Singers, The
Acorn Motel Band
Acoustic Hippies From Hell, The
Active Force
Acuff, Roy
Acuff, Roy, And His Smoky Mountain Boys
Ad Libs, The
Adair, Erin
Adam And the Ants
Adam, Margie
Adams, Arthur
Adams, Billy, And Orchestra
Adams, Bob
Adams, Bruce
Adams, Bryan
Adams, Charlie
Adams, Dave
Adams, Don
Adams, Edie
Adams, Edith
Adams, Jerri
Adams, Nancy
Adams, Oleta
Adams, Rusty
ADC Band
Adcock, Eddie
Addeo, Leo, And His Orchestra
Adderley, Cannonball, Quintet
Adderley, Cannonball, Quintet Plus, The
Adderley, Julian "Cannonball"
Addison, John, And His Orchestra
Addotta, Kip
Addrisi Brothers, The
Adé, King Sunny, And His African Beats
Adkins, Trace
Adler, Kurt Herbert
Adult Net
Adventures, The
Affection Connection, The
African Image
Afrika Bambaaataa
After 7
After the Fire
Afternoon Delights
Agent Orange
Aguila, Mariachi
Aguilera, Christina
Air Supply
Aka The Max Demian Band
Akavickas, Eddie, And His Jolly Gentlemen
Akens, Jewel
Akins, Rhett
Alabama Sacred Harp Singers
Alaimo, Chris
Alaimo, Steve
Alan, Buddy
Alarm, The
Albany, Joe
Albee, Edward
Alberg, Somer
Alberghetti, Anna Maria
Albert, Morris
Alberts, Al
Albright, Gerald
Albright, Lola
Albuerne, Fernando
Alda Reserve
Alda, Robert
Aldrich, Ronnie, And His Two Pianos
Aleichem, Sholem
Aleong, Aki, And His Licorice Twisters
Alevizos, Ted
Alexander, Arthur
Alexander, Daniele
Alexander, Karen
Alexander, Willie, And the Boom Boom Band
Alhaug, Peder
Alice in Chains
Alien Crime Syndicate
Alii, Doug, And the Hina
Aliis, The
Alive And Kicking
All About Eve
All Bubba Blues Band
All Star Inter-Conference Band, The
All-American Marching Band
All-American Rejects, The
Allanson, Susie
Alldis, John, Choir
Allegro Theatre Orchestra
Allen And Blewitt
Allen, Annisteen
Allen, Barry
Allen, Deborah
Allen, Donna
Allen, Eddie
Allen, Jerry
Allen, Mel
Allen, Melody
Allen, Peter
Allen, Reb
Allen, Rex
Allen, Rex, Jr.
Allen, Richie
Allen, Steve
Allen, Steve, And His Orchestra
Allen, Woody
Allens, Gracie
Allers, Franz
Alley Cats, The
Allison, Bryson, Orchestra And Chorus, The
Allison, Mose
Allison, Mose, Trio, The
Allman Brothers Band, The
Allman Joys, The
Allman, Duane
Allman, Duane And Greg
Allman, Gregg
Allman, Gregg, Band
Allman, Gregg, The, Band
All-Star Band And Chorus In Concert
Alm, Mary Jane
Almeida, Laurindo
Almeida, Laurindo, And the Bossa Nova All-Stars
Almeida, Laurindo, Quartet
Almond, Marc
Aloma, Hal, And His Orchestra
Alpert, Dore
Alpert, Herb
Alpert, Herb, And the Tijuana Brass
Alpert, Herbie, And His Sextet
Alpert's, Herb, Tijuana Brass
Alpha Band
Alpha Zoe
Alpine, Stanley
Alsop, Peter
Altar Boys
Altenburgh, John
Altered Images
Alunuai, Willie, And His Band
Alvin, Dave
Amada, Maia
Amaral, Nestor, And His Continentals
Amazing Rhythm Aces, The
Ambassadors Of Funk
Ambivalent Youth
Amboy Dukes, The
Ambrose And His Orchestra
Ambrose, Amanda
Ambrosian Singers, The
A'me Lorain And the Family Affair
Ameche, Don
Ameche, Don, And Frances Langford
Ameche, Lola
American Ace
American All Star Band
American Breed, The
American Christian College
American Flyer
American Girls
American Legion Band of Hollywood, California
American Radio Symphony Orchestra
American Tears
Ames Brothers, The
Ames, Ed
Amigos, The
Ammons, Albert
Ammons, Gene
Amon Düül
Amos, Tori
Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers
Amuzement Park
Amy, Curtis
Ancient Future
Andersen, Eric
Anderson, Al
Anderson, Bill
Anderson, Billy
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe
Anderson, Candy
Anderson, Carl
Anderson, Ernestine
Anderson, Gene
Anderson, Joe
Anderson, John
Anderson, Jon
Anderson, Judith
Anderson, Laurie
Anderson, Leroy, And His "Pops" Concert Orchestra
Anderson, Leroy, And His Orchestra
Anderson, Liz
Anderson, Lynn
Anderson, Margie
Anderson, Marian
Anderson, Mike
Andersson, Benny
André, Maurice
Andress, Tuck
Andrews Sisters, The
Andrews, Gayle
Andrews, Inez
Andrews, Julie
Andrews, Lee, And the Hearts
Angel (24)
Angel [24]
Angel City
Angel, Marian
Angelic Mandolin Choir
Angels, The
Anger, Darol
Anglo-Saxon Brown
Angry Samoans
Animal Logic
Animals, The
Anka, Paul
Ann, Lori
Anna, Darin D.
Ansermet, Ernest
Ant, Adam
Anthony Choir, The
Anthony, Billie
Anthony, Dick
Anthony, Johnny Ray
Anthony, Marc
Anthony, Ray
Anthony, Ray, And His Bookends
Anthony, Ray, And His Orchestra
Any Trouble
Apaka, Alfred
Apollo 100
Apollonia 6
Appell, Dave, And His Orchestra
Appice, Carmine
Apple, Charlie, And His Banjo Buddies
Applejacks, The
Applewaite, Stanley, And Orchestra
April Wine
Aquinas Choirs, The
Aquino, Ernesto, And His Cha Cha Cha Orchestra
Arbors, The
Arc Angel
Arc Angels
Arcaraz, Luis, And His Orchestra
Archer, Frances, And Beverly Gile
Archer, Jho
Archer, John
Archer, Tasmin
Archies, The
Arden, Toni
Argo, Don
Arkenstone, David
Armatrading, Joan
Armbruster, Robert
Armen, Kay
Armored Saint
Arms, Russell
Armson, Henry, And Bob Durst
Armstrong, Craig
Armstrong, Louis
Armstrong, Louis, And His All-Stars
Armstrong, Louis, And His Hot Five
Armstrong, Louis, And His Hot Seven
Armstrong, Louis, And His Orchestra
Armstrong, Louis, And the All Stars
Armstrong, Louis, And the Commanders
Army of Lovers
Arnaz, Desi, And His Orchestra
Arnez, Chico
Arnold, Calvin
Arnold, Eddy
Arnold, Nick, Orchestra
Aro, Bobby
Arrested Development
Arrows, The
Art Gallery, The
Art Nouveaux
Art of Noise
Artful Dodger (3)
Arthur, Big Jon
Arthur, Brooks
Arthur, Jack
Arthur, Travis
Artists United Against Apartheid
Arvon, Bobby
A's, The
Ascenders, The
Ascots, The
Ash, Daniel
Ashcroft, Johnny
Ashford And Simpson
Ashley, Leon
Ashley, Savannah
Ashton, Gardner And Dyke
Ashton, Tony, And Jon Lord
Ashworth, Ernest
Asleep at the Wheel
Asleep At The Wheel Review, The
Assembled Multitude
Association, The
Astaire, Fred
Astley, Jon
Astley, Rick
Astors, The
A-Strings, The
Astro-Jets, The
Astronauts, The
Athletico Spizz 80
Atkins String Company, The
Atkins, Chet
Atlanta Disco Band
Atlanta Pops
Atlanta Rhythm Section
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra And Chorus
Atlantic Starr
Atlantics, The
Atomic Rooster
Attaway, Murray
Attractions, The
Aubrey Twins, The
Auger, Brian
Auger, Brian, And The Trinity
August, Jan
Augustana Choir
Auld, Georgie
Austin Sisters
Austin, Bobby
Austin, Gene
Austin, Patti
Austin, Sherrie
Austin, Sil
Austin, Steve
Australian Crawl
Automatic Man
Automatic, The
Autry, Gene
Avalon, Frankie
Average White Band
Axelrod, David
Axton, Hoyt
Ayers Rock
Ayers, Mitchell, And His Orchestra
Ayers, Roy, And Ubiquity
Ayers, Roy, Ubiquity
Ayres, Mitch, ' Orchestra And Chorus
Ayres, Mitchell, And His Orchestra
Aznavour, Charles
Aztec Camera
Aztec Two-Step
B C And the Dartz
B. Bumble And the Stingers
B-52's, The
Baah, "Reebop" Kwaku
Babe Ruth
Babs, Alice
Baby Ford
Baby Grand
Babys, The
Bacal, Dave
Bacharach, Burt
Bachelors, The
Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Back Street Crawler
Backstreet Boys
Backus, Gus
Bad Boy
Bad Brains
Bad Company
Bad Company's Coming...
Bad English
Bad Habits
Bad Manners
Bad Religion
Bade, Lisa
Badly Drawn Boy
Badowski, Henry
Baerwald, David
Baez, Joan
Bailes, Walter
Bailey, Pearl
Bailey, Philip
Bailey, Razzy
Baillie And the Boys
Bain, Bob
Baio, Scott
Baird, Dan
Baja Marimba Band, The
Baker, Anita
Baker, Butch
Baker, Chet
Baker, Chet, Quintet, The
Baker, Don
Baker, Don, Trio, The
Baker, George
Baker, George, Selection
Baker, Ginger
Baker, Jeffrey Reid
Baker, Jim
Baker, Karen
Baker, Kenny
Baker, Lavern
Baker, Two Ton
Bakker, Tammy Faye
Balcones Fault
Baldry, John
Baldry, Long John, And The Hoochie Coochie Men
Baldwin, Bob
Balin, Marty
Balin, Richie
Balitsaris, Matt & Loose Shoes
Ball State University Wind Ensemble, The
Ball, Earl
Ball, Kenny, And His Jazzmen
Ball, Marcia
Balladeers, The
Ballard, Hank, And the Midnighters
Ballard, Russ
Balloon Farm, The
Baltimore And Ohio Marching Band, The
Bama Band, The
Bambaataa, Afrika, And Fam
Band Aid
Band Of The Black Watch, The
Band of the Grenadier Guards
Band of the Plaza De Toros, Madrid
Band Without a Name
Band, The
Banda De Aviacion Española
Banda De Genaro Nunez, La
Bandy, Moe
Bang Tango
Bangles, The
Bangor Flying Circus
Banjo Barons Chorus And Orchestra
Banjo Barons, The
Banjo Kings, The
Banks, Murray, Dr.
Banks, Tony
Banner, David
Bannon, R. C.
Bar X Chorus, The
Barber, Frank, And His Orchestra
Barber, Frank, And His Salon Strings
Barber, Glenn
Barber, Samuel
Barber's, Chris, Jazz Band
Barbie (10)
Barbieri, Gato
Barbour, Steve, And His Old-Time Charleston Band
Bardens, Pete
Bare, Bobby
Barenaked Ladies
Barker, Warren
Barlow, Jack
Barlow, Randy
Barmby, Shane
Barnaby Bye
Barnes, Jimmy
Barnes, Max D.
Barnet, Charlie
Barnet, Charlie, And His Orchestra
Barnet, Charlie, Orchestra, Member Of
Barnet, Charlie, Quartet
Barnett, Jackie
Barnett, Mark
Barnhill, Joe
Barnum, H. B.
Baron Elliot Octet
Baron Rojo
Baron, Lloyd
Baron, Paul
Barretto, Ray
Barron, Kenny
Barrons, The
Barrows, Cliff
Barry, Claudja
Barry, Jeff
Barry, John
Barry, Len
Barth, Belle
Bartock And Lansky
Barton, Eileen
Barton, Joan
Barton, Lou Ann
Bashell, Louie, And His
Bashell, Louie, And His Silk Umbrella Orchestra
Basie, Count
Basie, Count, And His All American Rhythm Section
Basie, Count, And His Orchestra
Basie, Count, and the Kansas City 3
Basie, Count, and the Kansas City 5
Basie, Count, Band
Basie, Count, Big Band
Basie, Count, Orchestra, Members
Basil, Toni
Basile, Jo
Bass, Kenny
Bassey, Shirley
Batdorf And Rodney
Bats, The
Batten, Cecelia
Battisti, Lucio
Bauer, Alfons
Bauer, Alfons, And His Hofbrau Entertainers
Baugh, Phil
Baumann, Peter
Baxter, Bill, And His Carnaby St. Vaudeville Band
Baxter, Les
Baxter, Les, And His Orchestra
Baxter, Les, With His Chorus And Orchestra
Baxter, Terry, And His Orchestra
Baxter, Terry, His Orchestra And Chorus
Bay Big Band, The
Bay City Rollers
Bayard, Eddie, And His Bourbon Street Five
Baylor University Religious Hour Choir
BBC Philharmonic
BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Be Bop Boys, The
Beach Boys, The
Bear Creek Band
Bears, The
Beastie Boys
Beat Farmers, The
Beat Rodeo
Beat, The
Beatles, The
Beatty, Morgan
Beatty, Susi
Beau Brummels, The
Beau Coup
Beau-Marks, The
Beauvoir, Jean
Beaver, George
Be-Bop Deluxe
Bechet, Sidney, Trio
Beck, Bobby
Beck, Gordon, + 2
Beck, Jeff
Beck, Joe
Beck, Juanita
Becker, Loren
Becker, Sandy
Beckham, Bob
Beckmeier Brothers
Bedell, Lew
Bedient, Jack, And the Che
Bee Gees
Beebe's, Jim, Chicago Jazz
Beech Street Band
Beecher, Johnny
Been, Michael
Beer Hall Gang, The
Behnke, Gail
Belafonte, Harry
Belew, Adrian
Belew, Carl
Bell And James
Bell Biv DeVoe
Bell Notes, The
Bell, Archie, And the Drells
Bell, Benny
Bell, Madeline
Bell, Maggie
Bell, Vincent
Bell, Vinnie
Bell, William
Bellamy Brothers, The
Bellamy, David
Belle Stars, The
Belle, Regina
Bell-Mall Marching Band, The
Bells, The
Bellson, Louie
Bellson, Louie, And the "Explosion Orchestra"
Bellson, Louie, Explosion, The
Bellus, Tony
Belmonte And His Afro-American Music
Belmonts, The
Belvin, Jesse
Benatar, Pat
Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos, The
Benedictine Monks of the Abbey St. Maurice And St. Maur of Clairvaux
Beneke, Tex
Beneke, Tex, And His Orchestra
Bennett, Boyd, And His Rockets
Bennett, Chris
Bennett, Linda
Bennett, Tony
Bennett, Willie P.
Benno, Marc
Benny, Jack
Benoit, David
Benson, George
Benson, George, And Joe Farrell
Benson, John
Benson, Martin, Orchestra, The
Benton, Barbi
Benton, Brook
Benzell, Mimi
Berberian, Ara
Berberian, Madame Cathy
Berg, Matraca
Bergen, Edgar
Bergen, Frances
Bergen, Polly
Berger, Michael
Berigan, Bunny, And His Orchestra
Berkeley Rhythm
Berle, Milton
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, The
Berline, Byron
Berlingeri And His Percussive Harpsichord With His Orchestra
Berlitz Publications, Inc
Berman, Shelley
Bernard, Rod
Berne, Tim
Berney, Beryl
Bernoff, Jon, And Marcus Allen
Bernsen, Randy
Bernstein, Elmer
Bernstein, Leonard
Berry, Chuck
Berry, Jan
Berry, John
Berry, Leon
Berry, Mike
Berry, Wayne
Best, Martin
Best, Peter
Bethel Family
Bethlehem Choir And Ensemble
Better Than Ezra
Betters, Harold
Betts, Dickey
Betts, Dickey, And Great Southern
Betty And Sue
Beverly, Frankie
Bevis Frong, The
Bianco - His Harp And Orchestra
Bianco, Matt
Biddu Orchestra
Biese, Paul,'s Novelty Orchestra
Big 18, The
Big And Rich
Big Audio Dynamite
Big Audio Dynamite 2
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Big Bam Boo
Big Bay Band
Big Beats, The
Big Ben Banjo Band, The
Big Bopper
Big Brother And the Holding Company
Big Country
Big Daddy
Big Dave And His Orchestra
Big Dish, The
Big Mountain
Big Mouth
Big Noise
Big Pig
Big Three, The
Big Trouble
Bigelow, Arthur Lynds
Biggs, E. Power
Biggs, Richard Keys
Biggs, Travis
Bigley, Isabel
Bikel, Theodore
Bilk, Acker, Mr.
Bill And Glenn
Billie And Lillie
Billion Dollar Babies
Billy And Lillie
Billy And the American Suns
Billy And the Beaters
Billy Bobbs And the Ch
Billy Jack
Billy Mure's Happy Gui
Billy Pilgrim
Billy Satellite
Bindi, Umberto
Binge, Ronnie, And His Orchestra
Bionic Boogie
Birchwood Chorale
Birchwood Pops Orchestra
Bird, Vicki
Birdsall, Tom
Birkin, Jane
Bishop And Gwinn
Bishop, Elvin
Bishop, Randy
Bishop, Stephen
Bishop's Choristers, The
Bite The Bullet
Bix And His Gang
Black 47
Black Box
Black Crowes
Bläck Fööss
Black Ice
Black Label Society
Black 'N Blue
Black Oak
Black Oak Arkansas
Black Pearl
Black Sabbath
Black Stone Cherry
Black Tie
Black Uhuru
Black, Bill
Black, Cilla
Black, Clint
Black, Frank
Black, Jay
Black, Jeanne
Black, Stanley
Black, Stanley, And His Orchestra
Blackbirds - 1928
Black's, Bill, Combo
Blackwell, Charlie
Blackwell, Ed
Blackwood Brothers Quartet
Blackwood Brothers, The
Blades, James
Blaine, Vivian
Blake And Hines
Blake, Norman
Blakey, Art, And the Jazz Messengers
Blanc, Mel
Blanchard, Jack, And Misty Morgan
Blanchard, Terence, And Donald Harrison
Bland, Billy
Bland, Bobby
Blanton, Billy
Blaqk Audio
Blasters, The
Blate, Michael
Blazing Brass
Blenders, The
Blessid Union of Souls
Bleyer, Janet
Blige, Mary J.
Blihovde, Marv
Blihovde, Otto
Blind Baby Olin And Workbench
Blind Faith
Blind Illusion
Blind Melon
Bliss Band, The
Bloch, Ray, Popular Concert Orchestra
Bloch, Ray, Singers, The
Blodwyn Pig
Blood Brothers
Blood, Sweat, And Tears
Bloodhound Gang, The
Bloom, Bobby
Bloomfield, Harold, M.D., Dr.
Bloomfield, Mike
Blow Monkeys
Blow Monkeys, The
Blow, Kurtis
Blu Max
Blue Barron And His Orchestra
Blue Cheer
Blue Chips, The
Blue Future
Blue Goose
Blue Haze
Blue Jays, The
Blue Magic
Blue Man Group
Blue Mercedes
Blue Moderne
Blue Nile
Blue October
Blue Öyster Cult
Blue Ribbon Brass
Blue Ridge Quartet
Blue Ridge Rangers, The
Blue Rock
Blue Rodeo
Blue Sonnets, The
Blue Swede
Blue, David
Blue, Evans
Bluebelles, The
Blues Brothers
Blues Image
Blues Magoos, The
Blues Project
Blues Traveler
Bo, Eddie
Boardman And Andress
Boardo, Liz
Bob And Ray
Bob And the Showmen
Bob B. Soxx And the Blue Jeans
Bob Cats And Orchestra, The
Bob Jones University Choir
Bobbettes, The
Bobbsey Twins, The
Bobo, Willie
Bock, Jerry
Bodine, Rita Jean
Bodner, Phil
Body Count
Boehr, John W.
Bofill, Angela
Bogert, Tim
Bogguss, Suzy
Bohannon, Hamilton
Bohr, Ray
Bolcom, William
Bolin, Tommy
Bolivar, John
Bolling, Claude
Bolshoi, The
Bolton, Michael
Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi, Jon
Bon, Joannn, And the Coq
Bond, Bobby
Bond, Jack
Bond, Johnny
Bonds, Gary U.S.
Bones, Elbow, And the Racketeers
Boney M
Bonfa, Luiz
Bonfire, Mars
Bongos, The
Bonham, Tracy
Bonnemere, Eddie, Trio
Bonneville Million Dollar Sound Orchestra, The
Bonnie And the Treasures
Bonnie Lou
Bonoff, Karla
Boo Radleys
Boo, Betty
Boogie Box High
Book of Love
Booker And Foster
Booker T. And The MG's
Booker, Bob
Booker, Bob, And George Foster
Boom Crash Opera
Boomtown Rats, The
Boone, Daniel
Boone, Debby
Boone, Larry
Boone, Pat
Boone, Pat And Shirley
Boone, Pat, Family
Booth, Tony
Bootsy's Rubber Band
Borden, Lizzy
Border Brass, The
Bordon, Luis
Borge, Victor
Boss Guitars, The
Bostic, Earl
Bostic, Earl, And His Orchestra
Boston Baked Beans, The
Boston Pops Orchestra, The
Boston Symphony Orchestra
Boswell, John
Boticelli, Anthony
Botkin, Perry, Jr.
Botti-Endor Quartet
Bourdin, Roger, And His Orchestra
Bourgeois Tagg
Bow Ribbons
Bow Wow Wow
Bowen, Hill, And His Orchestra
Bowen, Jimmy
Bowen, Rick
Bower, Bugs
Bowie, Alice
Bowie, David
Bowling For Soup
Bowman, Don
Bowman, Jimmy
Bowser, Donnie
Box Car Racer
Box of Frogs
Box Tops, The
Boxcar Willie
Boy George
Boy Meets Girl
Boyce, Tommy
Boyce, Tommy, And Bobby Hart
Boyd, Billy, And His Cow
Boyd, Jimmy
Boyd, Liona
Boyd, Slim
Boyer And Talton
Boyer, Dave
Boyer, Guy
Boyle, Susan
Boys Band, The
Boys Choir Of Vienna, The
Boys Don't Cry
Boys In White
Boys Next Door
Boys Town Choir
Boys, The
Boyz II Men
Bozzio, Dale
Braddock, Bobby
Bradetich, Jeff
Bradetich, Judi Rockey
Bradley, Harold
Bradley, Owen
Bradley, Owen, Quintet
Brady Bunch
Brady Bunch, The
Brady, Paul
Brady, Peter
Braff, Ruby
Braff, Ruby, Octet
Bragg, Billy
Brains, The
Braithwaite, Daryl
Bram Tchaikovsky [Group]
Bramblett, Randall
Bramlett, Bonnie
Branch, Michelle
Brand New Heavies, The
Brand X
Brand, Oscar
Brandwynne, Nat, And His Orchestra
Branigan, Billy
Branigan, Laura
Brant, Mike
Brasil '66
Brass Construction
Brass Ring
Brass Ring, The
Brau, Clem, And His Joll
Braun, Bob
Braun, Karl, Band And Chorus
Bravado Brass, The
Brave Combo
Braverman, Cory
Braxton, Anthony
Braxton, Toni
Braydon, Alex
Brazelton, Ambrose
Brazilians, The
Brazos Valley Boys, The
Breakfast Club
Breaking Benjamin
Breau, Lenny
Bremers, Beverly
Brenda And the Tabulations
Brennan, Buddy, Quartet
Brennan, Máire
Brennan, Walter
Bresee, Frank
Bresh, Tom
Brewer And Shipley
Brewer, Spencer
Brewer, Teresa
Brewster, Ralph, Singers, The
Brian And Brenda
Brian And The Mississippi Valley Dutchmen
Brian Boru Ceili Band, The
Brian's Songs
Brickell, Edie
Brickell, Edie, And New Bohemians
Brickman, Jim
Brides Of Funkenstein, The
Bridges, Alicia
Bridges, Tommy
Bridgewater, Dee Dee
Briggs, Henry
Briggs, Lillian
Bright, Larry
Bright, Tom
Bright's, Roger, Band With Gene Tebo
Briley, Martin
Brinsley Schwarz
Bristol, Johnny
Bristol, Roddy
Britney Fox
Britt, Elton
Britt, Elton, And the Be
Britt, Tommy
Broad Street Gang
Broadway Symphony Orchestra
Broadway Theater Orchestra
Broekman, David, And His Orchestra
Broken Glass
Broken Homes, The
Bromberg, David
Bromberg, David, Band
Bronski Beat
Brooker, Gary
Brookes, Nancy
Brooklyn Bridge, The
Brooklyn Dreams
Brookmeyer, Bob
Brooks And Dunn
Brooks And Kornfield
Brooks, Donnie
Brooks, Ella
Brooks, Foster
Brooks, Garth
Brooks, Garth, And Steve Wariner
Brooks, Karen
Brooks, Kix
Brooks, Mel
Brooks, Norman
Brooks, Pattie
Broonzy, Big Bill
Brossart, Naomi
Brother Beyond
Brother Bones
Brother to Brother 2
Brotherhood of Man, The
Brothers Four, The
Brothers Johnson
Brothers Johnson, The
Brothers Love, The
Brothers of Washington, D.C.
Brown, Andrew
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Billy
Brown, Bobby
Brown, Boots
Brown, Boots, And His Blockbusters
Brown, Buster
Brown, Charles
Brown, Chuck, And the Soul Searchers
Brown, Clarence "Gatemouth"
Brown, Dick
Brown, Ed
Brown, George, Orchestra
Brown, Georgia
Brown, Greg
Brown, Hash, And His Orchestra
Brown, Hylo
Brown, James
Brown, Jim Ed
Brown, Julie
Brown, Les
Brown, Les, And His Band of Renown
Brown, Les, And His Orchestra
Brown, Louise
Brown, Marion
Brown, Marshall
Brown, Marty
Brown, Maxine
Brown, Miquel
Brown, Peter
Brown, Randy
Brown, Ray
Brown, Ronnie
Brown, Roy
Brown, Shirley
Brown, T. Graham
Browne, Duncan
Browne, Jackson
Browne, Jann
Browne, Severin
Browne, Tom
Brown's Ferry Four
Browns, The
Brownsville Station
Brubeck, Dave
Brubeck, Dave, Quartet, The
Brubeck, Dave, Quintet
Brubeck, Dave, Trio, The
Brubeck/Laverne Trio
Bruce, Carol
Bruce, Ed
Brunson, Reverend Milton
Brunt, Gary
Brush Arbor
Brussels World's Fair Pops Symphony Orchestra
Bryant, Anita
Bryant, Boudleaux
Bryant, Gary
Bryant, Jimmy
Bryant, Ray
Bryant, Ray, Trio
Bryson, Peabo
BT Express
Bubble Puppy, The
Bubblegum Singers And Orchestra
Buchanan And Goodman
Buchanan Brothers
Buchwald, Art
Buck Owens' Bakersfield Brass
Buck, Johnny
Buckaroos, Buck Owens'
Buckaroos, The
Buckingham, Lindsey
Buckinghams, The
Buckley, Tim
Bucknasty, Thomas
Buckner And Garcia
Buckner, Milt
Bucks Fizz
Bud And Travis
Budd, Harold
Budd, Harold, And Brian Eno
Budd, Julie
Buddy System, The
Budzilek, Ray
Buffa, Vince
Buffalo Bills, The
Buffalo Chips Band
Buffalo Philharmonic
Buffalo Springfield
Buffett, Jimmy
Buffett, Peter
Buggles, The
Bullens, Cindy
Bullet Boys
Bunburys, The
Bundrick, John "Rabbit"
Buono, Victor
Buoys, The
Burbank Station
Burch Sisters, The
Burden, Buddy And Bunny
Burdon, Eric
Burgens, Jan
Burgess, Wilma
Burke, Jerry
Burke, Keni
Burke, Solomon
Burke, Sonny, And His Orchestra
Burke, Vinnie
Burmer, Richard
Burnett, Carol
Burnett, T Bone
Burnett, T-Bone
Burnette, Billy
Burnette, Billy Joe
Burnette, Dorsey
Burnette, Johnny
Burnette, Rocky
Burnette, Sonny
Burns Sisters Band, The
Burns, George
Burns, Jackie
Burns, Lisa
Burns, Mary
Burns, Ralph, And His Orchestra
Burns, Ronnie
Burnside, Dennis
Burrage, Harold
Burrell, Kenny
Burris, Glenn
Burroughs, William S.
Bursen, Howard
Burston And Littlejohn
Burtnick, Glen
Burton, Fred
Burton, Gary
Burton, Gary, Quartet, The
Burton, Jenny
Burton, Jenny, And Patrick Jude
Bus Boys, The
Busch, Lou, And His Orchestra
Bush, Kate
Bushkin, Joe
Buskirk, Paul
Busse, Henry, And His Orchestra
Busy Beavers, The
Butcher, Jon
Butcher, Jon, Axis, The
Butera, Sam
Butler, Bobby "Sofine"
Butler, Carl
Butler, Jerry
Butler, Jonathan
Butterfield, Billy
Butterfield, Billy, And His Orchestra
Butterfield, Billy, Jazz Band, The
Butterfield, Paul, Blues Band, The
Butterflys, The
Butthole Surfers
Byas, Don
Byk, Louie, Band, The
Byrd, Charlie
Byrd, Charlie, Quartet
Byrd, Charlie, Trio
Byrd, Charlie, With Orchestra And Chorus
Byrd, Donald
Byrd, Jerry
Byrd, Jerry, And His Orchestra
Byrd, Tracy
Byrds, The
Byrne, David
Byrne, Robert
Byrnes, Edd
Byron, D. L.
Byron, Dick
C + C Music Factory
C.D. Band
C.J. And Co.
Cabbage Patch Kids
Cabot, Sebastian
Cabot, Tony, And His Orchestra
Cacia, Paul, Band
Cactus Jim And The Wranglers
Cadente, Johnny
Cadillacs, The
Caesar, Shirley
Cafe Jacques
Cafferty, John, And the Beaver Brown Band
Cagle, Buddy
Cain, Jonathan
Cain, Tané
Caiola, Al
Caiola, Al, And His Orchestra
Calcaterra, Rob
Calcote, Gordon
Caldwell, Bobby
Cale, J.J.
Calen, Frankie
California Raisins, The
California, Randy
Call, Alex
Call, The
Calle, Ed
Callier, Terry
Calloway, Lael And Cab
Camacho, Thelma
Camarata And His Orchestra
Camarata, Tutti
Cambridge, Godfrey
Camel Drivers, The
Cameo, Janine
Cameron, Rafael
Camp, Molly
Camp, Steve
Campbell, Alex, With The Fax
Campbell, Archie
Campbell, Choker,'s Big Band
Campbell, Douglas
Campbell, Glen
Campbell, Jim
Campbell, Jo Ann
Campbell, Tevin
Camper Van Beethoven
Canadian Brass, The
Candy Store, The
Candymen, The
Cannata, Jeff
Canned Heat
Cannon, Ace
Cannon, Freddy
Cano, Eddie
Cano, Eddie, And His Sextet
Cano, Eddie, Quintet
Cantrell, Lana
Capability Brown
Capaldi, Jim
Capital University Chapel Choir
Capitols, The
Capp, Frankie, Percussion Group, The
Capp, Frankie, Percussionists, The
Cappelli, Rachele
Capps, Hank
Captain And Tennille
Captain Beyond
Captain Sensible
Captain Stubby And The Buccaneers
Capt'n Carl
Capuano, Carla
Cara, Irene
Caraibe, Magie
Caravelles, The
Caravelli And His Magnificent Strings
Cardenas, Luis
Cardigans, The
Cards, The
Care Bears
Carey, Bill
Carey, Mariah
Carey, Ron
Carey, Tony
Cargill, Henson
Carillo, Inez
Carle, Frankie
Carle, Frankie, And His Orchestra
Carle, Frankie, And His Rhythm
Carlin, George
Carlisle, Belinda
Carlisle, Steve
Carlisles, The
Carlos, Walter
Carlos, Wendy
Carlson, Paulette
Carlton, Carl
Carlton, John, And the Craftsmen All-Stars
Carlton, Larry
Carlton, Lola
Carlyle, Russ
Carmel Strings, The
Carmen, Eric
Carmichael, Ralph
Carmichael, Ralph, And His Orchestra And Chorus
Carnes, Kim
Caroleer Singers And Orchestra, The
Caroleers, The
Caroll, James, Orchestra, The
Carpenter, Karen
Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
Carpenter, Richard, Trio, The
Carpenter's Tool
Carpenters, The
Carr, Cathy
Carr, Joe "Fingers"
Carr, Joe "Fingers", And His Ragtime Band
Carr, Leroy
Carr, Vikki
Carrack, Paul
Carradine, Keith
Carrasco, Joe "King", And the Crowns
Carrasco, Joe "King", Y Las Coronas
Carrillo, Cely
Carrington, Curtis
Carroll, Barbara
Carroll, Cathy
Carroll, David
Carroll, David, And His Orchestra
Carroll, Diahann
Carroll, Jim, Band
Carroll, Jimmy, And His Orchestra
Carroll, Jimmy, And Orchestra
Carroll, Mickey
Cars, The
Carson, Jimmy
Carson, Johnny
Carson, Ken
Carson, Ken, And The Choraliers
Carson, Ken, And The Singing Choraliers
Carson, Martha
Carson, Mindy
Carson, Paul
Carson, Sonny
Carste, Hans, And His Orchestra
Carter Family, The
Carter, Benny
Carter, Bill
Carter, Carlene
Carter, Clarence
Carter, Gaylord
Carter, Mel
Carter, Ron
Carter, Sara And Maybelle
Carter, Valerie
Cartridge, Flip
Cartwright, John
Cartwright, Lionel
Caruso, Enrico
Caruso, Frank
Carver, Johnny
Casa Loma Orchestra, The
Cascades, The
Case, Peter
Casey, Al, Combo
Cash, Alvin, And the Crawlers
Cash, Alvin, And the Registers
Cash, Johnny
Cash, Johnny, And the Tennessee Three
Cash, Johnny, And the Tennessee Two
Cash, June Carter
Cash, Rosanne
Cash, Tommy
Cashton Centennial Chorus, The
Cashton High School Band
Cashton High School Chorus
Cashton High School Orchestra
Casinos, The
Cass County Boys, The
Cassey, Chuck, Singers, The
Cassidy, David
Cassidy, Jack
Cassidy, Michael
Cassidy, Shaun
Castaways, The
Castells, The
Castilians, The
Castle, David
Castle, Jo Ann
Castleman, Boomer
Castor, Jimmy, Bunch, The
Cat Mother And The All Night Newsboys
Catch, The
Cate Brothers
Cate Brothers Band, The
Cates, George
Cates, George, And His Orchestra
Cates, The
Catherine Wheel
Cathy And Joe
Cathy Taylor
Cats Can Fly
Caudell, Lane
Cavaliere, Felix
Cavaliers, The
Cavallaro, Carmen
Cavallaro, Carmen, And His Orchestra
Cazador, Francisco, And His Barcelona Caballeros
Ceasar And Cleo
Ceberano, Kate
Celebrities Sing for Sight
Celi Bee And the Buzzy Bunch
Cellarful of Noise
Cesana, Otto, And Orchestra
Cesar And Sandy
Cetera, Peter
Cha, Christina
Chacksfield, Frank
Chacksfield, Frank, And His Orchestra
Chad And Jeremy
Chairmen of the Board, The
Chakiris, George
Chalker, Curly
Challet, Pierre, And His Orchestra
Chalmers, Charlie
Chamberlain, Richard
Chambers Brothers, The
Chambers, Bud And Darlene
Chameleon [R&B]
Chameleon [Rock]
Chameleons U.K.
Champlin, Bill
Champ's Boys Orchestra
Champs, The
Chance, Tony
Chandler, Bobby, And The
Chandler, Gene
Chandler, Jeff
Chandler, Kenny
Change of Heart
Channel, Bruce
Channing, Carol
Chantal, Francois
Chantays, The
Chantels, The
Chapin, Harry
Chapin, Jim
Chapin, Tom
Chapman, Cee Cee
Chapman, Marshall
Chapman, Steven Curtis
Chapman, Tracy
Chapman, Wayne
Chapter 8
Chaquito And His Orchestra
Charlatans U.K., The
Charles River Valley Boys, The
Charles, Jimmy
Charles, Nat, And Orchestra
Charles, Ray
Charles, Ray, Singers
Charles, Ray, Singers, The
Charles, Sonny, And the Checkmates, Ltd.
Charleston City All Star
Charleston City All-Stars, The
Charlotte And Her Cello
Chase, Chevy
Chase, Ellison
Chase, Richard
Chattanooga Disco Band
Chatton Singers, The
Cheap Trick
Checker, Chubby
Cheech And Chong
Cheers, The
Cheeters, The
Cheltenham Orchestra And Chorus, The
Cheltenham Singers, The
Cheng, Stephen C.
Chequered Past
Chermak, Frankie, Trio
Cherney, Guy
Chernicoff, Larry
Cherry Bomb
Cherry People, The
Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Cherry, Ava
Cherry, Don
Cherry, Neneh
Chesky, Larry, And His Orchestra
Chesky, Larry, And Orchestra
Chesnutt, Mark
Chess, Tubby, And His Candy Stripe Twisters
Chevalier, Maurice
Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew
Chicago Loop, The
Chicano, El
Chicken Shack
Chieftains, The
Chihuahua Marimba Band, The
Child, Desmond
Child, Jane
Children's Chorus And Orchestra, The
Childs, Toni
Chi-Lites, The
Chill Factor
Chilton, Alex
Chimes And Bells
Chimes And Chorus
Chimes, The
China Crisis
Chip 'n Dale
Chipmunks, The
Chisholm And Spence
Chmielewski, Florian
Chocolate Milk
Choir And Orchestra Of Clare College, Cambridge, The
Choir And Orchestra Of Studio London
Choir of Benedictines Of The Abbey Of Kergonan
Choir of Men And Boys Of St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Choir of New College, Oxford
Choir of St. John's College Cambridge
Choir Of Westminster Abbey, The
Choir, The
Chorale Des Enfants De L'Opera De Paris, La
Chordettes, The
Chorp, "Rip"
Chorus Of The Black Sea Cossacks
Chowning, Randle, Band
Christian Chapel Choir, The
Christian, Charlie
Christian, Chris
Christian, Meg
Christian, Neil
Christian, Rick
Christians, The
Christie, Lou
Christopher, Gavin
Christy, June
Christy, Lauren
Chuck Wagon Gang, The
Chunky A
Church Of The Covenant, Cleveland, Ohio
Church, Charlotte
Church, Eugene
Church, The
Cicero With Sylvia Mason-James
Cincinnati Pops Orchestra
Cindy And Susie
Cinema Sound Stage Orchestra
Circuit II
Circus World Museum
Cities Service Band Of America
City Boy
City Lights
City, The
Clancy Brothers And Tommy Makem
Clancy Brothers, The
Clanton, Jimmy
Clanton, Jimmy, And His Rockets
Clapton, Eric
Clapton, Eric, And His Band
Clark, Dave, Five, The
Clark, Dee
Clark, Dick
Clark, Elia
Clark, Guy
Clark, Michele
Clark, Paul
Clark, Petula
Clark, Roy
Clark, Sanford
Clark, Terri
Clark, Yodelin' Slim
Clarke, Allan
Clarke, Stanley
Clarke, Stanley, And George Duke
Clarke, Stanley, Band, The
Clary, Robert
Clash, The
Classics IV, The
Classix Nouveaux
Clay, Andrew Dice
Clay, Tom
Clayborne, Roy
Clayderman, Richard
Clayton, Buck,'s All Stars
Clayton, Paul
Clayton, Steve
Clayton, Steve, And Derek Smith
Clayton-Thomas, David
Clean Living
Clear Light
Clebanoff And His Orchestra
Clebanoff Strings And Orchestra, The
Clebanoff Strings, Orchestra And Chorus, The
Clebanoff Strings, The
Cleese, John
Cleg, Johnny, And Savuka
Clement, Robbie
Clements, Dan, And Bob Durst
Clements, Vassar
Clemmens, Ginni
Clemons, Clarence
Clemons, Clarence, And the Red Bank Rockers
Cleveland Pops Orchestra, The
Cleveland, Jimmy
Cliburn, Van
Cliff, Jimmy
Clifford, Buzz
Clifford, Linda
Clifford, Mike
Climax Blues Band
Climie Fisher
Cline, Patsy
Clinton, George
Clinton, Kate
Clinton, Larry, And His Orchestra
Clinton, Oscar, And His Orchestra
Clique, The
Clivillés And Cole
Clobberheads, The
Clooney, Rosemary
Close Lobsters
Clovers, The
Clower, Jerry
Club Nisel Orchestra And Singers
Club Nouveau
Coachmen, The
Coasters, The
Coates, Harold, Orchestra
Coates, Odia
Cobb, David
Cobb, Terry
Cobham, Billy
Cobla Barcelona
Cobos, Luis
Cobra (27)
Cocciante, Richard
Cochran, Eddie
Cochran, Wes
Cochrane, Tom
Cochrane, Tom, And Red Rider
Cock Robin
Cockburn, Bruce
Cocker, Joe
Coconuts, The
Cocteau Twins
Code Blue
Coe, David Allan
Coffey, Dennis
Cogan, Shayne
Cohan, George M., Jr
Cohen, Leonard
Cohen, Myron
Cohn, Al, And His Orchestra
Cohn, Al,'s Natural Seven
Cohn, Marc
Colby, Marian
Colby, Mark
Cold Blood
Cold Chisel
Colder, Ben
Coldstream Guard Band, The
Cole, Alan
Cole, Buddy
Cole, Buddy, And the Mellowaires
Cole, Cozy
Cole, Eddie And Betty
Cole, Gardner
Cole, Harry 'King'
Cole, Johnny
Cole, Jude
Cole, Lloyd, And the Commotions
Cole, Nat King
Cole, Nat 'King', And His Trio
Cole, Natalie
Cole, Patsy
Cole, Paula
Cole, Paula, Band
Cole, Rocky
Coleman, Albert, Music City Pops
Coleman, Ornette
Collection, The
Collective Soul
Collegiate Chorale, The
Collette, Buddy
Collie, Mark
Collier, Jim
Collier, Mitty
Collins, Albert
Collins, Dave And Ansil
Collins, Johnny, And the Car
Collins, Judy
Collins, Paul,' Beat
Collins, Phil
Collins, Sid
Collins, Tommy
Collins, Tyler
Collins, William "Bootsy"
Colman, Ronald
Colmus, Johnny
Colombier, Michel
Colon, Johnny
Color Me Badd
Color Me Gone
Colour Box
Colour Field, The
Colour Radio
ColourField, The
Colt .45
Colter, Jessi
Coltrane, Alice
Coltrane, Chi
Coltrane, John
Columbia Chamber Orchestra
Columbia Musical Treasuries Orchestra, The
Columbia Symphony Orchestra
Columbia Symphony Orchestra, The
Columbus Boychoir, The
Colvig, Pinto
Colvin, Shawn
Colwell, Bert
Commander Cody
Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen
Commitments, The
Commodore, Jamie
Communards, The
Como, Perry
Como, Perry, And the Ramblers
Company B
Comparsa Universitaria D
Comparsa Universitaria De La Laguna
Compton, Oliver
Comsat Angels, The
Comstock, Bobby
Comstock, Frank, And His Orchestra
Con Funk Shun
Concert Ensemble, The
Concert Grand Orchestra, The
Concertina Rich And Drummer Ken
Concord Singers, The
Concordia Choir, The
Concrete Blonde
Concrete Jello
Condon, Eddie
Condon, Eddie, And His All-Stars
Condon, Eddie, And His Orchestra
Confederate Railroad
Conlee, John
Conley, Arthur
Conley, Earl Thomas
Conley, Eugene
Conley, Eugene, And Winifred Heidt
Conn, Dean
Conner, Sheri
Connick, Harry, Jr.
Connick, Harry, Jr., Trio
Conniff, Ray
Conniff, Ray, And His Orchestra
Conniff, Ray, And His Orchestra And Chorus
Conniff, Ray, And the Singers
Conniff, Ray, His Orchestra And Chorus
Conniff, Ray, Singers, The
Connor, Chris
Connors, Norman
Conquet, Johnny
Conte, Al
Contemporary Holiday Classics
Conti, Bill
Continental Marching Band, The
Continental Orchestra
Continentals, The
Contino, Dick
Contours, The
Conversa-Phone Institute
Conway Brothers, The
Conway, Fran
Conway, Julie
Conwell, Tommy, And the Young Rumblers
Cooder, Ry
Cook, Barbara
Cook, Georgie, And His Orchestra
Cook, Ira
Cook, Lawrence
Cooke, Sam
Cookies, The
Cool Heat
Coolidge, Rita
Coolidge-Jones, Priscilla
Coomes, Tommy
Cooper And Ross
Cooper Brothers
Cooper Brothers Band
Cooper, Alice
Cooper, Dana
Cooper, Les, And the Soul Rockers
Copas, Cowboy
Cope, Julian
Copeland, Johnny
Copeland, Stewart
Coquettes, The
Coral Reef, The
Corb, Morty, And His Dixie All-Stars
Corbetta, Jerry
Corcoran, Noreen
Cordelette, Vincent
Corea, Chick
Corey, Dallas
Corey, Jill
Corley, Al
Cormier, Theresa
Cornelius Brothers And Sister Rose
Cornelius, Helen
Cornell Chimes
Cornell Concert Band
Cornell Glee Club
Cornell, Don
Cornell, Katharine
Coronet Studio Orchestra
Coronet Studio Orchestra And Chorus
Corporation, The
Corrs, The
Cortese, Dominic
Cortez, Dave "Baby"
Corwin, Vic, Orchestra
Coryell, Larry, And Philip Catherine
Cosby, Bill
Coshart, Tiny
Cosmo, Tony
Cosmopolitan Singers, The
Cossu, Scott
Costa, Don
Costa, Don, And His Orchestra
Costa, Don, And His Orchestra And Chorus
Costa, Eddie
Costello, Elvis
Costello, Elvis, And the Attractions
Cotton, Gene
Cotton, James, Band
Cotton, James, Blues Band
Cotton, Josie
Cotton, Lloyd And Christian
Coulson, Dean, McGuinnes, Flint
Coulter, Jodi Lynn
Count Five, The
Counting Crows
Country Coalition
Country Deputies, The
Country Gazette
Country Gentlemen, The
Country Joe And the Fish
Country Road, The
Count's Men, The
Counts, The
Cousin Bubba
Cousin Fuzzy And His Cou
Covay, Don, And the Goodtimers
Cover Girls, The
Coverdale · Page
Covington, Warren
Cowboy Church Sunday School, The
Cowboy Junkies
Cowley, Patrick
Cowsills, The
Coyle, Jerry, And The Nelsonics
Coyne, Kevin
Cozy, Jeff
Crabby Appleton
Crack the Sky
Craddock, Billy "Crash"
Craftsmen Carolers, The
Craig, Anna
Craig, Francis
Cramer, Floyd
Cranberries, The
Crane, Les
Crash Test Dummies
Crawford, Hank
Crawford, Jesse
Crawford, Johnny
Crawford, Randy
Cray, Robert
Cray, Robert, Band
Crazy 8's
Crazy Elephant
Crazy Fritz
Crazy Guy, The
Crazy House
Crazy Otto And His Honky-Tonk Piano
Crazy Otto's Ragtime Band
Creach, Papa John, And The Midnight Sun
Creative Source
Creed Taylor Orchestra, The
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Crenshaw, Marshall
Crescendos, The
Crests, The
Crew-Cuts, The
Crewe, Bob
Crewe, Bob, Generation
Cricket Choral Group, The
Cricketone Children's Chorus, The
Cricketone Chorus And Orchestra
Crickets, The
Criss, Peter
Criss, Sonny
Critical Mass (12)
Critters, The
Croce, Jim
Crochet, Evelyne
Crocodile Shop
Crofut, Bill
Crombie, Tony
Crooks, Richard
Cropper, Steve
Crosby, Bing
Crosby, Bing, And Friends
Crosby, Bob
Crosby, Bob, And His Orchestra
Crosby, Bob, 's Bob Cats
Crosby, David
Crosby, David, And Graham Nash
Crosby, Rob
Crosby, Stills And Nash
Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young
Cross Country
Cross, Christopher
Cross, Mike
Cross, The
Crossfire Choir
Crossing Point
Crothers, Scatman
Crouch, Andrae
Crouch, Andrae, And The Disciples
Crow, Sheryl
Crowd Pleasers
Crowded House
Crowell, Rodney
Crowley, J.C.
Crown Heights Affair
Crown of Thorns
Crucifucks, The
Cruise, Julie
Cruisers, The
Crusaders, The
Cruze, Nicky
Cry of Love
Cryan' Shames, The
Cryar, Morgan
Cryer And Ford
Crystal Mansion
Crystal, Billy
Crystals, The
CS Angels, The
Cua, Rick
Cuban Cha Cha Orchestra
Cucumbers, The
Cuff Links, The
Cugat, Xavier
Cugat, Xavier, And His Orchestra
Cullen, Pat, II
Cult, The
Culture Beat
Culture Club
Cumberland Three, The
Cummings, Burton
Cummings, Irene
Cunha, Rick
Cunico, Gino
Cupid, Earl, And Bob Bond
Curb, Mike, And the Waterfall
Curb, Mike, Congregation
Cure, The
Curiosity Killed the Cat
Curless, Dick
Currey, Diana Sicily
Currie, Billy
Curry, Tim
Curtie And the Boombox
Curtin, Phyllis
Curtis, King
Curtis, King, And the Ki
Curtis, Sonny
Curzio, Elaine
Cussick, Ian
Cutrer, T. Tommy
Cutting Crew
Cygan, John
Cymone, André
Cyrkle, The
Cyrus, Billy Ray
Czaplewski, John Dee
Czech Philharmonic, The
Czerniak, Joe
D Mob
D Train
Da Yoopers
Dache, Bertell
Dacrons, The
Daddy Dewdrop
Daft Punk
Dahl, Steve
Dailey, Dan
Daily, Pete, Dixieland Band
Daisy Dillman Band, The
Dal Bello, Lisa
Dale And Grace
Dale, Bobby
Dale, Dick
Dale, Dick, And His Del-Tones
Dale, Kenny
Dalhart, Vernon
Dalli, Tony
Dallman, Jerry, And His
Dalton And Dubarri
Dalton, Lacy J.
Daltrey, Roger
Daly, William
Dameans, The
Damian, Michael
Damme, Art Van
Dammer, Dorian
Damn Yankees
Damned, The
Damon, Jaci
Damone, Vic
Dan And Dale
Dana, Bill
Dana, Vic
Dancer, Prancer And Nervous
Danes, The
Danger Danger
Dangerfield, Rodney
Daniel Amos
Daniel Band
Daniel, Dan
Daniels, Billy
Daniels, Charlie
Daniels, Charlie, Band, The
Daniels, Chris, And the Kings
Daniels, Chuck, Little
Daniels, Eddie
Daniels, Jack
Danleers, The
Danny And The Juniors
Danny Stewart's Hawaiians
Danny Wilson
Dano, Royal
Danse Society, The
Dante, Steven
Danube Strings, The
D'Arby, Terence Trent
Darin, Bobby
Darling Buds, The
Darling, David
Darling, Julie
Darren, James
Darren, Jimmy
Darvell, Barry
Dash Rip Rock
Dashiell, Bud, And the K
Daughters of the Cross
Dave And Sugar
David And David
David And Jonathan
David, Alan
David, Ronnie
Davidson, Dianne
Davidson, John
Davidson, Michael
Davie, Hutch
Davies, Gail
Davies, Ray
Davies, Rick
Davies, Ron
Davilla, Sid
Davis Sisters, The
Davis, Alma
Davis, Billy, Jr.
Davis, Buck, And The Singing Cowboys
Davis, Chip
Davis, Cliff, Sextet, The
Davis, Colin
Davis, Danny
Davis, Danny, And the Nashville Brass
Davis, Eddie "Lockjaw"
Davis, Jackie
Davis, Jeff
Davis, Jimmie
Davis, Jimmy, And Junction
Davis, Joyce
Davis, Linda
Davis, Mac
Davis, Martha
Davis, Maxwell
Davis, Miles
Davis, Miles, Quintet, The
Davis, Paul
Davis, Rainy
Davis, Rhett
Davis, Sammy, Jr.
Davis, Skeeter
Davis, Spencer
Davis, Spencer, Group
Davis, Tyrone
Davis, Wild Bill
Davison, Wild Bill
Davison, Wild Bill,'s All Stars
Dawson, Ronnie
Dax, Danielle
Day, Bobby
Day, Dennis
Day, Dennis, Orchestra And Choir
Day, Doris
Day, Jim
Day, Morris
Day, Patti
Dayan, Jean-Luc
Dayne, Taylor
Days Of The New
Dazz Band
DBG'z, The
DB's, The
DC Star
DCA Experience, The
De Haven, Doc
De Haven, Doc, Combo
De John Sisters
De La Soul
De Lucia,Paco
Dead Can Dance
Dead Kennedys
Dead Milkmen, The
Dead or Alive
Deaf School
Deal, Bill, And the Rhondels
Dean, Billy
Dean, Denny
Dean, Eddie
Dean, Hazell
Dean, Jimmy
Dean, Jimmy, And The Western Gentlemen
Dean, Joanna
Dean, John
Dean, Larry
Dean, Paul
Dean, Terri
Dear Enemy
Deardorff And Joseph
Deasy, Mike
Deauville, Ronnie
DeBarge, Bunny
DeBarge, Chico
DeBarge, El
DeBurgh, Chris
DeCaro, Nick
DeCaro, Nick, And Orchestra
DeCastro Sisters
DeCastros, The
Dee Jay And the Runaways
Dee, Benny
Dee, Duane
Dee, Jean
Dee, Joey, And the Starliters
Dee, Johnny
Dee, Kiki
Dee, Kiki, Band, The
Dee, Lenny
Dee, Ricky, And The Embers
Dee, Sandra
Dee, Tommy
Deele, The
Deep Feeling
Deep Purple
Dees, Rick
Dees, Rick, And His Cast of Idiots
Dees, Stephen
Def Leppard
Defenders, The
DeFranco Family, The
DeFranco, Tony
DeGarmo And Key
DeGrassi, Alex
Deiro, Pietro
DeJohnette, Jack
Dekker, Desmond, And The Aces
Del Amitri
Del Fuegos, The
Del Lords
Delamore, Richie
Delaney And Bonnie
Delaney And Bonnie And Friends
Delaney, Eric
Delegates, The
Delfonics, The
DelGrosso, Rich And Maureen
Delicates, The
Delker, Del
Dell Trio, The
Deller Consort, The
Dells, The
Deloris Telescope
DeLory, Al
DeLugg, Milton
Del-Vikings, The
Dematteo, Nicky
DeMello, Jack
Demitrack, Jim
Denise, Fred, Orchestra
Denne And Gold
Dennis, Cathy
Dennis, Clark
Dennis, Marv
Denny, Martin
Dentie, Gino, And the Family
Denton, Jack
Denver, John
Denver, John, And the Ni
Deodato, Eumir
DePaur Chorus, The
Depeche Mode
Derbecki Ensemble, The
Derek And Clive
Derek And The Dominos
Derek B
Derives, Pierre
Dero, Pietro
Derringer, Rick
Des Barres, Michael
Desanto, Sugar Pie
DeSario, Teri
Descloux, Lizzy Mercier
Desert Rose Band, The
Deserters, The
DeShannon, Jackie
Desmond, Johnny
Desmond, Paul
Desperate Surrender
Destiny's Child
Detergents, The
Deutschmeisters, The
DeVille, Mink
DeVille, Willy
DeVito, Karla
DeVol, Frank, And His Orchestra
DeVol, Frank, And His Rainbow Strings
DeVorzon, Barry
Devoto, Howard
DeWitt, Lew
Dexter, Al
Dexter, Al, And His Troopers
Dexy's Midnight Runners
DeYoung, Cliff
DeYoung, Dennis
Di Mara Sisters
Di Meola, Al
Di Sentri, Turner
Dial, Buddy
Diamond Head Hula Boys, The
Diamond Reo
Diamond Rexx
Diamond Rio
Diamond, Barry
Diamond, Dyan
Diamond, Gregg
Diamond, Neil
Diamonds, The
Dias, Joni
DiBango, Manu
Dick And Dee Dee
Dickens, "Little" Jimmy
Dickson, Barbara
Dicky Doo And the Don'ts
DiCola, Vince
Didier Lockwood Group
Die Warzau
Died Pretty
Dietrich, Marlene
Dietrichson, Tor
Diffie, Joe
Difranco, Ani
Dig, The
Digance, Richard
Dillard, Varetta
Dillards, The
Diller, Phyllis
Dillon, Dean
DiMeola, Al, Project
Dimiceli, Louise
Dingoes, The
Dinning, Mark
Dino, Desi And Billy
Dino, Paul
Dino, Ricki
Dinosaur Jr.
Dinu, Richard
Dion And The Belmonts
Dion, Céline
Dire Straits
Dirksen, Senator Everett McKinley
Dirt Band, The
Disco Tex And the Sex-O-Lettes
Discotheque Orchestra
Disko Band
Disneyland Children's Sing-Along Chorus, The
Distel, Sacha
Ditmars, Ivan, Organ And Chimes
Divine Emotions
Dixie And the Cannibals
Dixie Chicks
Dixie Cups
Dixie Dregs
Dixiebelles, The
Dixieland All Stars
Dixieland Bearcats
Dixieland Five Plus Two
Dixieland Rhythm Kings
Dixon, Don
DJ Jazzy Jeff And the Fresh Prince
DJ Quik
Dobkin, Lawrence
Dobkins, Carl, Jr.
Dobloug, Lisa
Dobson, Bonnie
Doc Wesley's Banjo Band
Doctor Alban
Doctor And the Medics
Doctor Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
Doctor Dave
Doctor Dre
Doctor Fry's Texas Medicine
Doctor Hook
Doctor Hook And the Medicine Show
Doctor John
Doctor Ron
Doctors' Mob
Dodds, Jay
Dodds, Malcolm, Singers
Dodo, Joe
Dodson, Darrell
Dodson, Marge
Doerge, Craig
Doggett, Bill
Doheny, Ned
Dolby, Thomas
Dolby's Cube
Dolce Vita
Dolce, Joe
Dolenz, Micky
Doll, Andy
Doll, Andy, And Band
Dollar Brand
Dolly Dots
Dolphins, The
Dolphy, Eric
Domhnaill, Mícheál Ó
Domingo, Placido
Domingo, Placido, Jr.
Domino Theory
Domino, Fats
Don And Juan
Donald And the Delighter
Donald Duck
Donaldson, Bo, And the Heywoods
Donato, Joao
Donegan, Lonnie
Donley, Jimmy
Donner, Ral
Donovan, Jason
Donovan, Lynne
Doobie Brothers, The
Doodletown Pipers, The
Doodletown Pippers
Doors, The
Doowackadoodlers, The
Dore, Charlie
Do-Re-Mi Children's Chorus, The
Dorfman, Hans
Dorman, Harold
Dorsey Brothers, The
Dorsey Orchestra, Members of the
Dorsey, Jimmy
Dorsey, Jimmy, And His Orchestra
Dorsey, Jimmy, And His Original "Dorseyland" Jazz Band
Dorsey, Lee
Dorsey, Tommy
Dorsey, Tommy, And His Orchestra
Dorsey, Tommy, Orchestra
Dorsey, Tommy, Orchestra, The
Double Exposure
Doud, Earle
Doud, Earle, And Alen Robin
Doug And The Slugs
Douglas, Carl
Douglas, Carol
Douglas, Jerry
Douglas, Joe
Douglas, Lew
Douglas, Mike
Douglas, Tony
Douglass, Stephen
Dove, Ronnie
Dovells, The
Dowell, Joe
Downing, Don
Downs, Hugh
Doyle, Jimmy
Doyly Carte Opera Company
Dozier Boys, The
Dozier, Norman
Dr. Fun
Dr. Seuss
Drake, Alfred
Drake, Debbie
Drake, Nick
Drake, Pete
Dramatics, The
Draper, Boris
Draper, Rusty
Dread Zeppelin
Dream Academy, The
Dream Syndicate, The
Dreamlovers, The
Dreams So Real
Dreier, Alex
Drennon, Eddie, And the B.B.S. Unltd
Drew, Charley
Drew, David
Drew, Patti
Drifters, The
Drifters, The
Driftwood, Jimmie
Driscoll, Julie
Drivera, Paquito
Drivers, The
Drozd, Vernon, And Texas Brass
Drum, Mickey
Drusky, Roy
Duchin, Eddy
Duchin, Peter
Duchow, Lawrence
Duchow, Lawrence, And His Red Raven Orchestra
Dudek, Les
Dudley, Dave
Duff, Arlie
Duffy, John, And The Country Gentlemen
Duffy, Johnny
Duffy, Johnny, Trio, The
Duffy, Stephen
Duffy, Tim
Dugan, Tommy, And the Hot Rodders
Dukas, James
Dukays, The
Duke And the Drivers
Duke Jupiter
Duke, George
Duke, Patty
Duke, Roby
Dukes of Dixieland, The
Dukes of Stratosphear
Duncan Sisters, The
Duncan, Johnny
Duncan, Tommy
Dundas, David
Dunham, Jackie
Duning, George
Dunn And Bruce Street
Dunn, Holly
Dunstedter, Eddie
Dupree, Robbie
Duprees, The
Duquesne University Tamburitzans
Duran Duran
Durante, Jimmy
Durlacher, Ed
Durrill, John
Dury, Ian
Dury, Ian, And the Blockheads
Dushon, Jean
Duval, Jose
Dyke And the Blazers
Dylan, Bob
Dynamic Brass
Dynamic Corvettes
Dynamic Sound
Dynamic Superior, The
Dynasty And Mimi
Dynatones, The
Dyson, Clifton
Dyson, Ronnie
E Street Band, The
E. Brown
E., Sheila
Eade, Dominique
Eagle Creek
Eagles, The
Eaglin, Ford
Eans, Dale
Earl, Kenny
Earl, Stacy
Earle, Steve
Earle, Steve, And the Dukes
Earnscliffe Chorus, The
Earons, The
Earth, Wind, And Fire
Earthrise Singers
East Of Eden
Eastman Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Eastman Wind Ensemble
Eastman-Rochester "Pops" Orchestra
Easton, Elliot
Easton, Sheena
Eastwood, Clint
Easy Going
Easy Money
Easy Riders, The
Eban, Abba
Eberle, Ray
Eberle, Ray, Orchestra, The
Ebn Ozn
Ebony Hillbillies, The
Echo And the Bunnymen
Echoes, The
Eckels Brothers, The
Eckstine, Billy
Eclectic Mouse, The
Ecumenical Brass Choir Of Holy Innocents Church, The
Ecumenical Brass, The
Ed Kenney Recording Or
Ed Zeppelin
Eddie And Betty
Eddie And the Tide
Eddie Boy Band
Eddy J
Eddy, Duane
Eddy, Nelson
Edenton, Ray
Edison Lighthouse
Edison, Harry, And His Orchestra
Edmunds, Dave
Edmunds, Dave, Band, The
Edsels, The
Edward Bear
Edwards Hand
Edwards, Bobby
Edwards, Dee
Edwards, Dennis
Edwards, Dick
Edwards, Jimmy
Edwards, John
Edwards, Jonathan
Edwards, Jonathan And Darlene
Edwards, Stoney
Edwards, Tommy
Edwards, Vincent
Edwards, Webley
Egan, Joe
Egan, Walter
Egyptian Lover
Eiffel 65
Eight Seconds
Eighteen Visions
Eighth Day, The
Eighth Wonder
El Bakkar, Mohammed, And Orchestra
El Rayo-X
Elbert, Donnie
Eldridge, Roy
Electric Flag, The
Electric Light Orchestra
Electric Moog Orchestra, The
Electric Prunes, The
Electronic Concept Orchestra, The
Elegants, The
Elephant's Memory
Eleva Strum Jazz Ensemble
Elevators, The
Eleventh Dream Day
Eleventh Hour, The
Elfman, Danny
Elgart, Larry
Elgart, Larry, And His Orchestra
Elgart, Les
Elgart, Les And Larry
Elgart, Les, And His Orchestra
Elias, Rosalind
Ellason, Elly, And His Orchestra
Elliman, Yvonne
Ellington All-Stars, The
Ellington, Duke
Ellington, Duke, And His Famous Orchestra
Ellington, Duke, And His Orchestra
Ellington, Duke, Orchestra, The
Ellington, Mercer
Elliot, Cass
Elliot, Dan
Elliot, Lu
Elliott, Jack
Ellis, Don
Ellis, Don, And Survival
Ellis, Don, Orchestra, The
Ellis, Herb
Ellis, Ray
Ellis, Ray, And His Orchestra
Ellis, Ray, And His Orchestra And Chorus
Ellis, Shirley
Ellis, Yancey
Ellison, John
Ellison, Lorraine
Ellsasser, Richard
Ellwanger, Sandy
Ellwood, William
Elm City Four, The
Elm Street Group, The
Elman, Mischa
Elmo And Patsy
Elshire, Patsy
Elvis And Linda
Elvis Brothers, The
Elwood Blues Revue
Ely, Joe
Emerald Beach Orchestra
Emerald Choir
Emeralds (10), The
Emeralds, The
Emerson, Keith
Emerson, Lake, And Palmer
Emerson, Lake, And Powell
Emitrons, The
Emmons, Buddy
Emotions, The
Empire City Six, The
En Vogue
Enchanted Strings
Engel, Lehman, And His Orchestra And Chorus
Engel, Scott
England Dan And John Ford Coley
England, Ty
Engler, Jerry, And the F
English Beat, The
English Chamber Choir
English Chamber Orchestra
English Congregation, The
English, Barbara
Ennis, Ethel
Ennis, Skinnay
Eno, Brian
Eno, Roedelius, Moebius
Eno, Roedelius, Moebius, Plank
Eno, Roger
Enthusiastics, The
Entremont, Philippe
Entwistle, John
Enuff Z' Nuff
Epps, Preston
Equals, The
Eric And the Good Good Feeling
Eric B. And Rakim
Ernie (Jim Henson)
Ervin, Frankie
Erwin, Lee
Escape Club, The
Escorts, The
Escovedo, Coke
Escovedo, Pete And Sheila
Eskimos And Egypt
Espina, Noni
Esquires, The
Essex, David
Essex, The
Estefan, Gloria
Etc Band, The
Etheridge, Melissa
Etzel, Roy
Eubanks, Kevin
Euphoria Five, The
Evangelaires, The
Evans Quartet
Evans, Barbara
Evans, Bill
Evans, Bill, Trio
Evans, Donna
Evans, Elliott
Evans, Geoffrey, Orchestra, The
Evans, Gil
Evans, Lee
Evans, Linda
Evans, Merle
Evans, Paul
Evans, Rhys
Evans, Robert, Choir
Evans, Robert, Chorus
Evans, Robert, Chorus And Orchestra, The
Evans, Rusty
Eve 6
Even Dozen Jug Band, The
Everett, Betty
Everette, Leon
Everly Brothers, The
Everly, Phil
Every Mothers' Son
Everything But the Girl
Eve's Plum
Ewing, Skip
Excelsior Jazz Machine
Exciters, The
Exies, The
Exits, The
Exotic Guitars, The
Expression, The
Ex'tra T's
Eye to Eye
F., Simon
Fabares, Shelley
Fabric, Bent
Fabric, Bent, And His Piano
Fabulous Five
Fabulous Poodles, The
Fabulous Thunderbirds, The
Face to Face
Fachin, Eria
Facts of Life
Fagan, Scott
Fagen, Donald
Fahey, John
Fain, Sammy
Fairchild, Barbara
Fairground Attraction
Faith Hope And Charity
Faith No More
Faith, Adam
Faith, Percy
Faith, Percy, And His Orchestra
Faith, Percy, And His Orchestra And Chorus
Faith, Percy, His Orchestra And Chorus
Faith, Percy, Strings, The
Faithfull, Marianne
Falcon, Billy
Falconer, Rod
Falcons, The
Fallon, Jimmy
Faltermeyer, Harold
Faltskog, Agnetha
Fame, Georgie, And the Blue Flames
Family Of Mann, The
Famous Flames, The
Famous Theatre Company, The
Fanelli, Frankie
Fanshawe, David
Far Corporation
Far Cry
Faraci And His Orchestra
Faragher Brothers, The
Fargo, Donna
Farlow, Tal
Farnam, Beth
Farnham, John
Farrell, Eileen
Farrell, Joe
Fascinato, Jack, And His Orchestra
Fast Forward
Faster Pussycat
Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids
Fat Boys
Fat Boys, The
Fatal Flowers
Fats And Chessman
Fay Ray
Feehan, Tim
Feelies, The
Feibel, Frederick
Feinstein, Michael
Feiten, Buzzy
Fe-La Antoine
Felder, Don
Feldman's, Victor, Generation Band
Feliciano, Jose
Feller, Dick
Felts, Narvel
Femme Fatale
Fender, Becky
Fender, Freddy
Fendermen, The
Fennell, Frederick
Fennell, Frederick, And Orchestra
Fenton, Slim
Fents, The
Ferguson, Bonnie
Ferguson, Jay
Ferguson, Johnny
Ferguson, Junior
Ferguson, Maynard
Ferko String Band
Ferko String Band, The
Fernandez, Rogelio
Ferrante And Teicher
Ferrari, Larry
Ferre, Cliff
Ferrer, Jose
Ferry, Bryan
Festival Concert Orchestra
Festival Strings, The
Fetchin Bones
Feyer, George
Fialka, Karel
Fib Together
Fibber McGee And Molly
Fiction Factory
Fiedler, Arthur
Fielding, Jerry, And His Orchestra
Fields, Ernie, And Orchestra
Fields, Gracie
Fields, Harry
Fields, Herbie, ' Sextet
Fields, Irving
Fields, Richard "Dimples"
Fields, Shep
Fields, Stan, Orchestra, The
Fields, W.C.
Fier, Debbie
Fiestas, The
Fifth Avenue Band
Fifth Dimension, The
Fifth Estate, The
Fifty Four Forty
Figures on a Beach
Figures, The
Filandros, Koronis
Finder, Melissa
Fine Young Cannibals
Finished Touch
Fink, Sue
Finley, Greg, And His Orchestra
Finley, Karen
Finn, Mickey
Finn, Mickie
Finn, Tim
Finney, Albert
Fiorillo, Elisa
Fire And Rain
Fire Town
Fireballs, The
Fireflies, The
Firehouse Five Plus Two
Fireside Singers, The
Firesign Theatre
Firestone Orchestra And Chorus
Firestone Orchestra And Chorus, The
Firm, The
First Brigade Band, The
First Call
First Choice
First Class
First Edition, The
First National Band, The
First Piano Quartet, The
First Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir
Fischer, Corey
Fischer, Horst
Fish And Chips
Fisher, Eddie
Fisher, Toni
Fite, Buddy
Fitzgerald, Ella
Five Americans, The
Five By Five
Five for Fighting
Five Man Electrical Band
Five Royales, The
Five Special
Five Stairsteps, The
Five Star
Fixx, The
Flack, Roberta
Flack, Roberta, And Donny Hathaway
Flagg, Fannie
Flamin' Ohs, The
Flaming Ember, The
Flaming Lips, The
Flamingos, The
Flanagan, Ralph, And His Orchestra
Flanders, Michael, And Donald Swann
Flash And the Pan
Flash Cadillac And the Continental Kids
Flatt, Lester, And Earl Scruggs
Fleck, Béla
Fleck, Bela, And the Flecktones
Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood, Mick
Fleetwood, Mick, 's Zoo
Fleetwoods, The
Flemons, Wade
Flesh for Lulu
Fletcher, Guy
Flim And the Bb's
Flint, Shelby
Flirts, The
Flo And Eddie
Floaters, The
Flock of Seagulls, A
Flock, The
Flood, Dick
Floren, Myron
Floren, Myron, And His A
Florence, Bob
Flores, Rosie
Flotsam And Jetsam
Flowers, Danny
Flowers, Martha
Flowers, Phil
Floyd, Billy, And His Trio
Floyd, Eddie
Flyer (9)
Flying Burrito Brothers
Flying Machine, The
Flying W Wranglers, The
Fogelberg, Dan
Fogerty, John
Fogerty, Tom
Foggy Mountain Boys, The
Foggy River Boys
Folds, Ben, Five
Foley, Ellen
Foley, Red
Folk Singers Three, The
Folsom, Scott
Fonda, Jane
Fonda, Peter
Fontaine, Frank
Fontana, Wayne, And the Mindbenders
Fontane Sisters, The
Fontanna And His Orchestra
Fontanna And His Orchestra And Chorus
Fontanna And Viennese Symphonic Orchestra
Fools Gold
Fools, The
Forbert, Steve
Force 10
Force MDs
Forcione, Antonio
Ford, Billy, And the Thunderbirds
Ford, Frankie
Ford, Kitty
Ford, Lita
Ford, Mary
Ford, Rita
Ford, Robben
Ford, Tennessee Ernie
Fordham, Julia
Forester Sisters, The
Forman, David
Forman, Robert
Formula V
Forrest, Sylvia
Forrester, Howard
Forriest, Sonny
Fortune, Sonny
Fortunes, The
Foster And Lloyd
Foster, Bruce
Foster, Chuck, And His Orchestra
Foster, David
Foster, Glenda Sue
Foster, Ian
Foster, Ronnie
Foti, Peter
Fotine, Larry
Foundations, The
Fountain, Pete
Fountain, Pete, And His Mardi Gras Strutters
Fountain, Pete, And Other All Star Dixielanders
Fountains of Wayne
Four Aces, The
Four By Four
Four Coins
Four Esquires
Four Esquires, The
Four Ever
Four Freshmen, The
Four Jacks And a Jill
Four Jacks, The
Four Knights, The
Four Lads, The
Four Out of Five Doctors
Four Populaires
Four Preps, The
Four Reasons Unknown
Four Rhythmaires, The
Four Roses
Four Roses Society
Four Seasons, The
Four Sergeants, The
Four Tops
Four Voices, The
Four Young Men, The
Fowler Brothers
Fowler, Fred
Fowler, Wally
Fox Brothers, The
Fox the Fox
Fox, Neal
Fox, Roy, And His Orchestra
Fox, Samantha
Fox, Virgil
Foxworthy, Jeff
Foxx, Inez
Foxx, John
Foxx, Redd
Frampton, Mac
Frampton, Peter
Francesco, Silvio
Franchi, Sergio
Francis Bay Orchestra
Francis, Adele
Francis, Arlene
Francis, Charlie
Francis, Connie
Franconi, Dean, And His Hollywood Strings
Franconi, Dean, Strings, The
Frank, Barry
Franke And the Knockouts
Frankfurt Rock Orchestra
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Frankie Machine
Frankie Stein And His Ghouls
Franklin, Aretha
Franklin, Billy
Franklin, Carolyn
Franklin, Doug
Franklin, Rodney
Franklin, Rudy
Franks, Michael
Frantics, The
Fraser And Debolt
Fraser, Andy
Frazier, Caesar
Freberg, Stan
Fred, John, And His Playboy Band
Freddie And the Dreamers
Free Flight
Free Hot Lunch
Free Movement, The
Free Spirits
Freedman, Bob, And Orchestra
Freedman, Bob, Orchestra
Freedman, Bob, Orchestra, The
Freedom Sounds
Freeman, Bobby
Freeman, Bud
Freeman, Chico
Freeman, Stan
Freese, Stan
Freestyle Orchestra
Frehley, Ace
Frehley's Comet
Freiberg, David
French Connection, The
French Market Jazz Band
Fresh, Doug E., And The Get Fresh Crew
Frey, Glenn
Frickie, Janie
Friction Groove
Friedman, Dean
Friend And Lover
Friend, Cliff
Friendly, Fred W.
Friends of Distinction
Friends Of Distinction, The
Friesen, David
Frigo, Johnny, Singers
Frijid Pink
Fripp, Robert
Fritsche, Fezz
Frizzell, David
Frizzell, Lefty
Froba, Frankie, And His Boys
Frolic, Harvey
Froman, Jane
Front 242
Frost, David, And Billy Taylor
Frost, Max
Frozen Ghost
Fry, Steve
Frye, David
Fugees, The
Fugitives, The
Fulghum, Robert
Full Force
Full Moon
Fuller, Bobby, Four
Fuller, Curtis
Fuller, Jerry
Fun Boy Three
Fundamentals, The
Funicello, Annette
Funkmaster Wizard Wiz
Funky Communication Committee
Funky Kings
Funky Worm, The
Funnies, The
Furay, Richie
Furay, Richie, Band, The
Fure, Tret
Furey, Eddie
Furey, Finbar
Furlong, Michael
Furys, The
Fuse One
Futures, The
Fuzz, The
G. Q.
G., Kenny
Gabriel, Peter
Gaddis, Mark
Gaddy, Bob
Gadget, Fad
Gadgets, The
Gadson, Mel
Gagnon, Andre
Gail, Jo Anne
Gaillard, Slim
Gaines, Earl
Gainsbourg, Serge
Gaither, Bill, Trio, The
Galaxy Big Band Replays
Galaxy Generation
Gale Force
Galens, The
Gallagher, Rory
Galliard Brass Ensemble, The
Gallop, Frank
Galloway, Leata
Galway, James
Gamble, Steven
Gambrell, Freddie
Gander, Lee
Gang of Four
Gantry, Chris
Gants, The
Gap Band, The
Garagiola, Joe
Garber, Jan
Garber, Jan, And His Orchestra
Garber, Jan, New, Orchestra, The
Garcia, Jerry
Garcia, Jerry, Band
Garcia, Russ
Garden Club, The
Gardner, Freddy
Gardner, Kossi
Garfunkel, Art
Garland, Hank
Garland, Judy
Garland, Phil
Garner, Erroll
Garner, Erroll, And His Trio
Garnett, Gale
Garrett, Joann
Garrett, Leif
Garrett, Siedah
Garrett, Tommy, 50 Guitars Of
Garrick, Steven, And His Party Twisters
Garrison, Alton
Garry, Al, And His Orchestra
Garson, Mort
Gart, John
Gart, John, Trio
Gary Toms Empire
Gary, John
Gary's Gang
Gaslight Bowery Orchestra
Gaslight Orchestra
Gatemen, The
Gates, David
Gates, Walter
Gatica, Lucho
Gatlin Brothers, The
Gatlin, Larry
Gatlins, The
Gatton, Danny
Gayden, Mac
Gaye, Marvin
Gayle, Crystal
Gaylords, The
Gaynor, Gloria
Gear Daddies
Geddes, David
Geezinslaw Brothers
Geils, J., Band, The
Geldof, Bob
Geminis, The
Gemsa, Eric
Gene And Debbe
Gene Loves Jezebel
General Public
General Theological Seminary Of The Protestant Episcopal Church
Genies, The
Gentle Giant
Gentlemen Without Weapons
Gentry, Bobbie
Gentrys, The
George K. Band
George, Lowell
George, Robin
Georgia Satellites
Georgiades, Michael
Georgie's Tavern Band
Geraldo And His Orchestra
Gerber, Alan
Gerhard, Ramona
Gerry And the Pacemakers
Gestures, The
Get Wet
Getz, Stan
Getz, Stan, Quintet, The
GI Joe
Giant Steps
Gibb, Andy
Gibb, Barry
Gibb, Robin
Gibb, Steve
Gibbons, Steve, Band
Gibbs, Georgia
Gibbs, Terri
Gibbs, Terry
Gibson, Alexander
Gibson, Bob
Gibson, Dan
Gibson, Debbie
Gibson, Don
Gibson, Hal
Gibson, Henry
Gibson, Steve
Gigi On The Beach
Gigolo Aunts
Gilbert, Al
Gilbert, Joanne
Gilbert, Ronnie
Gilberto, Astrud
Gilberto, Joao
Gilder, Nick
Gilkyson, Terry
Gilkyson, Terry, And the Easy Riders
Gill, Johnny
Gill, Vince
Gillan, Ian, And Roger Glover
Gillespie, Dizzy
Gillespie, Dizzy, And His Orchestra
Gillespie, Dizzy, Quintet
Gillespie, Dizzy, Six, The
Gilley, Mickey
Gilley, Penny
Gilmour, David
Gimble, Johnny
Gimble, Johnny, And The
Gin Blossoms
Gipsy Kings
Girls Next Door
Glahé Musette Orchestra
Glahe, Will
Glahe, Will, And His Orchestra
Glamour Camp
Glaser, Jim
Glaser, Tompall
Glass Moon
Glass Tiger
Glass, Philip
Glazer, Tom
Gleaming Spires
Gleason, Jackie
Glencoves, The
Glenn, Tyree
Glickman, Marty
Glitter, Gary
Glorieux, Francois
Glover, Joe, And His Collegians
Glover, Roger
God And Texas
Godfathers, The
Godfrey, Arthur
Godley And Creme
Godwin, Peter
Godz, The
Goffin, Louise
GoGo's, The
Goin, Jon
Goland, Arnie
Gold, Andrew
Gold, Jim
Gold, Marty, And His Orchestra
Gold, Marty, Children's Chorus, The
Goldberg, Barry
Goldberg, Whoopi
Goldbird, Jack
Golde, Frannie
Golden Age Of Bands 1860-1915, The
Golden Earring
Golden Gate Quartet
Golden Leaves, The
Golden Orchestra And Chorus, The
Golden Orchestra, The
Golden Palominos, The
Golden Room Society Orchestra, The
Golden Singers And Orchestra, The
Golden Strings
Golden Strings, The
Golden Symphony Orchestra, The
Golden Voices, The
Golden, Johnny
Golden, William Lee
Goldman Band, The
Goldsboro, Bobby
Goldstein, William
Golub, Jeff
Goman, Bee And Ray, And Company
Gomez, Eddie
Gomez, Vicente
Gomm, Ian
Gonzales, Yo Yo
Goo Goo Dolls, The
Good Charlotte
Good Question
Good Rats
Good, the Bad, And the Ugly
Gooding, Cuba
Goodman, Al, And His Orchestra
Goodman, Al, And His Orchestra And Chorus
Goodman, Benny
Goodman, Benny, And His Orchestra
Goodman, Benny, And His Orchestra, Trio And Quartet
Goodman, Benny, And His Sextet
Goodman, Benny, Quartet
Goodman, Benny, Quartet, The
Goodman, Benny, Sextet
Goodman, Benny, Trio
Goodman, Dickie
Goodman, Steve
Goodroe, Paula
Goodtime Washboard, The
Goodwin, Jim
Googie And Tom Coppola
Gordon, Bob, Quintet, The
Gordon, Claude, And His Orchestra
Gordon, Dexter, Quartet
Gordon, Dextor
Gordon, Jim
Gordon, Kelly
Gordon, Luke
Gordon, Peter
Gore, Lesley
Gore, Martin L.
Gorka, John
Gorky Park
Gorme, Eydie
Gorme, Eydie, And the Rio
Gosar, Frank
Gosdin, Vern
Gospel Word Singers
Gospel-Aires Of Wisconsin, The
Gosy, Romy
Gosz, Romy, And His Orchestra
Gosz, Romy, Band, The
Gosz, Tony
Gotch, Lee,'s Ivy Barflies
Gothan String Quartet, The
Goudreau, Barry
Gould, Julian, Sir
Gould, Julian, Trio, The
Gould, Morton, And His Orchestra
Goulet, Robert
Gounaris, Nikos
Gowan, Larry
Gracie, Charlie
Graffman, Gary
Graham Central Station
Graham, Billy
Graham, Jaki
Graham, Larry
Graham, Lucille
Gramm, Lou
Grammer, Billy
Granata, Rocco, And The International Quintet
Grand Alliance
Grand Funk
Grand Funk Railroad
Grand Prix
Grand Rapids School Of The Bible And Music
Grand Tour
Grandchamp, Mike
Grandmaster Flash
Grandmaster Melle Mel And the Furious Five
Granny And Jim
Grant, Amy
Grant, Earl
Grant, Eddie
Grant, Eddy
Grant, Gogi
Grant, Michael
Grant, Tom
Grapes of Wrath, The
Grappelli, Stephane
Grass Roots, The
Grasshoppers, The
Grateful Dead
Gratz, Wayne
Grauer, Ben
Graves, Billy
Graves, Conley, Trio, The
Graves, Teresa
Gray, Claude
Gray, David
Gray, Dobie
Gray, Glen
Gray, Glen, And The Casa Loma Orchestra
Gray, Glen, Casa Loma Orchestra, The
Gray, Gregory
Gray, Jerry
Gray, Jerry, And His Orchestra
Grays, The
Grayson, Art
Grean, Charles Randolph, Sounde, The
Great Buildings
Great Plains
Great Strings, The
Great White
Greaves, R. B.
Grebenshikov, Boris
Grebnick, Al, And His Orchestra
Grecco, Cyndi
Grech, Rick
Greco, Buddy
Greek Laikee Ensemble, The
Greeley, George
Green Bay Packers
Green Day
Green Jelly
Green on Red
Green River Boys
Green, Al
Green, Bennie
Green, Bill
Green, Danny
Green, Garland
Green, Grant
Green, Keith
Green, Larry, And His Orchestra
Green, Lloyd
Green, Nickie
Green, Phil, And His Orchestra
Green, Steve
Green, Urbie
Greenbaum, Norman
Greene, Buzzy
Greene, Denny
Greene, Jack
Greene, Lorne
Greene, Marlin
Greene, Mike
Greenhill Singers, The
Greenwood County Singers, The
Greenwood, Lee
Greggains, Joanie
Gregory, Dick
Gregory, Johnny, And His Orchestra
Gregory, Terry
Grenadiers, The
Grey And Hanks
Grierson, Ralph
Griffin, Ken
Griffin, Kirby
Griffith, Andy
Griffith, Ken
Griffith, Nanci
Grim Reaper
Grimes, Scott
Gringos Locos
Grisman, David
Grisman, David, Quintet, The
Grissom, Rich
Groce, Larry
Groeschl, Syl, Orchestra
Gronenthal, Max
Groovie Goolies
Gross, Henry
Grossman, Stefan
Groucutt, Kelly
Group 87
Group I
Group, The
Grusin, Dave
Grusin, Don
Gryce, Gigi
Guadalajara Brass
Guadalcanal Diary
Guaraldi, Vince
Guarnieri, Johnny, And His Orchestra
Guenther, Ian
Guess Who, The
Guglielmi, Danny
Guidry, Greg
Guitar, Bonnie
Guitars Unlimited
Guitars Unlimited Plus 7, The
Gulda, Friedrich
Gulezian, Michael
Gunhill Road
Gunn, Ray, And His Blasters
Guns N' Roses
Gunter Kallman Chorus, The
Gunton, Melvin
Gurvitz, Adrian
Guthrie, Arlo
Guthrie, Gwen
Guy And Ralna
Guy, Buddy
Habat, Eddie, And His Orchestra
Hackett, Bobby
Hackett, Bobby, And His Jazz Band
Hackett, Bobby, Quartet
Hackett, Buddy
Hackett, Steve
Hadaway, Henry, Orchestra And Chorus
Haden, Charlie
Hafe, Ernest
Hagar, Sammy
Hagen, Nina
Hagen, Nina, Band
Hagers, The
Haggard, Merle
Haggard, Merle, And the Strangers
Haggart, Bob, And His Orchestra
Hague, Myrna
Hahn, Joyce
Haircut 100
Haircuts, The
Hairman, Robit
Haley, Bill
Haley, Bill, And His Comets
Haley, Bill, And The Comets
Halifax Three
Hall, Carol
Hall, Connie
Hall, Daryl
Hall, Daryl, And John Oates
Hall, Dora
Hall, Dorothy
Hall, Eramus
Hall, Jennifer
Hall, Jim
Hall, Jimmy
Hall, John
Hall, John, Band
Hall, Lani
Hall, Larry
Hall, Tom T.
Halle Orchestra, The
Hallmark, Roger
Hallmarks, The
Hallquist, Billy
Halpern, Steven
Halvarson, Hilding
Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra
Hamilton, Chico
Hamilton, Chico, And The Players
Hamilton, Chico, Quintet, The
Hamilton, Chico, Trio
Hamilton, Dirk
Hamilton, George
Hamilton, George, IV
Hamilton, Greg
Hamilton, Hershel
Hamilton, Joe Frank And Dennison
Hamilton, Joe Frank And Reynolds
Hamilton, Roy
Hamilton, Russ
Hamilton, Scott
Hamlisch, Marvin
Hammer, Jan
Hammer, Jan, Group
Hammer, Lowry, And the Cryers
Hammond, Albert
Hammond, John
Hammond, John Paul
Hampton, Lionel
Hampton, Lionel, And His Orchestra
Hancock, Herbie
Haness, Gayle
Hanna, Jake
Hanna, Lloyd
Hanoi Rocks
Hanrahan, Kip
Hansson, Bo
Happenings, The
Happiness Emporium, The
Happy Chipmunks
Happy Day Orchestra
Happy Louie And Julcia Polka Band
Happy Mondays
Happy Moog, The
Happy Organ
Happy The Man
Happy Time Chorus
Happy Time Chorus And Orchestra
Happy Times, The
Harbor, Pearl, And the Explosions
Harbour, Pearl
Hard Times, The
Hardcastle, Paul
Harden Trio, The
Hardin, Louis T.
Hardin, Tim
Harding, Carolyn
Hardly-Worthit Players
Hardly-Worthit Players, The
Hardy, Francoise
Hardy, Hagood
Hargis, Billy James, And His All-American Kids
Harmonettes, The
Harmonica Minstrels
Harmonica Rascals, The
Harmonicats, The
Harmony Sisters, The
Harnell, Joe
Harnell, Joe, His Piano And Orchestra
Harnen, Jimmy
Harper, Ben, And The Innocent Criminals
Harper, Toni
Harpers Bizarre
Harrell, Dickie
Harrell, Tom
Harrington, Bob, Rev.
Harris, Eddie
Harris, Emmylou
Harris, Genee
Harris, Jack
Harris, Joey, And the Speedsters
Harris, Johnny, And His Orchestra
Harris, Major
Harris, Phil
Harris, Phil, And the Be
Harris, Richard
Harris, Rolf
Harris, Sam
Harris, Thurston
Harris, Wayne
Harris, Will
Harrison And Tyler
Harrison, Don, Band
Harrison, George
Harrison, Jerry
Harrison, Noel
Harrison, Ralph
Harrison, Wes
Harrison, Wilbert
Harry Babbitt With The
Harry, Debbie
Hart And Soul
Hart, Clay
Hart, Corey
Hart, Freddie
Hart, Freddie, And the H
Hart, J.D.
Hart, Larry
Hart, Rod
Hartford, John
Hartley, Keef, Band
Hartman, Dan
Hartman, Lisa
Hartophilis, Michael, And His Orchestra
Harvey, Alexander
Harvey, Howard G.
Harvey, Paul
Harvey, PJ
Harvey, Ron, And His Orchestra
Harvey, Steve
Haskell, Jeff
Haskell, Jimmie
Hasselhoff, David
Hassell, Jon
Hatcher, George, Band
Hathaway, Donny
Hauxvell, John
Havens, Richie
Hawaii Calls Orchestra And Chorus, The
Hawaii Calls Soloists, Chorus And Orchestra, The
Hawaiian Surfers
Hawaiian Village Serenaders, The
Hawaiians, The
Hawaiin Islanders, The
Hawes, Hampton
Hawk Nelson
Hawkes, Chesney
Hawkins, Coleman
Hawkins, Coleman, And His All-Stars
Hawkins, Coleman, And His Orchestra
Hawkins, Dale
Hawkins, Hawkshaw
Hawkins, Kitty
Hawkins, Ronnie
Hawkins, Screamin' Jay
Hawkins, Sophie B.
Hawkins, Walter
Hay, Colin James
Hay, Colin, Band
Hayes, Alvin
Hayes, Isaac
Hayes, Isaac, Movement
Hayes, Richard
Hayman, Richard
Hayman, Richard, And His Orchestra
Haymes, Bob
Haynes, Roy
Hayseed Dixie
Haysi Fantayzee
Hayward, Al, And His Orchestra
Hayward, Justin
Hayward, Justin, And John Lodge
Haywood, Leon
Hazard, Robert
Hazel, Eddie
Hazlett, Duke
Hazlewood, Lee
Head East
Head, Murray
Head, Roy, And The Trait
Healey, Jeff, Band
Heaps, Porter
Hearn, Chick
Heart Throbs, The
Heartbeats, The
Heath, Ted
Heath, Ted, And His Music
Heatherton, Joey
Heaven 17
Heaven And Earth
Heaven Bound
Heavy D. And the Boyz
Heavy Pettin'
Heavy Traffic Starring "V"
Hebb, Bobby
Hedeman, Phyllis
Hedges, Michael
Hédiguer, Max
Hefti, Neal
Hefti, Neal, And His Orchestra
Heier, Gene, And His Orchestra
Height, Donald
Height, Ronnie
Heindorf, Ray
Heineman, Bob, And the S
Heir: Pollution
Hejma, Ondrej
Helm, Levon
Helmet Boy
Helms, Bobby
Helms, Don
Hemphills, The
Hempton, Gordon
Henderson, Fletcher, All Stars, The
Henderson, Florence
Henderson, Joe
Henderson, Luther, And His Orchestra
Henderson, Michael
Henderson, Peter
Henderson, Skitch
Henderson, Skitch, And His Orchestra
Henderson, Wayne
Hendrix, Jimi
Hendrix, Jimi, Experience
Hendryx, Nona
Hengel, Christy
Henhouse Five Plus Too
Henley, Don
Henry, Bert
Henry, Clarence "Frogman"
Henry, Joe
Henry, Ray, And His Orchestra
Hensel, Carol
Henske, Judy
Henske, Judy, And Jerry Yester
Hensley, Harold, And The Virginia Mountaineers
Hensley, Ken
Henson, Jim
Hericane Alice
Herman, Keith
Herman, Lenny, And His Orchestra
Herman, Lenny, And the Oldtimers
Herman, Ralph, And The Rhythm Playboys
Herman, Woody
Herman, Woody, And His Herd
Herman, Woody, And His Orchestra
Herman, Woody, And His Woodchoppers
Herman, Woody, And The First Herd
Herman, Woody, And The Herd
Herman, Woody, And the Las Vegas Herd
Herman, Woody, And The Swingin' Herd
Herman, Woody, Band
Herman, Woody, Big New Herd
Herman, Woody, Herd
Herman, Woody, Quartet
Herman's Hermits
Hernandez, Patrick
Herndon, Ty
Herren, Bobby
Herrman, Bernard
Hersch, James
Hersey, Baird, And Year Of The Ear
Hersh, Kristin
Herston, Kelso, And His Banjo Kings
Hesitations, The
Hester, Benny
Heston, Charlton
Hewerdine, Boo, And Darden Smith
Hewett, Howard
Hey You And The Memories
Heyer, Bill
Heyettes, The
Heyward, Nick
Heywood, Eddie
Heywood, Eddie, His Piano And Orchestra
Heywood, Eddie, Trio
Hiatt, John
Hiawatha Valley League All-Star Band
Hiawatha Valley League All-Star Chorus
Hibbler, Al
Hickey, Ersel
Hicks, Dan, And His Hot Licks
Higgins, Bertie
High Energy
High Inergy
High Voltage
Highway 101
Highway Chile
Highwaymen, The
Highwoods Stringband
Hill, Benny
Hill, Billy
Hill, Dan
Hill, Faith
Hill, Goldie
Hill, Hank
Hill, Jessie
Hill, Jordan
Hill, Tiny, And His Orchestra
Hill, Z.Z.
Hillman, Chris
Hills, Anne
Hillside Singers
Hilltoppers, The
Hi-Lo's, The
Himmelman, Peter
Hindberg, Paul, Quintet
Hindu Love Gods
Hine, Rupert
Hines, Earl
Hines, Earl "Fatha"
Hines, Earl, And His Orchestra
Hines, Earl, And His Quartet
Hines, Earl, Trio, The
Hines, Gregory
Hines, Jerome
Hines, Juanita G.
Hines, Marcia
Hinson, Jimbeau
Hinton, Eddie
Hinton, Joe
Hinton, Sam
Hippy Dippys, The
Hirsch, Godfrey
Hirt, Al
Hirt, Al, And His Band
Hirt, Al, And His Orchestra
Hit Artists
Hitch, Michael
Hitchcock, Robyn, And the Egyptians
Hitchcock, Russell
Hives, The
Ho, Daniel
Ho, Don
Ho, Don, And the Aliis
Hobbs, Becky
Hodges, Eddie
Hodges, Johnny
Hodgson, Roger
Hoehn, Rick
Hoenig, Michael
Hoffman, Elinor Gene
Hoffman, Peter
Hoffman, Steve
Hoffmann, Johnny, And The Herzbuben
Hog Heaven
Hogsed, Roy
Hoier, John
Holcomb, Freddy
Holcomb, Jack
Holdridge, Lee
Holdsworth, Allan
Holiday Island Revue
Holiday Strings
Holiday, Billie
Holiday, Chico
Holiday, Jimmy
Holland, Amy
Holland, Dave
Holland, Dave, Quartet
Holliday, Jennifer
Hollies, The
Holloway, Brenda
Holloway, Loleatta
Holloway, Sterling
Holly And the Italians
Holly, Buddy
Holly, Buddy, And the Crickets
Holly, Doyle
Holly, Eileen And Wes
Hollyridge Singers, The
Hollyridge Strings, The
Hollywood Argyles
Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra, The
Hollywood Persuaders
Hollywood Pops Orchestra, The
Hollywood Soundmakers, The
Hollywood Soundstage Chorus, The
Hollywood Stars
Hollywood Studio Orchestra
Hollywood Studio Orchestra, The
Hollywood Symphonette Orchestra And Singers
Holm, Johnny
Holman, Bill
Holman, Eddie
Holmes, Clint
Holmes, Leroy
Holmes, Leroy, And His Orchestra
Holmes, Richard "Groove"
Holmes, Rupert
Holmes, Wade
Holster, David James
Holt '45
Holy Angels Youth Choir
Holy Innocents Church
Holy Innocents Men's Choir, The
Holy Spirit Seminary
Hombres, The
Homburg State Symphony Orchestra
Homer And Jethro
Hometown Band, The
Homi And Jarvis
Hondells, The
Honey Cone
Honeycombs, The
Honeydrippers, The
Honeymoon Suite
Honolulu Guitars, The
Honolulu Symphony Orchestra, The
Honor Among Thieves
Hoodoo Gurus, The
Hooker, John Lee
Hooper, Larry
Hooters, The
Hootie And the Blowfish
Hoovers, The
Hopkin, Mary
Hopkins, Lightnin'
Hopkins, Linda
Hopkins, Nicky
Horn, Paul
Horn, Paul, Quintet, The
Horne, Jimmy "Bo"
Horne, Lena
Horne, Marilyn
Horner, James
Hornsby, Bruce, And the Range
Hornspipes, Airs And Reels
Horowitz, Al
Horton, Johnny
Horton, Ray, And His String Band
Horton, Robert
Horton, Roy
Horton, Steven Wayne
Hot Butter
Hot Chocolate
Hot Cotton
Hot Ice
Hot Tuna
Hotel Hunger
Hothouse Flowers
Hour Glass, The
House of Lords
House of Pain
House, James
Housemartins, The
Houserockers, The
Houston Symphony
Houston, Cissy
Houston, Dale
Houston, David
Houston, Joe, And His Rockets
Houston, Thelma
Houston, Whitney
Hovie Lister
Howard, Bill
Howard, Eddy
Howard, Eddy, And His Orchestra
Howard, Gene
Howard, George
Howard, James Newton
Howard, Jan
Howard, Jim
Howard, Milton
Howard, Randy
Howard, Vince, And the V
Howdy Doody
Howe, Steve
HP Lovecraft
Hubbard, Freddie
Hubert Kah
Hudson And Landry
Hudson Brothers
Hudson, Al
Hudson, Al, And The Partners
Hudson, Al, And The Soul Partners
Hudson, Rollie
Hue And Cry
Hues Corporation, The
Huey, Claude
Hugh, Grayson
Hughes, Bill
Hughes, Don
Hugo And Luigi
Hugo And Luigi Chorus
Hugo And Luigi Chorus And Orchestra
Hugo And Luigi With Their Children's Chorus
Hula-Poppers, The
Hullaballoo Singers And Orchestra, The
Hullaballoos, The
Humair, Daniel
Human Beinz, The
Human League
Human League, The
Human Nature
Human Sexual Response
Humble Pie
Humes, Helen
Hummel, Eilene
Humpe Humpe
Humperdinck, Engelbert
Humphrey, Bobbi
Humphrey, Paul, And His Cool Aid Chemists
Humphries, Elizabeth
Hunley, Con
Hunt, Geraldine
Hunt, Lois
Hunt, Pee Wee, And His Dixieland Band
Hunt, Pee Wee, And His Orchestra
Hunter, Alberta
Hunter, Earl
Hunter, Frank
Hunter, Ian
Hunter, Ivory Joe
Hunter, John
Hunter, Lurlean
Hunter, Mark
Hunter, Ralph, Choir, The
Hunter, Tab
Hunters And Collectors
Hurt'Em Bad
Husker Du
Husky, Ferlin
Hutch, Willie
Hutcherson, Bobby
Hutchinson, Josephine
Hutson, Leroy
Hutton, Danny
Hutton, June
Hutton, Ramona
Huxley, Parthenon
Hwong, Lucia
Hyde, Paul, And the Payolas
Hyland, Brian
Hyman, Dick
Hyman, Dick, And His Orchestra
Hyman, Phyllis
I Partenopei
Iam Siam
Ian And Sylvia
Ian And the Zodiacs
Ian, Janis
Ice Cube
Icicle Works, The
Idle Strand
Idol, Billy
Ifield, Frank
Iggy And the Stooges
Iglesias, Julio
Ikettes, The
Ikwue, Bongos, And the Groovies
Illsley, John
Illustrated Man
Immaculate Fools
Impact Of Brass, The
Impalas, The
Impe, Jack Van, Dr.
Imperials, The
Impossibles, The
Impressions, The
Imus, Don
In Brass And Percussion
In Tua Nua
Incredible Broadside Brass-Bed Band, The
Incredible Casuals, The
Indecent Obsession
Independents, The
Indian Summer
Indigo Girls
Indigos, The
Industry, The
Information Society
Ingmann, Jorgen
Ingram, James
Ingram, Luther
Ink Spots, The
Inman, Autrey
Inmates, The
Inner Circle
Inner City
Innocence In Danger
Innocence Mission, The
Innocence, The
Innocents, The
Inspirations, The
Institute For Language Study, The
International All Stars
International Pop Orchestra
International Studio Orchestra
Intimate Strangers
Intruders, The
Invitations, The
Iris, Donnie
Irish Rovers, The
Iron Butterfly
Iron City Houserockers
Iron Maiden
Irvine, Andy
Irwin, Jack
Irwin, Lew, And The Credability Gap
Isaak, Chris
Isham, Mark
Island Serenaders, The
Islanders, The
Isle Of Man
Isley Brothers, The
Isley Jasper Isley
Isley, Ronald
Israel Army Band, The
It's a Beautiful Day
Iturbi, José
Ives, Burl
Ives, Wally
Iveys, The
Izumi-Kai Original Instrumental Group
J. Jocko
J. K. And Co
J. Kelly And the Premi
J.J. Fad
Jabara, Paul
Jack Barbour's Califor
Jackie And Roy
Jacks, Susan
Jacks, Terry
Jackson 5, The
Jackson, Alan
Jackson, Brian
Jackson, Calvin
Jackson, Calvin, Quartet, The
Jackson, Chuck
Jackson, Dean
Jackson, Don
Jackson, Freddie
Jackson, Janet
Jackson, Jermaine
Jackson, Joe
Jackson, La Toya
Jackson, Mahalia
Jackson, Michael
Jackson, Millie
Jackson, Milt
Jackson, Rebbie
Jackson, Roddy
Jackson, Sonny
Jackson, Stonewall
Jackson, Walter
Jackson, Wanda
Jackson, Willis
Jacksons, The
Jacobs Creek
Jacobs, Debbie
Jacobs, Dick
Jacobs, Dick, And His Orchestra
Jacquet, Illinois, And His Orchestra
Jaffa, Max
Jagger, Mick
Jaggerz, The
Jags, The
Jalopy Five
Jalopy Five, The
Jam, The
Jamaica Boys, The
Jamaican Folk Singers, The
Jamal, Ahmad
Jamal, Ahmad, Trio
James Gang
James, Bob
James, Boney
James, Elmore
James, Etta
James, Freddie
James, Harry
James, Harry, And His Music Makers
James, Harry, And His Orchestra
James, Jimmy
James, Joni
James, Michael, Band
James, Rick
James, Sonny
James, Tommy
James, Tommy, And the Shondells
Jamestown Massacre
Jan And Dean
Jan And Kjeld
Jane's Addiction
Janesville Senior High School
Janiak, William
Janice And the Little Pe
Jankel, Chas
Jankel, Chaz
Jankowski, Horst
Jankowski, Horst, Orchestra And Chorus
Jans, Tom
Janse, Don, And His 60-Voice Children's Chorus
Janse, Don, Chorale, The
Jarre, Jean-Michel
Jarreau, Al
Jarrell, Phillip
Jarrett, Keith
Jars of Clay
Jarvis, Jeff
Jarvis, John
Jason And The Scorchers
Jay And the Americans
Jay And the Techniques
Jaye, Jerry
Jayhawks, The
Jazz All Stars
Jazz At The Philharmonic
Jazz Crusaders, The
Jazzi P
Jc And the B-1 Bombers
Jean, Norma
Jeann, Cyndie
Jeb And Cousin Easy
Jefferson Airplane
Jefferson Starship
Jeffreys, Garland
Jelly Beans, The
Jenkins, Duke, And His Orchestra
Jenkins, Gordon
Jenkins, Gordon, And His Chorus And Orchestra
Jenkins, Gordon, And His Orchestra
Jenkins, Gordon, And His Orchestra And Chorus
Jenkins, Gordon, Orchestra And Chorus
Jenkins, Jeff
Jenks, Dan
Jennings, Waylon
Jensen, Gordon
Jensen, Jimmy
Jensen, Kris
Jensen, Larry
Jenson, Jimmy
Jerome, Henry, And His Orchestra
Jerome, Jerry
Jesse J. And the Bandits
Jesse, Wolff And Whings
Jesus And Mary Chain, The
Jesus Jones
Jethro Tull
Jets [2], The
Jets, The
Jett, Joan
Jett, Joan, And the Blackhearts
Jewels, The
Jim And Jean
Jim And Jesse
Jimbo, Akira
Jimmie's Chicken Shack
Jimmy And The Mustangs
Jingle Cats
Jive Bunny And the Mastermixers
Jive Five, The
Jivin' Gene And the Jokers
Jo Jo Gunne
Jo Jo Zep
Jo Jo Zep And The Falcons
Jo, Damita
Jo, Sami
Jobim, Antonio Carlos
Joel, Billy
Joeski Love
Johanna Jr. High School
Johannes And His Orchestra
Johannes-Damascenus Choir Of Essen
Johansen, David
John Foster Black Dyke Mills Band
John, Conrad, And His Orchestra
John, Elton
John, Elton, Band
John, Little Willie
John, Mable
John, Robert
Johnnie And Jack
Johnny And Jonie
Johnny And Lilly
Johnny And the Distractions
Johnny And the Hurricanes
Johnny And the Leisure Suits
Johnny And the Shy Guys
Johnny Hates Jazz
Johnny's Dance Band
Johns, Eddie
Johns, Sammy
Johnson, Betty
Johnson, Beverly
Johnson, Blind Willie
Johnson, Brian
Johnson, Bryan
Johnson, Buddy
Johnson, Deena
Johnson, Don
Johnson, Don, Organ Combo
Johnson, Eric
Johnson, J. J.
Johnson, J. J., Quintet, The
Johnson, Jeff
Johnson, Jesse
Johnson, Jesse, Revue
Johnson, Johnnie
Johnson, Lamont
Johnson, Linton Kwesi
Johnson, Lois
Johnson, Marv
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Michael
Johnson, Osie, And His Orchestra
Johnson, Paul
Johnson, Pete
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Robert, (21)
Johnson, Scott
Johnston, Freedy
Johnston, Jane A.
Johnston, Tom
Johnstons, The
Joiner, Arkansas Junior
Jolis And Simone
Jolly Brothers, The
Jolly Lumberjacks
Jolly Men, The
Jolly Swiss Rangers
Jolly, Pete
Jolly, Pete, Trio
Jolson, Al
Jon And Robin
Jon And Vangelis
Jones Girls, The
Jones, Bob, Singers
Jones, Booker T., And Priscilla Jones
Jones, David Lynn
Jones, Davy
Jones, George
Jones, Grace
Jones, Grandpa
Jones, Howard
Jones, Ignatius
Jones, Isham, And His Orchestra
Jones, Jack
Jones, Jill
Jones, Jimmy
Jones, Joe
Jones, Jonah
Jones, Jonah, And His Latin Rhythm
Jones, Jonah, Quartet
Jones, Jonah, Quartet, The
Jones, Marshall
Jones, Michael
Jones, Mick
Jones, Mickey
Jones, Nic
Jones, Norah
Jones, Oran "Juice"
Jones, Paul
Jones, Quincy
Jones, Quincy, And Orchestra
Jones, Rickie Lee
Jones, Shirley
Jones, Spike
Jones, Spike, And His City Slickers
Jones, Spike, And His Country Cousins
Jones, Spike, And His Other Orchestra
Jones, Steve
Jones, Thad
Jones, Tom
Jones, Tommy
Jones, Toni
Joplin, Janis
Jordan, Jerry
Jordan, Marc
Jordan, Sass
Jordan, Stanley
Jordanaires, The
Joseph, Marcus
Journeymen, The
Joy Division
Joy Of Cooking
Joy Ride
Joyce, Jimmy
Judas Priest
Judd, Wynonna
Judds, The
Judybats, The
Juenemann, John, Family
Jules, Gary
Juliana Hatfield 3
Jump 'N the Saddle Band
June, Rosemary
Jungklas, Rob
Jungle Brothers
Junior And the Classics
Ju-Par Universal Orchestra
Jurgens, Dick, And His Orchestra
Just Us
Justis, Bill
JVC Symphony Orchestra
K., Tonio
Kaai, Bernie, And His Hawaiians
Kaaihui, Moki, And His Orchestra
Kadison, Joshua
Kaempfert, Bert
Kaempfert, Bert, And His Orchestra
Kahauolopua, Haleloke
Kaiser, Roland
Kalin Twins
Kallen, Kitty
Kaltenberg, Jack
Kamae, Eddie
Kamakawiwo'ole, Israel
Kamen, Nick
Kames, Bob
Kamon, Karen
Kane Gang, The
Kane, Artie
Kane, Big Daddy
Kane, Kieran
Kane, Madleen
Kannon, Jackie
Kanter, Hillary
Kantner, Paul
Kapell, Carl Jularbos
Kapp, Richard
Kappelle, The
Kaptain Kool And The Kongs
Karas, Anton
Karmen, Steve
Karta, Lama
Kartsonakis, Dino
KaSandra, John
Kasenetz-Katz Super Circus, The
Kaske, Betsy
Kassab, Youssef
Kassel, Art, And His Orchestra
Katakis, Michael
Katrina And the Waves
Kaufman, Irving
Kay, Arthur, Ensemble, The
Kay, Beatrice
Kay, Carol
Kay, John
Kay, Johnny
Kaye, Danny
Kaye, Debbie Bori
Kaye, Mary, Trio
Kaye, Sammy
Kaye, Sammy, And His Orchestra
Kaye, Sammy, His Orchestra And Chorus
Kaye, Sammy, Swing And Sway With
Kaye, Sandy
Kaylan, Howard
Kazan, Lainie
KBC Band
KC And The Sunshine Band
K-Doe, Ernie
Keaggy, Cheri
Kealoha, William, And His Orchestra
Kearney, Christopher
Keding, Roxanne And Dan
Keene, Tommy
Keikis, Waimanalo
Keillor, Garrison
Keita, Salif
Keith, Toby
Kekaula, Eddie
Kellaway, Roger, And The Cello Quintet
Kellem, Manny, His Orchestra And Voices
Keller, Allen
Keller, Jerry
Kelley, Irene
Kelley, Ray
Kellum, Murry
Kelly Kombo, The
Kelly, Gene
Kelly, Georgia
Kelly, Grace
Kelly, Herman, And Life
Kelly, Jack, And Company
Kelly, Jimmy, And the Op B
Kelly, Monty, And His Orchestra
Kelly, Paul
Kelly, Paula, And The Modernaires
Kelly, R.
Kelly, R., And Public Announcement
Kelner, Leon, And His Blue Room Orchestra
Kemp, Johnny
Kendalls, The
Kendricks, Eddie
Kennard And John
Kennedy, Dave, And the A
Kennedy, John F.
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald
Kennedy, Ralph, And His Band
Kennedy, Ray
Kenny And Corky
Kensit, Patsy
Kent, David
Kent, Dick
Kent, George
Kenton, Stan
Kenton, Stan, And His Orchestra
Kenton, Stan, Orchestra
Kentucky Headhunters, The
Kenyatta, Robin
Kerr, Anita
Kerr, Anita, Singers
Kerr, Anita, Singers, The
Kerr, Richard
Kershaw, Doug
Kershaw, Nik
Kesner, Dick
Kesner, Dick, And His Magic Stradivarius
Ketchum, Hal
Kevin And Clare
Kevin, Cris
Keymen, The
Keys, Amy
Key-Tones Orchestra
Khan, Chaka
Khan, Sajid
Khan, Steve
Kick Axe
Kick, The
Kid Creole And the Coconuts
Kid 'N Play
Kid Rock
Kid Stuff Repertory Company
Kiddie Playhouse And Orchestra, The
Kids From C.A.P.E.R., The
Kids From Fame, The
Kids From Wisconsin, The
Kids in the Kitchen
Kihn, Greg
Kihn, Greg, Band, The
Kiley, John
Kiley, Richard
Kilgore, Merle
Kilima Hawaiians, The
Killen, Louis
Killing Joke
Kilzer, John
Kim, Andy
Kimberlys, The
Kimera And the Operaider
Kimio Eto
Kimmel, Tom
Kinayski, Frank, Band
Kind Hearts And English
Kind, The
King Crimson
King Diamond
King Family, The
King Harvest
King Richard's Fluegel Knights
King, Al
King, Albert
King, B. B.
King, Ben E.
King, Bobby
King, Carole
King, Claude
King, Damon
King, Diane
King, Don
King, Evelyn "Champagne"
King, Jackie
King, Judy
King, Karl, Band
King, L.A.
King, Paul
King, Pee Wee
King, Pee Wee, And His Band
King, Peggy
King, Pete, Chorale And Orchestra, The
King, Pete, Chorale, The
King, Ray
King, Solomon
King, Teddi
King, Wayne
King, Wayne, And His Orchestra
King, Wayne, And His Saxophone And Orchestra
Kingdom Come
Kinghorn, Carol Jean
Kingpins, The
King's Children
King's College Choir, Cambridge
King's Daughter, The
Kings of Dixieland
King's Road
Kings Road Quartet, The
King's Singer
King's Singers, The
King's X
Kings, The
Kingsley, Gershon
Kingsmen, The [Gospel]
Kingsmen, The [Rock]
Kingston Trio, The
Kingsway Promenade Orchestra, The
Kingsway Youth Opera Company
Kinison, Sam
Kinks, The
Kinney, Ray, And His Coral Islanders
Kinsey Report
Kinsey, Big Daddy, And the Kinsey Report
Kinsman Dazz
Kirby, Fred
Kirby, John, And His Quintet
Kirchner, Claude
Kirk, Lisa
Kirk, Rahsaan Roland
Kirkland, Chuck
Kirton, Lew
Kish, Jimmy
Kissing The Pink
Kissoon, Mac And Katie
Kitajima, Osamu
Kitt, Eartha
Klein, John
Klein, Robert
Klemmer, John
Klemmer, John, Quartets, The
KLF, The
Klowns, The
Klugh, Earl
Knack, The
Knee, Bernie
Knef, Hildegard
Knight, Baker
Knight, Chris
Knight, Evelyn
Knight, Felix
Knight, Frank
Knight, Gladys, And the Pips
Knight, Holly
Knight, Jean
Knight, Jonathan
Knight, Robert
Knighton, Reggie, Band, The
Knightsbridge Singing Strings
Knightsbridge Strings, The
Knightsbridge Symphonic Band, The
Knoblock, Fred
Knockouts, The
Knopfler, David
Knopfler, Mark
Knox, Buddy
Knudsen, Kurt
Knuth, Ron
Knutzen, Bob
Knutzen, Bob, Jazz Reunion, The
Koala, The
Koblish, Julie
Koch, Herbie
Koehler, Karl, And His German Military Band
Koffman, Moe
Kohan, Silvia
Kohlman's, Freddie, Band
Kolbe, Martin
Kole, Jerry
Koleski, John, And His Orchestra
Koloc, Bonnie
Koloski, Buddy
Komack, Jimmie
Kon Kan
Kongos, John
Konitz, Lee
Konteau, Jon
Kool And The Gang
Kool Moe Dee
Kooper, Al
Korgis, The
Korner, Alexis
Kosinec, Tony
Kostelanetz, Andre
Kostelanetz, Andre, And His Orchestra
Kostellani, Mario, And His Accordion
Kottke, Leo
Kougl, Bob, And The Kool Gents
Kowalski, Frank, And His Polka Men
Kowalski, Sig, And The Magic Strings
Koxlien, Tim
Kraft, Robert
Kral, Jackie And Roy
Kramer, Billy J.
Krane, Bobby, And His Orchestra
Krause, Bernie
Krauss, Alison
Krauss, Alison, And Union Station
Kravitz, Lenny
Krekel, Tim
Kris Kross
Kristmenn, The
Kristoffersen, Freddy
Kristofferson, Kris
Kristofferson, Kris, And Rita Coolidge
Kronos Quartet
Kronos Quartet, The
Krupa, Gene
Krupa, Gene, And His Orchestra
Krupa, Gene, Trio
Kuban, Bob, And the In-M
Kubrick, Stanley
Kuhlman, William
Kulis, Charlie
Kunkel, Leah
Kunz, Charlie
Kuper, Gary
Kurylewicz, Andrzej
Kut Klose
Kweskin, Jim, And the Jug Band
Kyriakidou, Beba
Kyser, Kay, And His Orchestra
L.A. Boppers
L.A. Dream Team
L.A. Express
L.A. Fiddle Band, The
L.A. Style
La Blanc, Pierre, And His Orchestra
La Bouche
La Delle, Jack
La Forge, Jack
La La
La Mont, Billy
La Rosa, Julius
La Schola Des Pères Du Saint-Esprit Du Grand Scholasticat De Chevilly
LaBelle And The Bluebelles
Labelle, Patti
Labelle, Patti, And Bill Ch
LaBelle, Patty, And The Blue Belles
Labèque, Katia
Labeque, Katia And Marielle
Labèque, Marielle
LaBounty, Bill
Lackawanna And Erie Express Band, The
LaCrescent High School Concert Choir
LaCrosse Boychoir
LaCrosse Central High School
LaCrosse Central Robed Choir
LaCrosse Central Swing Choir
LaCrosse State University
Ladd, Cheryl
Ladds, The
Lads, The
Lady Gaga
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Lagin, Ned
Lagoya, Alexandre
Lai, Francis
Laid Back
Laine, Beverly
Laine, Cleo
Laine, Frankie
Laing, Shona
Lakatos, Sandor, Ensemble Of Budapest, The
Lamb, Annabell
Lamb, Bill
Lambert, Dave
Lamond, George
Lamont Cranston Band
Lamour, Dorothy
Lampe, Nicholas
Lance, Major
Lancer 9th Grade Choir
Lancer Madrigal Singers
Lancer Senior High Choir
Lanchester, Elsa
Land Rovers, The
Land, Harold
Lande, Art
Lande, Kay
Landry, Reverend Carey
Lane Brothers, The
Lane, Cristy
Lane, Gary, And the Mad
Lane, Jerry Max
Lane, Robin, And the Chartbusters
Lane, Ronnie
Lane, Sunny
Lane, Suzi
Lane, Terry
Lang, Franzl
Lang, Jonny
lang, k.d.
lang, k.d., And the Recliners
Lanin, Lester, And His Orchestra
Lanin, Lester, And His Trio
Lanois, Daniel
Lansdowne, Jerry
Lanson, Snooky
Lantz, Barney
Lanz, David
Lanz, David, And Paul Speer
Lanza, Mario
Lapels, The
Larcange, Maurice
Laredo, Roger, And His Orchestra
Larks, The
Larsen, Neil
Larsen-Feiten Band
Larson, LeRoy
Larson, Mickey, Band, The
Larson, Nicolette
Larue, David
LaSalle, Denise
LaSalle, John, Quartet, The
Lasley, David
Last Tango
Last, James
Last, James, Band
Lateef, Yusef
Latin All-Star Dance Band, The
Latin Quarter
Lattisaw, Stacy
Lauder, Harry
Lauderdale, Jim
Laughton, Charles
Lauper, Cyndi
Laurel And Hardy
Lauren, Rod
Laurens, Lani
Laurie, Linda
Lavalle, Paul, And the Band Of America
Lavender Hill Mob
Lavigne, Avril
Lawler And Cobb
Lawrence, Bernie
Lawrence, Eddie
Lawrence, Elliot
Lawrence, Elliot, And His Orchestra
Lawrence, Steve
Lawrence, Steve, And Eydie Gorme
Lawrence, Tracy
Lawrence, Vicki
Laws, Eloise
Laws, Hubert
Laws, Ronnie
Lawson, Doyle
Lawson-Haggart Jazz Band
Lawton, John
Lay, Sam, Bluesband
Laymen Singers
Layne, Joy
Layne, Kenny
Layton, Eddie
Lazy Racer
LCD Soundsystem
Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares
Le Roy
Leach, Billy
Leading Men Quartet With
Leadon, Bernie
Leaf, Ann
League Unlimited Orchestra, The
Leahy, Joe
Leahy, Joe, And Orchestra
Leander, Mike, And His Orchestra
Leapy Lee
Lear, Amanda
Leather Nun, The
Leaves, The
Leblanc And Carr
LeBlanc, Lenny
Lebow, Martee
Lecea, Richie
Lectric Woods
Led Zeppelin
Ledoux, Chris
Lee And Paul
Lee, Bill
Lee, Brenda
Lee, Curtis
Lee, Debra
Lee, Dickey
Lee, Garry, And Showdown
Lee, Jack E.
Lee, Jackie
Lee, Jeffrey, And His Orchestra
Lee, Johnny
Lee, Julia
Lee, Katie
Lee, Laura
Lee, Peggy
Lee, Randy
Lee, Riley
Lee, Robin
Lee, Scotter
Lee, Wilma, And Stoney Cooper
LeFevre, Mylon
Left Banke, The
Legal Eagles
Legal Reins
LeGallienne, Eva
Legendary Pink Dots
Legends Of Jazz, The
LeGrand, Michel
LeGrand, Michel, And His Orchestra
Lehrer, Tom
Leibert, Dick
Leighton, Bernie
Leilani, Luke, And His Orchestra
Lekakis, Paul
Lemon Jelly
Lemon Pipers, The
Lemongello, Peter
Lemonheads, The
Len And Glen
Lenentine, Frank And Pat
Lennon Sisters, The
Lennon, John
Lennon, John, And the Plastic Ono Band
Lennon, Julian
Lennox, Annie
Lenny And Squiggy
Lenya, Lotte
Leo, Ted, and The Pharmacists
Leonard, Deke
Leonetti, Tommy
Lepine, Bob
Lerner, Al
Les Compagnons De La Chanson
Les Negresses Vertes
Lesh, Phil
Leslie, Kermit, And His Orchestra
Lester, Dean
Lester, Johnny, Trio Plus One
Lester, Ketty
Lester, Sonny, And His Orchestra
Let's Active
Lettermen, The
Level 42
Levy, Marcy
Levy, Stan
Lewis And Bernard
Lewis And Clarke
Lewis, Barbara
Lewis, Bobby
Lewis, Cappy
Lewis, Donna
Lewis, Gary
Lewis, Gary, And the Playboys
Lewis, Gene
Lewis, George
Lewis, George, Band Of New Orleans, The
Lewis, Huey, And the News
Lewis, Hugh X.
Lewis, Jerry
Lewis, Jerry Lee
Lewis, John
Lewis, John, Group, The
Lewis, Linda
Lewis, Marcus
Lewis, Meade "Lux"
Lewis, Mel, And Umo
Lewis, Naomi
Lewis, Ramsey
Lewis, Ramsey, Trio
Lewis, Ted, And His Orchestra
Lewis, Wally
Lewis, Webster
Lewis, William
Lewis, Wilson, Trio
Leyden, Norman, And His Orchestra
Lia, Orsa
Liberace, George, And His Orchestra
Lieberman, Lori
Liebert, Ottmar
Life By Night
Life Unlimited
Light of Faith Choir, The
Light of the World
Light, Ben
Light, Enoch
Light, Enoch, And His Orchestra
Light, Enoch, And the Light Brigade
Lightfoot, Gordon
Lightning Seeds, The
Lignos, Lefteris
Lil Louis
Li'l Wally
Li'l Wally And the Harmony Boys
Li'l Wally And the Lucky
Li'l Wally And the Polka
Lilac Time, The
Limelight Strings, The
Limeliters, The
Limited Warranty
Lind, Bob
Linden, Kathy
Lindh, Bjorn J:Son
Lindley, David
Lindsay, Bobby
Lindsay, Mark
Lindsey, George
Linkin Park
Linkletter, Art, 's House Party
Linton, Sherwin
Lions And Ghosts
Lipps, Inc.
Lipton, Celia
Lipton, Peggy
Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam
Litter, The
Little America
Little Anthony And the Imperials
Little Charlie And the Nightcats
Little Dippers, The
Little Eva
Little Feat
Little Joey And the Flips
Little Johnny
Little Marcy
Little Milton
Little Richard
Little River Band
Little Runaway
Little Steven
Little Steven And Disciples Of Soul
Little Texas
Little Village
Little, "Big" Tiny
Little, Big Tiny
Little, Ken, And Spoon River Band
Little, Rich
Live Wire
Liverpool Five
Livgren, Kerry, AD
Living Brass
Living Colour
Living Guitars
Living in a Box
Living Jazz
Living Marimbas
Living Strings
Living Strings Plus Trumpet
Living Strings Plus Two Pianos
Living Trio
Living Voices
LL Cool J
Llibre, Juan
Lloyd Webber, Andrew
Lloyd, Anne
Lloyd, Charles
Lloyd, Charles, Quartet, The
Lloyd, David, And His London Orchestra
Lloyd, Ian
Lloyd, Susan
Loafers, The
Local Boys
Lock Up
Lockheart, Paula
Locklin, Hank
Locomotiv GT
Loeb, Lisa
Lofgren, Nils
Lofthouse, Pete, Orchestra
Lofton, Cripple Clarence
Logan High School
Loggins And Messina
Loggins, Dave
Loggins, Kenny
Logsdon, Jimmy
Lomax, Jackie
Lombardo, Guy
Lombardo, Guy, And His Royal Canadians
Lombardo, Guy, And The Royal Canadians
Lon, Alice
London Arts Symphony Orch., The
London Cast Recording Company, The
London Festival Orchestra And Chorus, The
London Festival Orchestra, The
London Philharmonic
London Philharmonic Choir
London Philharmonic Orchestra, The
London Philharmonic, The
London Quireboys
London Rock Symphony, The
London Sound 70 Orchestra And Chorus, The
London Strings, The
London Symphonia, The
London Symphony Orchestra And Chorus, The
London Symphony Orchestra, The
London, David
London, Eddie
London, Julie
London, Laurie
London, Marc, And Company
Lone Justice
Lonely Boys, The
Lonesome Rhodes, The
Lonesome Valley Singers
Lonesome Valley Singers, The
Long Island Banjo Society
Long Island Soundes
Long, Eddie
Long, Johnny, And His Orchestra
Long, Larry
Long, Shorty
Longet, Claudine
Longines Symphonette And Choraliers, The
Longines Symphonette Society
Longines Symphonette, The
Lonie, Don
Lonzo And Oscar
Look UK
Look, The
Looking Glass
Loose Ends
Loose, Bill, And His Orchestra
Lopez, Chico, And His Orchestra
Lopez, Manny, And His Orchestra
Lopez, Trini
Lopez, Vincent
Lopez, Vincent, And His Orchestra
Lorain, A'me
Lorber, Alan, Orchestra, The
Lorber, Jeff
L'Orchestre De La Suisse Romande
Lords of the New Church, The
Loring, Gloria
Los Admiradores
Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra
Los Indios
Los Indios Tabajaras
Los Lobos
Los Melodicos
Los Norte Americanos
Los Salterios
Lost Marble Band, The
Lost Nation String Band
Lost Toy People, The
Lothar And the Hand Peop
Loudermilk, John D.
Louie, Louie
Louisiana Five Jazz Orchestra
Lounge Lizards
Louvin Brothers, The
Louvin, Charlie
Love Affair
Love And Kisses
Love And Money
Love And Rockets
Love Generation, The
Love in Return
Love Salvation
Love Song
Love Tractor
Love Unlimited
Love Unlimited Orchestra
Love, Darlene
Love, Mike
Love, Tony
Lovebug Starski
Loveless, Patty
Lovelites, The
Lovesmith, Michael
Lovett, Lyle
Lovich, Lene
Lovin' Spoonful, The
Lowe, Jack
Lowe, Jim
Lowe, Nick
Lowe, Nick, And His Cowboy Outfit
Lowell, Gene, Chorus, The
Lowen And Navarro
Lower Lights Quartet
Lowery, Fred
Lowrey, Gina
Lowry, Art
Lowry, Mark
Loy, Lawrence
LSI Philharmonic, The
Luboff, Norman, Choir And Orchestra, The
Luboff, Norman, Choir, The
Lubrano, Bill
Lucas, Botho, And His Po
Lucas, Buddy
Lucas, Carrie
Lucas, Douglas
Lucas, Kenneth, And His Orchestra
Lucas, Matt
Lucas, Tammy
Lucy Show, The
Ludwig And The Klassics
Luis, Don, Quintero
Luke, Robin
Lukleani And His Islanders
Lum And Abner
Luman, Bob
Luna Negra
Lunceford, Jimmie, And His Orchestra
Lunch, Lydia
Lundberg, Victor
Lundstrom Singers
Lundstrom, Connie And Lowell
Lundstroms, The
Lundy, Carmen
Lundy, Pat
Lunsfords, Don And Beverly
Lurtsema, Robert J.
Lush Orchestra
Lush Strings
Lutcher, Nellie
Luther, Frank
Lutheran Evangelical Movement Gospel Crusaders
Lutheran Hour Choir
Lyman, Arthur
Lyman, Arthur, Group
Lymon, Frankie, And the Teenagers
Lynch, Ray
Lynde, Paul
Lyne, Artie
Lynn, Barbara
Lynn, Cheryl
Lynn, Donna
Lynn, Loretta
Lynn, Lysa
Lynn, Nellie
Lynn, Trisha
Lynn, Vera, And Chorus
Lynne, Jeff
Lynne, Shelby
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Lyon, Ken
Lyon, Sue
Lytle, John
M People
M. Doc
M.C. Tee And Lord Tsheem
Ma, Yo-Yo
Mac Band
Macar Brothers
MacArthur, Douglas
MacColl, Kirsty
Maccomb, Marjorie
Mace, Lee
Mace, Lee,'s Ozark Opry
MacEwan, Father Sydney
MacGregor, Mary
Machado, Chuck
Machines of Loving Grace
Macias, Rudy, And His Charanga Orchestra
Mack, Jack, And The Heart Attack
Mack, Jimmie
Mack, Lonnie
Mack, Warner
MacKenzie, Gisele
Mackenzie, Scott
MacMillan, Norma
MacRae, Gordon
MacRae, Gordon And Sheila
Mad River
Maddox Brothers And Rose
Maddox, Johnny
Maddox, Johnny, And His
Maddox, Johnny, And The
Maddox, Johnny, And The Rhythmasters
Maddox, Rose
Madrid Festival Orchestra, The
Madrigal Singers Of Illinois State
Maestro, Johnny
Magaha, Mack
Magazine 60
Maggard, Cledus, And the Citizen's Band
Magic Grass
Magic Lanterns
Magic Organ, The
Magic Slim And the Teardrops
Magic Strings
Magic Violins
Magnante, Charles
Magnum Force
Magnusson, Jakob
Maguire, Charlie
Mahal, Taj
Mahaney, Bob
Maharis, George
Mahavishnu Orchestra
Mahogany Rush
Mai Tai
Maile Serenaders
Main Ingredient, The
Maines Brothers Band, The
Majic Ship, The
Makeba, Miriam
Maksymowicz, Ted, And His Orchestra
Malagon Sisters, The
Malamet, Marsha
Malando And His Tango-Orchestra
Malchak, Tim
Malcolm And The Mirrors
Malcomb, Nancie, And Her Group
Malmsteen, Yngwie
Malone, Ted
Maltby, Richard
Maltby, Richard, And His
Malvin Carolers, The
Malvin, Artie
Mamado And She
Mamas And the Papas, The
Mama's Boys
Mammoth 89 Key "Gavioli" Fairground Organ
Man in Black
Manakas, Van
Manchester, Melissa
Mancina, Mark
Mancini, Henry
Mancini, Henry, And His Orchestra
Mancini, Henry, His Orchestra And Chorus
Mandel, Howie
Mandel, Johnny, And His Orchestra
Mandell, Jim
Mandrell, Barbara
Mandrell, Louise
Mangione, Chuck
Mangione, Gap
Manhattan Pops Orchestra, The
Manhattan Transfer
Manhattans, The
Manilow, Barry
Mann, Barry
Mann, Carl
Mann, George, Orchestra
Mann, Herbie
Mann, Herbie, Nonet, The
Mann, Jeri, Singers, The
Mann, Johnny
Mann, Johnny, Singers, The
Mann, Lorene
Mann, Manfred
Mann, Paul, And His Musicians And Singers
Mann, Sy
Manne, Shelly
Manne, Shelly, And His Friends
Manners, Zeke, Band
Mannheim Steamroller
Mann's, Manfred, Earth Band
Manson, Eddy
Manson, Jeane
Mantle, Micky
Mantler, Karen
Mantovani And His Orchestra
Mantovani Orchestra, The
Mantovani, Annunzio Paolo
Map of the World
Mara, Ta, And the Seen
Marais And Miranda
Marceao, Marcel
Marcels, The
March Leaders Band
March Violets
March, Peggy
March, Steve
Marchan, Bobby
Marcovitz, Diana
Marcum, Frank
Marcus, Steve, Count's Rock Band
Marcus, Wade
Marcy And Margie
Marcy Brothers, The
Marcy Playground
Mardi Gras Dixielanders
Mardones, Benny
Margo, Mitch
Margulis, Charles
Margulis, Charles, And H
Mariachi Brass, The
Mariachi Casino
Marie, Donna
Marie, Kelly
Marie, Marie
Marie, Teena
Marina And The Diamonds
Marina Strings, The
Marine Band Of The Royal Netherlands Navy, The
Mark And Clark Band, The
Mark Iv
Markie, Biz
Marks, Guy
Marks, Kenny
Marky Mark And the Funky Bunch
Marley, Bob
Marley, Bob, And the Wailers
Marley, Ziggy, And the Melody Makers
Marlo, John
Marlo, Micki
Marquette University
Marrs, Steve
Mars, Bruno
Mars, Chris
Marsalis, Branford
Marsalis, Wynton
Marshall Tucker Band, The
Marshall, E. G.
Marshall, Jack
Marshall, Jack, 's Music
Marshall, Meri D.
Martel, Marty
Martel, Mimi
Martenez, Pedro, Orchestra, The
Marterie, Ralph, And His Marlboro Men
Marterie, Ralph, And His Orchestra
Martha And the Muffins
Martha And the Vandellas
Martian Symphony Orchestra
Martin, Bobbi
Martin, Cloe
Martin, Dean
Martin, Denny, And The Nostalgics
Martin, Eric
Martin, Freddy
Martin, Freddy, And His Orchestra
Martin, Grady
Martin, Grady, And the S
Martin, Grady, And the Slewfoot Five
Martin, Jimmy
Martin, Joe, And His Orchestra
Martin, Les
Martin, Marilyn
Martin, Mary
Martin, Moon
Martin, Paul
Martin, Paul, And His Old-Timers
Martin, Phil, And His Orchestra
Martin, Ray
Martin, Ray, And His Orchestra
Martin, Ray, And His Orchestra And Chorus
Martin, Ray, His Chorus And Orchestra
Martin, Ricci
Martin, Steve
Martin, Steve, And the Toot Uncommons
Martin, Tony
Martin, Vince
Martindale, Wink
Martine, Claude, Orchestra And Chorus, The
Martinez, Hirth
Martinez, Nancy
Martino, Al
Martino, Pat
Martino, Ronnie
Martling, Jackie
Marvelettes, The
Mar-Vels, The
Marvin And Johnny
Marx Brothers, The
Marx, Groucho
Marx, Richard
Mary Jane Girls
Mascis, J
Masekela, Hugh
Maskman And the Agents
Mason And Fenn
Mason Dixon
Mason Proffit
Mason, Barbara
Mason, Dave
Mason, Harvey
Mason, Jackie
Mason, Robert
Mason, Vaughan
Masqueraders, The
Mass Production
Masse, Paul
Massed Bands And Corps Of Drums Of The Guards Division, The
Massey, Curt
Massey, Raymond
Massey, Wayne
Master Fleet
Masters of Reality
Masters, Hal
Masters, Sammy
Mastertone Orchestra, The
Matchbox Twenty
Material Issue
Mather, George
Mathews, Mat
Mathieu, Mireille
Mathis, Country Johnny
Mathis, Johnny
Matlock, Ronn
Matrix (26)
Matsu, Tokyo
Matsui, Keiko
Mattea, Kathy
Matthews' Southern Comfort
Matthews, Dave, Band
Matthews, Ian
Mauds, The
Maugham, W. Somerset
Mauna Loa Islanders
Mauriat, Paul
Mauriat, Paul, And His Orchestra
Mauritz, Barbara
Mauro, Michael
Mavericks, The
Max Headroom
Max Q
Maxted, Billy, And His Manhattan Jazz Band
Maxwell, Claude
Maxwell, Robert
Maxwell, Robert, His Harp And Orchestra
May, Billy, And His Orchestra
May, Elaine
May, Raymond
Mayall, John
Mayall's, John, Bluesbreakers
Maye, Marilyn
Mayer, Hans
Mayer, Tom
Mayerson, Jerry
Mayfair Symphonette Orch
Mayfair, Helen
Mayfield, Curtis
Mayfield, Percy
Maynard, Eddie, And His Orchestra
Maynard, Jerry
Mazzy Star
MC Hammer
McAdoo, Mike
McAnally, Mac
McAuley Schenker Group
McAuley-Schenker Group
McAuliff, Leon, And His Western Swingers
McBride And the Ride
McBride, Bob
McBride, Martina
McCain, Edwin
McCall, C.W.
McCall, Darrell
McCall, Toussaint
McCalla, Deidre
McCallum, David
McCampbell Brothers, The
McCann, Denise
McCann, Les
McCann, Les, And Eddie Harris
McCann, Les, Ltd
McCann, Peter
McCarter, Jennifer
McCarters, The
McCarthy, Charlie
McCartney, Linda
McCartney, Paul
McCaslin, Mary
McClain, Alton, And Destiny
McClain, Charly
McClain, Janice
McClain, Leonard
McClinton, Delbert
McClinton, O. B.
McClure, Bobby
McCoo, Marilyn, And Billy Davis Jr
McCorison, Dan
McCormack, John
McCormick, Gayle
McCormick, Maureen
McCoy, Charlie
McCoy, Clyde
McCoy, Marjorie
McCoy, Neal
McCoy, Van
McCoys, The
McCrae, George
McCrae, Gwen
McCreary, Mary
McCuller, Arnold
McCurdy, Ed
McCurn, George
McDaniel, Mel
McDaniels, Gene
McDonald, Brian, Group
McDonald, Country Joe
McDonald, Jeanette
McDonald, Marie
McDonald, Michael
McDonald, Skeets
McDonald, Steve
McDowell, Carrie
McDowell, Mississippi Fred
McDowell, Ronnie
McDuff Brothers, The
McDuff, Eddie
McDuff, Jack, Brother
McDuff, Thumbs, And The Boston Baked Beans
McEntire, Pake
McEntire, Reba
McFadden And Whitehead
McFarland, Gary
McFerrin, Bobby
McGee, Parker
McGhee, Bumps, And His Twisters
McGhee, Howard
McGill, Alan
McGilpin, Bob
McGovern, Maureen
McGraw, Tim
McGriff, Jimmy
McGuffey Lane
McGuinn, Clark And Hillman
McGuinn, Roger
McGuire Sisters, The
McGuire, Barry
McGuire, Phyllis
McIntire, Lani, And His
McIntyre, Barbara May
McKayle, Donald
McKee, Maria
McKendree Spring
McKendree Spring 3
McKenna, Dave
McKenna, Siobhán
McKennitt, Loreena
McKenzie, Bob And Doug
McKenzie, Scott
McKuen, Rod
McLachlan, Sarah
McLagan, Ian
McLaren, Malcolm
McLauchlan, Murray
McLaughlin, John
McLaughlin, Pat
McLean, Don
McLean, Penny
McLean, Phil
McMahon, Ed
McMahon, Gerard
McNally, Larry John
McNamara, Robin
McNeill, Dugan
McNeill, Pamela
McNeir, Ronnie
McNeir, Ronnie, Experience, The
McNichol, Kristy And Jimmy
McPartland, Jimmy, And His Orchestra
McPartland, Marian
McPeake, Curtis
McPhatter, Clyde
McQuaig, Scott
McQuinn, Kevin
McRae, Carmen
McShann, Jay
McVey, Bill
McVie, Christine
Mead, Abigail
Mead, Sister Janet
Meade, Donna
Meader, Vaughn
Meadows, Marion
Meat Loaf
Meat Puppets
Medeiros, Glenn
Medical Mission Sisters
Medley, Bill
Medley, Phil
Meece, David
Mehta, Zubin
Meighan, Bob, Band, The
Meinert, Margie
Meinert, Marjorie
Meisburg And Walters
Meisner, Randy
Meisner, Verne
Mekons, The
Mel And Kim
Melachrino Orchestra, The
Melachrino Strings And Orchestra, The
Melachrino Strings, The
Melachrino, George, And His Orchestra
Melfi, Johnny
Melgard, Al
Meli, Debbie
Melis, Jose
Melis, Jose, And His Orchestra
Mellencamp, John
Mellencamp, John
Mellencamp, John
Mello Larks, The
Mello-Mackin-D And Mr. Stretch
Mellow Moods of Jazz, The
Melton, James
Melvin, Harold, And the Blue Notes
Members Of The Mistletoe Orchestra, The
Members of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
Members, The
Memories, The
Memphis Horns, The
Men and Volts
Men at Work
Men They Couldn't Hang
Men Without Hats
Mendelson, Andy
Mendes, Sergio
Mendes, Sergio, And Brasil '66
Mendes, Sergio, Trio, The
Mendez, Rafael
Menko, Johnny
Mental as Anything
Menten, Dale, And The Live Bait Band
Menuhin, Yehudi
Mercer, Jack
Mercer, Mabel
Mercer, Sandy
Merchant, Natalie
Mercury, Eric
Meriwether, Roy, Trio, The
Merlin [Pipe Organ]
Merlin, the Magic Fingers Of
Merman, Ethel
Mernit, Billy
Merrill, Buddy
Merry Melody Singers, The
Merry Orchestra, The
Merryweather, Neil
Messenger, Ian
Messengers, The
Messina, Jim
Messina, Jo Dee
Metheny, Pat
Metheny, Pat, And Lyle Mays
Metheny, Pat, Group
Metoyer, Herb
Metro All Stars
Metronome All Star Band
Metronome All Stars
Metropolitan Strings
Metros, The
Mexicali Brass, The
Mexicali Singers
Meyers, Jimmy, Trio
Mi Sex
Miami Sound Machine
Michael And The Messengers
Michael Brothers, The
Michael, George
Michaels, Lee
Michaels, Margo
Michalski And Oosterveen
Michel, Marc
Mickelson, Paul
Mickey And Sylvia
Midas Touch, The
Middlebrooks Musical Ensemble (And Pick-Up Band), The
Middleton, Eddie
Middleton, Tony
Midi, Maxi And Efti
Midler, Bette
Midnight Oil
Midnight Star
Midnight String Quartet
Midnight Strings, The
Midnight, Charlie
Mid-Westerners, The
Mighty Clouds of Joy
Mighty Fire
Mighty Flyers, The
Mighty Hannibal, The
Mighty Lemon Drops, The
Mighty Wurlitzer, The
Mike And Else
Mike And the Mechanics
Milano, Frank
Miles, Barry
Miles, Buddy
Miles, Buddy, Express
Miles, Buddy, Regiment
Miles, Jackie
Miles, John
Milestone Jazzstars
Military Band, The
Miller, Adam
Miller, Ashley
Miller, Bill
Miller, Brad
Miller, Christine
Miller, Chuck
Miller, Dennis
Miller, Eddie
Miller, Eddie, And His Blue Notes
Miller, Eddie, Orchestra
Miller, Elva, Mrs.
Miller, Frankie
Miller, Glenn
Miller, Glenn, And His Orchestra
Miller, Glenn, New, Orchestra, The
Miller, Glenn, Orchestra, Members of The
Miller, Jody
Miller, Joe
Miller, John
Miller, Keith
Miller, Lesley
Miller, Marvin
Miller, Mildred
Miller, Mitch
Miller, Mitch, And His Orchestra
Miller, Mitch, And His Sing-Along Chorus
Miller, Mitch, And Orchestra
Miller, Mitch, And The Gang
Miller, Mitch, The Gang And Orchestra
Miller, Mitchell, And His Orchestra
Miller, Ned
Miller, Roger
Miller, Russ
Miller, Steve, Band, The
Milli Vanilli
Millions Like Us
Mills Brothers, The
Mills, Frank
Mills, Hayley
Mills, Stephanie
Milnes, Sherrill
Milsap, Ronnie
Milstein, George, Dr.
Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra, The
Mindbenders, The
Mineo, Sal
Minerbi, Marcello
Minevitch, Borrah
Mingus Dynasty
Mingus, Charles
Mini Pops, The
Miniature Men
Minks, The
Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra
Minnelli, Liza
Minogue, Annie
Minogue, Kylie
Minute Men, The
Miracles, The
Mirettes, The
Mirijanian, Craig
Mirror Image
Mischa And His Orchestra
Misfits, The
Mishler, Embert, And the M
Missing Persons
Mission UK, The
Mission, The
Mister Mister
Mistletoe Disco Band, The
Mistletoe Organ And Chimes, The
Mistletoe Players, The
Mitchell Trio, The
Mitchell, Blue
Mitchell, Chad, Trio, The
Mitchell, Don
Mitchell, Guy
Mitchell, Joni
Mitchell, Kim
Mitchell, McKinley
Mitchell, Parris, Voices, The
Mitchell, Prince Phillip
Mitchell, Rubin
Mitchell/Ruff Duo, The
Mitchum, Robert
Mixmaster Gee And the Turntable Orchestra
Mixtures, The
Mizell, Rocky
Mobley, Hank
Moby Grape
Modern English
Modern Eon
Modern Jazz Quartet
Modern Jazz Quartet, The
Modern Jazz Sextet, The
Modern Jazz Society, The
Modern Romance
Modern Talking
Modern Times
Modernaires, The
Moderns, The
Modest Mouse
Modugno, Domenico
Moffatt, Hugh
Moffatt, Katy
Moffett, Charnett
Moffitt, Peter
Molly And the Heymakers
Molly Bee
Molly Hatchet
Mom And Dads, The
Moments, The
Mona Lisa Overdrive
Monarch All Star Jazz
Mondo Rock
Money, Eddie
Monk, Thelonious
Monk, Thelonious, Quartet, The
Monkees, The
Monks of Weston Priory
Monotones, The
Monroe, Bill
Monroe, Bill, And His Blue Grass Boys
Monroe, Bill, And the Bluegrass Boys
Monroe, Vaughn
Monroe, Vaughn, And His Orchestra
Monroe, Vaughn, And His Orchestra And Chorus
Monroes, The
Montan, Chris
Montana Slim
Montanas, The
Monte, Lou
Montenegro, Hugo
Montenegro, Hugo, And His Orchestra
Monterey Brass, The
Montez, Chris
Montgomery, James, Band
Montgomery, John Michael
Montgomery, Melba
Montgomery, Monk
Montgomery, Wes
Montgomery, Wes, Trio
Montrell, Roy
Montrose, Ronnie
Monty Python
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Moods Of Nature
Moody Blues, The
Moody Brothers
Moody Chorale, The
Moody, James, And His Modernists
Moog Machine
Mooney, Art
Mooney, Art, And His Orchestra
Mooney, Hal, And His Orchestra
Mooney, Joe
Moonlight Strings, The
Moore, Barry
Moore, Beth
Moore, Bob
Moore, Brad Anthony
Moore, Christy
Moore, Dave
Moore, Dorothy
Moore, Gary
Moore, Jackie
Moore, Matthew
Moore, Melba
Moore, Pete, Orchestra, The
Moore, Rica
Moore, Tim
Morales, Jose
Morales, Michael
Morales, Noro
Morales, Noro, And His Orchestra
Moran And Mack
Moran, Lester "Roadhog", And the Cadillac Cowboys
Morath, Max
Moraz, Patrick
Morel, Jorge
Moreland, Ritchie
Morell, John
Morello, Joe
Moreno, Mariano
Morgan Brothers, The
Morgan, Al
Morgan, B.J.
Morgan, Freddy
Morgan, George
Morgan, Jane
Morgan, Jaye P.
Morgan, Lee
Morgan, Lorrie
Morgan, Meli'sa
Morgan, Russ
Morgan, Russ, And His Orchestra
Morini, Erica
Morissette, Alanis
Mormon Tabernacle Choir, The
Mormon Tabernacle Organ And Chimes, The
Moroder, Giorgio
Morris, Gary
Morris, Jeremy
Morris, Joan
Morris, Richard
Morrison, Kim
Morrison, Peter
Morrison, Van
Morrissey, Dick
Morriston Orpheus Choir, The
Morrow, Buddy
Morrow, Buddy, And His Orchestra
Morse, Mat
Morse, Steve, Band
Mosch, Ernst, Und Seinen Original Egerlander Musikanten
Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra
Moses, Rick
Motels, The
Moten's, Bennie, Kansas City Orchestra
Mother Earth
Mother Love Bone
Mother's Finest
Motley Crue
Motor City Rollers
Motors, The
Mott the Hoople
Mottau, Eddie
Mottola, Tony
Mould, Bob
Moule, Ken
Moulin Rouge
Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church Choir, The
Mountain Dew Brass
Mountain Music Jubilee
Mounted Band Of The Blues And Royals
Mouskouri, Nana
Mouth And MacNeal
Mouza, Dimitri
Move, The
Moving Hearts
Moving Pictures
Moyet, Alison
Mr. Big
Mr. Blink
Mr. Fiddler
Mr. Goon-Bones
Ms. Adventures
Mueller, Hans, And His Polka Kings
Muhammad, Idris
Muir, Marcy
Mulcays, The
Muldaur, Maria
Mull, Martin
Mullane, Jack
Mullen, Jim
Muller, Werner, And His Orchestra
Mullican, Moon
Mulligan, Gerry
Mulligan, Gerry, Quartet
Mullins, Rich
Mulloy, Bob
Mumm, Lloyd, And His Sta
Mumm, Lloyd, And His Starlight Orchestra
Mumm, Lloyd, And His Starlight Roof Orchestra
Mumy, Bill
Mungo Jerry
Munich Machine
Munn, Frank
Munoz, Avelino
Muppets, The
Murad's, Jerry, Harmonicats
Murbo Singers
Murdock, Shirley
Murmaids, The
Murphey, Michael Martin
Murphey, Ryan
Murphy Town Singers, The
Murphy, Denis
Murphy, Eddie
Murphy, Mark
Murphy, Peter
Murphy, Ron
Murphy, Turk
Murphy, Turk, And His Band
Murphy, Turk, And His San Francisco Jazz Band
Murphy, Walter, And the Big Apple Band
Murphy, Walter, Band
Murphy, Walter, Band, The
Murphy, Willie
Murray, Anne
Murray, Arthur
Murray, Arthur, Orchestra
Murray, Arthur, Orchestra, The
Murray, Arthur, TV Dance Orchestra, The
Murray, Joanne
Murray, John
Murrow, Edward R.
Muscrat Ramblers, The
Musette, Rene, Orchestra
Musial, Stan
Music City Rangers, The
Music City Singers, The
Music Explosion, The
Music Machine, The
Musical Harts, The
Musical Youth
Musketeers, The
Mustard Seed Faith
Mustard's Retreat
Musto And Bones
MVB Orchestra And Chorus
My Sister's Machine
Myers, Paul
Myles, Alannah
Myles, Meg
Myre, Jimmy
Myrick, Gary
Myrick, Gary, And The Figures
Myrick, Weldon
Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band, The
Mystic Monks, The
Mystic Moods Orchestra, The
Mystics, The
N Sync
Na Leo Philimehana
Nabors, Jim
Nada Surf
Nails, The
Naked Eyes
Naked Prey
Nanri, Taka
Napoleon XIV
Nardini, Norman
Narell, Andy
Nash, Graham
Nash, Johnny
Nash, Ogden
Nash, Willie
Nashville 10, Expansion Singers, The
Nashville Brass, The
Nashville Chorale, The
Nashville Country Singers And Players
Nashville Country Singers, The
Nashville String Band
Nashville String Band, The
Nashville Strings, The
Natal, Nanette
National Geographic Society
National Lampoon
National Latin Orchestra
National Philharmonic Orchestra
National Symphonic Band
Native Son
Native Sons
Native Steel Drum Band, The
Naturals, The
Nature's Divine
Naughton, David
Naughty By Nature
Navel Cadet Choir, The
NBC Symphony Orchestra, The
Neal, Kenny
Neal, Pamela
Neal, Teresa
Neapolitan Trio
Near, Holly
Ned's Atomic Dustbin
Neel, Johnny
Neely, Sam
Negron, Chuck
Nelson Trio, The
Nelson, Arly
Nelson, Bill
Nelson, Jimmy
Nelson, Oliver, Sextet
Nelson, Ricky
Nelson, Sandy
Nelson, Tracy
Nelson, Willie
Nemeth, Zoltan, And His Orchestra
Neon Nights
Neon Philharmonic, The
Nero, Peter
Nervous Norvus
Nesbitt, John
Nesmith, Michael
Nesmith, Michael, And the First National Band
Netherlands Chamber Choir
Netherton, Tom
Netto, Loz
Neubrand, Heinz, And His Orchestra
Neumann, Kurt
Nevers, Marty
Nevil, Robbie
Neville Brothers, The
Neville, Aaron
Nevins, Al
New Adventures
New Beginning, A
New Birth
New Cactus Band, The
New Castle Trio
New Christy Minstrels, The
New Colony Six, The
New Dance Band, The
New Edition
New England
New England Conservatory Country Fiddle Band, The
New England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble, The
New Establishment, The
New Folk, The
New Grass Revival
New Hope
New Jersey Mass Choir, The
New Kids on the Block
New Kingston Trio, The
New London Symphonic Orchestra, The
New Man
New Mexico
New Model Army
New Models
New Monkees
New Musik
New Order
New Orleans' Sweet Emma And Her Preservation Hall Jazz Band
New Riders Of The Purple Sage
New Seekers, The
New Symphony Orchestra Of London, The
New Tribes Mission Trio
New Vaudeville Band, The
New Voices of Freedom
New World Chamber Orchestra
New World Strings, The
New World Theatre Orchestra
New York City Opera Company, The
New York Community Choir, The
New York Jazz Quartet
New York Philharmonia Virtuosi
New York Philharmonic
New York Philharmonic, The
New York Rock And Roll Ensemble
New Yorkers, The
Newbeats, The
Newborn, Phineas, Jr.
Newbury, Curt
Newbury, Mickey
Newcity Rockers
Newcomers, The
Newell, Martin
Newell, Norman, Orchestra, The
Newhart, Bob
Newley, Anthony
Newman, Alfred
Newman, Alfred, And His
Newman, David
Newman, Edwin
Newman, Jimmy
Newman, Jimmy C.
Newman, Joe
Newman, Phyllis
Newman, Randy
Newman, Thomas
Newton, Johnny
Newton, Juice
Newton, Wayne
Newton-John, Olivia
Nice And Wild
Nice, The
Nicholas, Paul
Nichols, Chet
Nichols, Mike
Nichols, Red
Nichols, Red, And His Five Pennies
Nicks, Stevie
Niebla, Eduardo
Nielsen Pearson Band
Night Ranger
Nightingale, Earl
Nightingale, Maxine
Nikita the K
Nile, Willie
Nils-Bertil Dahlander Quartet
Nilsson, Harry
Nine Inch Nails
Nineteen Ninety Four
Nineteen Ten Fruitgum Company
Nistico, Sal
Nita, Rita And Ruby
Nite City
Nite-Liters, The
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The
Nitzer Ebb
Nitzsche, Jack
Nix, Don
Nixon, Marni
Nixon, Mojo
No Artist
No Doubt
No School Today Cast
No Stars
Noble, Nick
Nobles, Cliff, And Co.
Nobodys, The
Noel Gilmour Sextet, The
Noguez, Jacky
Nolan, Bob
Nolan, Kenny
Nolen And Crossley
Noone's, Jimmie, Apex Club Orchestra
Norad "Commanders", The
Norman, Chris
Norman, Jay, Quintet, The
Norman, Jessye
Norman, Jim Ed
Norman, Larry
Norman, Lucille
Norman, Neil
Norseman Quartet
North Country Band
North Equator Nine
North, Alex
North, Freddy
North, John Ringling
Northern Light
Northern Lights
Northern Pikes
Norvo, Red
Norvo, Red, Quintet, The
Notorious B.I.G., The
Notre Dame Glee Club, The
Notting Hillbillies, The
Nova, Aldo
Novas, The
November Group
Novo Combo
Now Generation, The
Now Singers, The
Nu Girls
Nu Shooz
Nu Tornados, The
Nugent, Ted
Numan, Gary
Numbers, The
Nylons, The
Nyro, Laura
O.R.S. (Orlando Riva Sound)
Oahu Serenaders, The
Oak Ridge Boys, The
Oakey, Philip
Oates, John
Oattes Van Schaik
O'Banion, John
Obernkirchen Children's
Obrecht, Reggie, Orchestra
Ocasek, Ric
Ocean, Billy
Oceans, Lucky
Ochs, Phil
Ocko, Danny
O'Connell, Helen
O'Connor, Dave
O'Connor, Mark
O'Connor, Sinead
October Country
O'Day, Alan
O'Day, Anita
O'Day, Danny
O'Day, Pat
O'Dell, Kenny
Odom, Joe
O'Donnell, Ace
O'Farrill, Chico
Off Broadway
Off Broadway Usa
Official West German Army Band
Offspring, The
Ogerman, Claus, And His Orchestra
O'Gould, Shamus
O'Grady's, Rosie, Good Time Jazz Band
O'Gwynn, James
Oh Romeo
Oh Well
Ohana, Hui
O'Hara, Faith
O'Hara, Mary
O'Hara, Mary Margaret
O'Hara, Maureen
O'Hearn, Patrick
O'Henry, Lenny
O'Herlihy, Dan
Ohio Epsilon Glee Club
Ohio Express
Ohio Players
O'Hoolihan, Happy, And His Teardrops
Oingo Boingo
O'Jays, The
O'Kanes, The
O'kaysions, The
O'Keefe, Danny
Okosun, Sonny
Okumura, Chiyo
Ol' Calliope Man
Olajuwan, Akeem "The Dream"
Old And in the Way
Old Fashion Revival Hour
Old No. 7
Old Timers, The
Oldfield, Mike
Oldfield, Sally
Oldham, Doug
O'Leary, Freddie
O'Leary, Kim
Olenn, Johnny
Oliver, Sy
Oliver, Sy, And His Orchestra
Olivia Newton-John/Elo
Olivor, Jane
Ollie And Jerry
Olsen, Kristina, And The Loose String Band
Olso Philharmonic Orchestra, The
Olson, Eleonora
Olson, George
Olson, Wally, And His Colony Club Orchestra
Olsson, Mats, And Orchestra
Olsson, Nigel
Olt, Philip S.
Olympics, The
Omartian, Michael
Omartian, Michael And Stormie
One 2 Many
One 2 One
One Hundred One Strings
One Hundred Proof Aged in Soul
One Hundred Voices Of Christmas, The
One Nation
One The Juggler
One To One
One Way
O'Neal, Alexander
O'Neill, Brian
Ono, Yoko
Oom-Pah Band, The
Oppsal Skoles Pikekor
Opus Seven
O'Quin, Gene
Oracles, The
Orbison, Roy
Orbit, William
Orch. '70
Orchestra Montego
Orchestra on the Half Shell
Orchestra U.S.A.
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Orcutt, Jim
Order, Jeff
Ordinaires, The
Organ And Chimes
Oriental Spas
Original Blues Project, The
Original Broadway Cast
Original Cast
Original Grand Wurlitzer Pipe Organ of the the Radio City Music Hall
Original London Cast
Original Silver Cornet Band
Original Soundtrack
Original Tea Dance Orchestra, The
Original Television Soundtrack
Original Twisters, The
Originals, The
Oriole Orchestra
Orion the Hunter
Orlando, Tony
Orlando, Tony, And Dawn
Orlons, The
Ormandy, Eugene
Ornadel, Cyril
Orpheus Male Choir Rhos, The
Orquesta Zarzuela De Madrid
Orr, Benjamin
Orrall, Robert Ellis
Orvis, Brother John
Ory, Kid, And His Creole Jazz Band
Osborn, Eddie
Osborne Brothers
Osborne, Jeffrey
Osborne, Joan
Osborne, Tony
Osbourne, Ozzy
O'Shea, Milo
Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra
Oskar, Lee
Oskay, Billy
Oslin, K.T.
Osmond, Donny
Osmond, Donny And Marie
Osmond, Little Jimmy
Osmond, Marie
Osmonds, The
Osser, Glenn, And His Orchestra
O'Sullivan, Gilbert
Oswald, Lee Harvey
Other Ones, The
Otis, Johnny, Show, The
O'Toole, Knuckles
O'Toole, Knuckles, And His Orchestra
Otto Von Wernherr
Our Daughter's Wedding
Outcasts, The
Outfield, The
Outlaws, The
Outriggers, The
Outsiders, The
Overbea, Danny
Overland Stage
Overstreet, Paul
Overstreet, Tommy
Owen, Reg
Owen, Reg, And His Orchestra
Owens, Bonnie
Owens, Buck
Owens, Buck, And His Buckaroos
Owens, Donnie
Owens, Gary
Owens, Harry
Owens, Harry, And His Royal Hawaiians
Owens-Collins, Jamie
Ox Bow Incident
Oxford, Vernon
Oyster Band, The
Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Ozark Mountain Daredevils, The
P.D.Q. Bach
P.M. Dawn
P.S. Sommaren
Paar, Jack
Pablo Cruise
Pacers, The
Pacheo And Alexander
Pacific Gas And Electric
Pack, David
Paffrath And Dykhuis
Page 7, The
Page, Gene
Page, Jimmy
Page, Larry, Orchestra
Page, Patti
Page, Tommy
Paich, Marty
Paich, Marty, Dek-Tette
Paige, Butter Ball
Paige, Kevin
Paige, Randy
Pain, Duncan
Pale Fountains, The
Paley Brothers, The
Palm Beach Band Boys, The
Palm, Anna
Palmer, Arnold
Palmer, Bruce
Palmer, Earl
Palmer, Robert
Palmer, Singleton
Palmieri, Eddie
Pals, The
Panic! At The Disco
Papa Doo Run Run
Papa John
Paper Lace
Papetti, Fausto
Parachute Club
Paradise Island Trio
Paramar, Norrie, And His Orchestra
Paramor, Norrie, And His Orchestra
Pardners, The
Parenti, Tony,'s All-Stars
Paris Opera Orchestra
Paris Sisters, The
Paris, Jackie
Parker And Penny
Parker, Billy
Parker, Charlie
Parker, Charlie, Quintet, The
Parker, Dennis
Parker, Graham
Parker, Graham, And the Rumour
Parker, Graham, And the Shot
Parker, Patty
Parker, Paul
Parker, Ray, Jr.
Parker, Tom
Parks, Bert
Parks, John Andrew
Parks, Michael
Parks, Van Dyke
Parnell, Lee Roy
Parr, John
Parris Mitchell Strings, The
Parrish, Paul
Parsons, Alan, Project
Parsons, Gram
Partland Brothers
Parton, Dolly
Parton, Stella
Partridge Family, The
Partridge, Andy
Pasadenas, The
Pascoal, Hermeto
Pass, Joe
Passion Puppets
Pastor, Guy
Pastor, Tony, And His Orchestra
Pat And Mick
Patato And Totico
Patinkin, Mandy
Patrick, Deeda
Patriot Band, The
Pattaccini And His Orchestra
Patton, Robbie
Patty, Sandi
Paul And Paula
Paul Neighbors And His Orchestra
Paul, Billy
Paul, Henry, Band
Paul, Les
Paul, Les, And Mary Ford
Paul, Les, Trio, The
Paul, Stanley
Paulik, Anton, And His Viennese Orchestra
Pavarotti, Luciano
Pavone, Rita
Paxton, Tom
Paycheck, Johnny
Payne, Freda
Payne, Gordon
Payne, Jimmy
Payne, Roger
Payola$, The
Payson, Janice
Peabody, Eddie
Peaches And Herb
Peachey, Don
Peachey, Don, And His Orchestra
Peacock, Gary
Peanut Butter Conspiracy, The
Pearl Jam
Pearl, Leslie
Pearl, Minnie
Peaston, David
Pecon, Johnny, And His Orchestra
Peddlers, The
Pedersen, Guy
Pedersen, Herb
Peebles, Ann
Peek, Dan
Peek, Paul
Peep Show, The
Peeples, Nia
Peerce, Jan
Pell, Dave
Pellegrini, Al, And Orchestra
Peloquin, Jean
Pendergrass, Teddy
Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Peniston, Ce Ce
Penn, Bobby
Penn, Dan
Penn, Michael
Pennario, Leonard
Pennington, Ray
Penny, Hank
Pense, Lydia
Pentangle, The
People's Choice
Pepper, Art
Peppermint Kandy Kids, The
Peppermint Ridge
Pepsi And Shirlie
Pere Ubu
Perfect Gentlemen
Pericoli, Emilio
Perkins, Carl
Perkins, K.
Perlman, Itzhak
Perrey, Jean Jacques
Perrmonts Quartet, The
Perry, Al Kealoha
Perry, Joe, Project
Perry, Steve
Perschmann Trio
Persip, Charlie, And The Jazz Statesmen
Pet Shop Boys
Peter And Gordon
Peter Pan Chorus And Orchestra, The
Peter Pan Orchestra And Chorus, The
Peter Pan Orchestra, The
Peter Pan Players And Orchestra
Peter Pan Players, The
Peter Pan Pop Band And Singers
Peter Pan Singers And Orchestra
Peter, Paul, And Mary
Peterik, Jim
Peters Sisters, Swingin', The
Peters, Bernadette
Peters, Gregg, Band, The
Petersen, Hans
Petersen, Paul
Peterson, Bobby, Quintet
Peterson, Lucky
Peterson, Oscar
Peterson, Oscar, Quartet, The
Peterson, Oscar, Trio
Peterson, Oscar, Trio, The
Peterson, Ray
Petite Chanteurs De Versailles, Les
Pettis, Pierce
Petty, Frank, Trio
Petty, Tom
Petty, Tom, And the Heartbreakers
Peyton, Craig
Phair, Liz
Phantom, Rocker, And Slick
Philadelphia All-Stars, The
Philadelphia Brass Ensemble And Percussion, The
Philadelphia Brass Ensemble, The
Philadelphia Orchestra "Pops"
Philadelphia Orchestra Pops, The
Philadelphia Orchestra, The
Philharmonia Orchestra, The
Philip Upchurch Combo
Philips, Steve
Phillinganes, Greg
Phillips And Crane
Phillips, Anne
Phillips, Anthony
Phillips, Anthony, Band, The
Phillips, Barre
Phillips, Esther
Phillips, John
Phillips, Leslie
Phillips, Phil
Phillips, Sam
Phillips, Shawn
Phillips, Tedd, And His Orchestra
Phillips, Utah
Phones, The
Photos, The
Piaf, Edith
Piazza, Marguerite
Pickett, Bobby
Pickett, Bobby "Boris", And the Crypt-Kickers
Pickett, Wilson
Pickin' Parkers, The
Pied Pipers, The
Pierce, Bobby
Pierce, Webb
Piersol, Tommy Dean
Pigs on Corn
Pike, Pete
Pilafian, Sam, And Friends
Pillow, Ray
Piltdown Men, The
Pinder, Michael
Pine, Courtney
Pinera, Mike
Pinetoppers, The
Pink Floyd
Pinkard And Bowden
Pinups, The
Pipe Dream, The
Piper Road Spring Band
Pipes And Drums And Military Band Of The Regimental Brigade Of Scotland, The
Pipkins, The
Pirates of the Mississippi
Pirouettes, The
Piscopo, Joe
Pitch Pikes, The
Pitney, Gene
Pittsburgh Pops Orchestra, The
Pizani, Frank
Pizzi, Ray
PK And the Sound Explosion
Place, Mary Kay
Plainsmen Quartet
Plan 9
Planet P Project
Plant, Robert
Plastic Ono Band
Platinum Blonde
Platinum Hook
Platters, The
Players Association, The
Playhouse Players
Playmates, The
Pleasure Fair, The
Pleis, Jack
Pleis, Jack, And His Orchestra
Pleis, Jack, Band, The
Plimsouls, The
Plummer Family, The
P-Nut Gallery
Podolak, Ed, And Orchestra
Pogues, The
Pohjola, Pekka
Poi Dog Pondering
Poi, Johnny, And The Oahu Islanders
Poindexter, Buster
Poindexter, Buster, And His Banshees of Blue
Point Blank
Pointer Sisters
Pointer, Bonnie
Pointer, June
Pointer, Noel
Pointer, Ruth
Poitier, Sidney
Police, The
Polisar, Barry Louis
Polish Chamber Orchestra
Polish Kid, The
Politicians, The
Polka Boys, The
Polka Dots, The
Polka King And His Orchestra
Polka Knights
Polka Padre
Polka Padre And His Ambassadors
Polka Padre And His Ambassadors, The
Polka Padre Band, The
Poll Winners Of 1940, The
Pollack, Ben, And His Pick-A-Rib Boys
Polnareff, Michel
Polynesians, The
Pomeranz, David
Ponder, Sanford
Ponderosa Twins Plus One
Poni-Tails, The
Ponsar, Serge
Ponty, Jean-Luc
Poor Boys, The
Pop Machine, The
Pop Will Eat Itself
Pop, Iggy
Pope John Paul II
Popping, Elsa, And Her Pixieland Band
Poppy Family, The
Porno for Pyros
Portable Flower Factory
Porter, Cole
Porter, Roy, Big Band
Portillo, Tito, And His Orchestra
Portoni, Roberto
Posey, Sandy
Posies, The
Positive Force
Positive Noise
Post, Jim
Post, Mike
Potenza, Frank
Pound, Ezra
Pour In Math
Pourcel, Franck
Pourcel, Franck, And His Orchestra
Pourcel, Franck,'s French Fiddles
Pousette-Dart Band
Powell, Ed
Powell, Jane
Powell, Rick, Singers, The
Powell, Roger
Power Band, The
Power Station, The
Powers, Joey
Powers, Lindsey, And His Combo
Powers, Tom
Pozo-Seco Singers
Prado, Perez
Prado, Perez, And His Orchestra
Prairie Oyster
Prater, Ollie Joe
Pratt And McClain
Pratt, Andy
Preacher Rollo And the F
Pree, Karen
Prefab Sprout
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Presidents of the United States of America, The
Presidents, The
Presley, Elvis
Preston, Billy
Preston, Billy, And Syreeta
Preston, Johnny
Preston, Robert
Pretenders, The
Pretty Poison
Prevento, Willard
Previn, Andre
Previn, André
Previn, Andre, And His Quartet
Previn, Andre, Trio, The
Preyer, Ron
Price, Alan
Price, David
Price, Jack
Price, Leontyne
Price, Lloyd
Price, Myron
Price, Ray
Price, Sam, And The Rock Band
Pride of the '48
Pride, Charley
Prima, Louis
Prima, Louis, And His Orchestra
Primal Scream
Prime Time
Primitives, The
Prince And the New Power Generation
Prince And the Revolution
Prince Kalua And The Tropical Islanders
Prince, Bob, Quartet, The
Principal, Victoria
Prine, John
Pritchett, Tony
Private Life
Private Lines
Private, Gary
Pro Arte Orchestra of London, The
Probable Cause
Proby, P. J.
Process And The Doo Rags
Procol Harum
Producers, The
Professor Longhair
Prom Orchestra And Chorus, The
Promenade Band, The
Promenade Orchestra And Chorus
Promenade Orchestra And Chorus, The
Promenade Strings, The
Prudden, Bonnie
Pruett, Jeanne
Pryor, Richard
Prysock, Arthur
Prysock, Red
Psaltery, The
Pseudo Echo
Psychedelic Furs, The
Public Enemy
Public Image Limited
Puccini, Giacomo
Puckett, Gary
Puente, Tito, And His Latin Ensemble
Pugliese, Osvaldo, And His Orchestra
Pulaski, Alex
Puleo, Johnny
Puleo, Johnny, And His Harmonica Gang
Pullen, Don
Pulte, Jim
Puppies, The
Purdue University Band
Pure Energy
Pure Food And Drug Act
Pure Prairie League
Purify, James And Bobby
Purim, Flora
Pursell, Bill
Pursuit of Happiness, The
Purtell, Kenny
Pussycats, The
Pyle, Artimus, Band
Pyramids, The
Q-Tips, The
Quackers, The
Quaker City Boys
Quartette Trés Bien, The
Quateman, Bill
Quatro, Mike, Jam Band
Quatro, Suzi
Quayle, Anthony
Queen City Kids
Queen Ida And Her Zydeco Band
Queen Latifah
Queen Samantha
Questel, Mae
Question Mark And the Mysterians
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Quiet Riot
Quiet Storm
Quinichette, Paul
Quinlan, Ruth
Quinn Brothers, The
Quinn, Buddy
Quinn, Carmel
Quintet, The
Quit, Carrie
R. A. F.
Ra, Sun, And His Arkestra
Ra, Sun, And His Orchestra
Rabb, Luther
Rabbit, Jimmy, And Renegade
Rabbitt, Eddie
Rabin, Trevor
Racing Cars
Rader, Paul
Radford Sisters
Radha Krishna Temple
Radiators, The
Radio Show
Radner, Gilda
Raeburn, Boyd, And His Orchestra
Rafael Valdez Orchestra
Rafferty, Gerry
Rag Dolls
Rage, The
Ragtimers, The
Railway Children, The
Rain Parade
Rainbow Canyon
Rainbow Train
Rainmakers, The
Rainsford, Willie
Rainwater, Marvin
Rainy, Roger
Raise The Dragon
Raitt, Bonnie
Raitt, John
Rakes, Pal
Raleigh, Don, And His Orchestra
Raleigh, Kevin
Ralke, Don
Ralke, Don, Chorus, The
Ralph Sharon Trio
Ralph, Sheryl Lee
Ralston, Bob
Ram Jam
Ramal, Bill
Rambeau, Eddie
Rambos, The
Ramin, Sid
Ramin, Sid, And His Orchestra
Rampal, Jean-Pierre
Ramsey, Bill
Rand, Charles
Randall, Tony
Randel, Johnny
Randell And Schippers
Randi, Don
Randolph, Boots
Randy Andy
Raney, Zyndall
Range War
Rank And File
Rankin, Billy
Rankin, Ken
Rankin, Kenny
Rare Bird
Rare Earth
Rare Silk
Rascals, The
Rascel, Renato
Rathbone, Basil
Rauma Spelmannslag
Rava, Enrico, Quartet
Ravazza, Carl, And His Orchestra
Raven, Eddy
Ravens, The
Ravenscroft, Raphael
Ravyns, The
Rawles, John
Rawlins, Lisa
Rawls, Lou
Ray, Dean
Ray, Don
Ray, Goodman And Brown
Ray, Johnnie
Ray, Wade
Rayburn, Margie
Raye, Collin
Raye, Susan
Raymond, Lew, And His Orchestra
Raymond, Lew, Orchestra
Raymond, Lew, Orchestra And Chorus, The
Raymonde Singers Etcetera, The
Raymonde, Pierre
Rays, The
Razor, Billy, And the Blades
RCA Camden Rockers
RCA Symphony Orchestra
RCA Victor Folkdance Orchestra
RCA Victor Orchestra
RCA Victor Square Dance Orchestra
RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra
Rea, Chris
Read, Michael
Ready for the World
Real Life
Real McCoy
Real Roxanne, The
Real Thing Steel Band, The
Realistics, The
Reality (Mega Mix)
Reaves, Giles
Reaves, Paulette
Rebel Heels
Rebello, Jason
Reck, Ernie, And His Cou
Reckless Sleeper
Record, Eugene
Records, The
Red 7
Red Caps, The
Red Clay Ramblers, The
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Rider
Red River Dave
Red River Dave And His Texas Tophands
Red Rockers
Redbone, Leon
Redd, Sharon
Redding, Otis
Reddy, Helen
Redford, Robert
Redgrave, Vanessa
Redhead Kingpin And The F.B.I.
Redman, Dewey
Redpath, Jean
Reed, Chuck
Reed, Dan, Network
Reed, Jerry
Reed, Jimmy
Reed, Les
Reed, Lou
Reed, Preston
Reels, The
Reese, Della
Reese, Lloyd
Reeves, Del
Reeves, Dianne
Reeves, Jim
Reeves, Martha
Reeves, Martha, And the Vandellas
Reeves, Ronna
Reflections, The
Refreshments, The
Regan, Joan
Regents, The
Regimental Band And Pipes And Drums Of The Black Watch, The
Regney, Noel, And His Orchestra
Reich, Steve
Reichman, Joe
Reid, Clarence "Blowfly"
Reid, Terry
Reilly And Maloney
Reiner, Carl
Reinhardt, Django
Reisman, Joe, And His Orchestra
Reisman, Joe, Orchestra And Chorus
Reiter, Richard
Rejects, The
Relation Inc.
Rembrandts, The
Ren And Stimpy
Renault, Frank
Renay, Diane
Renbourn, John
Render, Rudy
René And Angela
Rene And Rene
Rene And The La Pachanga Orchestra
Rene, Googie, And His Ba
René, Henri
René, Henri, And His Musette Orchestra
René, Henri, And His Orchestra
Rene, Joe, And His Orchestra
Reno, Don
Reno, Jack
Reno, Mike
Renton, John
REO Speedwagon
Reparata And the Delrons
Replacements, The
Rescue, The
Reser, Harry
Restivo, Johnny
Restless Heart
Resurrection Band
Retro Magic
Reverbs, The
Revere, Paul, And the Raiders
Reverend Horton Heat, The
Reveres, The
Revivaltime Choir
Rex (29)
Rey, Alvino, Orchestra
Rey, Johnny, And the Reaction
Reyes, Mariachi Los
Reynolds, Burt
Reynolds, Debbie
Reynolds, Jody
Reynolds, L. J.
Reynolds, Lawrence
Reynolds, Nick
Reyzek, Donnie
Rheims, Robert
Rhine Winkler Orchestra
Rhinelanders, The
Rhodes, Emitt
Rhodes, Red
Rhomberg, Dude
Rhythm Corps
Rhythm Heritage
Rhythm Masters, The
Rhythm Orchids, The
Rice, Bobby
Rice, Bobby G.
Rice, Chris
Rice, Rosemary, And Children's Chorus
Rice, Tim
Rich, Buddy
Rich, Buddy, Big Band
Rich, Charlie
Rich, Denise
Rich, Lenny, And the Polka Playboys
Rich, Linda
Richard, Cliff
Richard, Mary Helen
Richards, Ann
Richards, Carole
Richards, Dick, And His Orchestra
Richards, Katy
Richards, Keith
Richards, Randy
Richards, Sue
Richards, Turley
Richardson, Barbara
Richardson, Rolfo
Richie Brothers, The
Richie, Lionel
Richmonde, Faye
Rick And the Keens
Riddle, Nelson
Riddle, Nelson, And His Orchestra
Riders in the Sky
Ridge, Romeo
Ridgway, Stan
Rido Nido
Rifkin, Joshua
Riggs, Glenn
Right As Rain
Right Said Fred
Righteous Brothers, The
Riley, Bob
Riley, Cheryl 'Pepsii'
Riley, Jeannie C.
Riness, Clay
Ring, Don, And His Rhythm Kings Orchestra
Ringling Bros. Barnum And Bailey Circus Band
Rings, The
Rinky Dinks, The
Rio Carnival Orchestra
Rio Nido
Rip Chords, The
Riperton, Minnie
Rippingtons, The
Ritchie Family, The
Ritchie, Jean
Ritenour, Lee
Rites of Spring, The
Ritter, Tex
River City Bluegrass Band, The
River City Street Band
Rivera, Randy
Rivera, Scarlet
Rivera, Tito, And His Cuban Orchestra
Riverboat Ramblers
Rivers, Bob
Rivers, Bob, Comedy Corp
Rivers, Joan
Rivers, Johnny
Riviera Orchestra, The
Rivieras, The
Rizzo, George
RJ's Latest Arrival
Roach, Hal
Roamers, The
Roaring Boys
Roas, Jack
Rob Base And Dj E-Z Rock
Robbins, Hargus
Robbins, Marty
Robbs, The
Roberson, Terry
Robert Hall Productions
Roberts, Austin
Roberts, Bernie
Roberts, Bernie, And His
Roberts, Bruce
Roberts, Houston
Roberts, Howard
Roberts, Howard, Quartet, The
Roberts, Jerry
Roberts, Jim
Roberts, Kenny
Roberts, Richard
Roberts, Rick
Robertson, Baxter
Robertson, Robbie
Robertson, Texas Jim
Robeson, Paul
Robic, Ivo
Robin S
Robin, Marty
Robins, Carol Joy
Robinson, Alvin
Robinson, Floyd
Robinson, Jim
Robinson, Matt
Robinson, Smokey
Robinson, Smokey, And the Miracles
Robinson, Sylvia
Robinson, Sylvia, [Soul]
Robinson, Vicki Sue
Robinson, William "Smokey"
Robison, Carson
Roche, Maggie And Terre
Roches, The
Rochester Male Chorus
Rock And Hyde
Rock Brothers, The
Rock City Angels
Rock Falls High School Jazz Band
Rock, Chubb
Rock-A-Fellas, The
Rock-A-Teens, The
Rocket 88
Rockets, The
Rockin' Rebels, The
Rockin R's, The
Rockin' Sidney
Rockin' Strings, The
Rocking Horse Orchestra And Chorus, The
Rocking Horse Players And Orchestra
Rocking Horse Players And Orchestra, The
Rockingham, David
Rockman, Walt
Rockspurs, The
Rocky Fellers, The
Roden, Jess
Rodgers, Dick
Rodgers, Dick, And His Orchestra
Rodgers, Dick, And His T.V. Recording Orchestra
Rodgers, Jimmie
Rodgers, Jimmie, [Country Singer]
Rodgers, Jimmie, [Pop Singer]
Rodgers, Michael
Rodgers, Nile
Rodgers, Richard
Rodgers, William
Rodman, Judy
Rodriguez, Johnny
Rodriguez, Tito
Roe, Tommy
Roeder, Gloria
Roessler, Paul
Rogers And Burgin
Rogers, Dann
Rogers, David
Rogers, Eric, And The Vaudeville Orchestra And Chorus
Rogers, Fred
Rogers, Gamble
Rogers, Garnet
Rogers, Jesse, And His 4
Rogers, Kenny
Rogers, Kenny, And Dottie West
Rogers, Kenny, And the First Edition
Rogers, Mister
Rogers, Roy
Rogers, Roy, And Dale Evans
Rogers, Sally
Rogers, Shorty, And His Orchestra
Rogers, Will
Rolie, Gregg
Rolle, Pat
Rollettes Orchestra, The
Rolling Stones, The
Rollings, Becky
Rollins, Henry
Rollins, Sonny
Roman Holliday
Roman, Dick
Roman, Manny
Romanoff, Ivan, Orchestra And Chorus, The
Romantic Moods, The
Romantics, The
Romberg, Sigmund
Romeo Void
Romeo's Daughter
Romeos, The
Romero, Aldemaro, And His Onda Nue
Romero, Angel
Romeros, The
Ron And The D.C. Crew
Rondell, Karon
Rondo, Don
Ronettes, The
Ronick, Holly
Ronnie And the Dirt Ride
Ronny And the Daytonas
Ronson, Mick
Ronstadt, Linda
Rooftop Singers, The
Root Boy Slim And The Sex Change Band
Roper, Skid
Rorem, Ned
Ros, Edmundo
Ros, Edmundo, And His Orchestra
Ros, Edmundo, Orchestra, The
Rose Garden, The
Rose Royce
Rose Tattoo
Rose, Betsy
Rose, Biff
Rose, David
Rose, David, And His Orchestra
Rose, George
Rose, Pam
Rose, Theresa
Rose, Wally
Roselli, Jimmy
Rosetta Stone [Group]
Rosette, Marion
Ross, Alan
Ross, Billy
Ross, Charlie
Ross, Diana
Ross, Diana, And the Supremes
Ross, Jeris
Ross, Jerry
Ross, Spencer
Rossington Collins Band
Rosso, Nini
Roszkowski, Jan
Rota, Nino
Rotary Connection, The
Roth, David Lee
Roth, Uli Jon
Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band, The
Roulettes, The
Rounders, The
Rouse, Charlie
Roussos, Demis
Routers, The
Rovers, The
Rowans, The
Rowe, Billy
Rowe, Genevieve
Rowland, Kevin
Rowles, Jimmy, And His Orchestra
Roxy Music
Roxy Theater Orchestra, The
Roy And the Original Jones
Roy Graham Combo
Royal Choral Society, The
Royal Collection
Royal College Of Music Brass Ensemble, The
Royal College Of Music Chamber Choir
Royal Court of China, The
Royal Crescent Mob
Royal Festival Company Of Greece
Royal Guardsmen, The
Royal Highland Fusiliers
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The
Royal Promenade Orchestra
Royal Steel Band
Royal Street Gum Scrapers
Royal Tahitians, The
Royal Teens
Royal, Billy Joe
Royalettes, The
Royals, Del
Roye, Norman
Roza, Lita
Rozum, Alex
Rubber City Rebels
Rubber Rodeo
Rubert's People
Rubinoos, The
Rubinstein, Arthur
Ruby And the Romantics
Ruby Lee
Rucker, Darius
Rudolf, Dave
Ruedebusch, Dick
Ruffin, David
Ruffin, Jimmy
Ruffner, Mason
Rugbys, The
Rugg, Hal
Rugolo, Pete
Rumbel, Nancy
Rumour, The
Runaways, The
Rundgren, Todd
Ruppe, Morgan
Rush, Chris
Rush, Jennifer
Rush, Merrilee, And the Turnabouts
Rush, Tom
Rushen, Patrice
Rushing, Jimmy
Ruskin, Richard
Russell, Anna
Russell, Bobby
Russell, Bobby, And The
Russell, Brenda
Russell, George
Russell, Jane
Russell, Leon
Russell, Leon And Mary
Russell, Nipsy
Russell, Pee Wee
Russell, Shake
Russo, Mario
Russo, Mike
Russo, Tony, Orchestra
Rusted Root
Rusty And Doug
Rutherford, Mike
Rutter, John, And the Cambridge Singers
Ryan, Charlie, And the Timberline Riders
Ryan, Robert
Rydell, Bobby
Ryder, Kym
Ryder, Mitch
Ryder, Mitch, And the Detroit Wheels
Rypdal, Terje
Ryser, Jimmy
Rythm Syndicate
S.S.O. Orchestra, The
Saad, Sue, And the Next
Saar Radio Chamber Orchestra
Sabiani, Marcel
Sabres, The
Sack, Al, Concert Orchestra
Sack, Erna
Sad Cafe
Sadler, Barry
Sadler, Barry, Ssgt.
Safaris, The
Sager, Carole Bayer
Sagle, Chuck, And His Orchestra
Sahl, Michael
Sahl, Mort
Saigon Kick
Sain, Oliver
Saint And Stephanie
Saint James, Jon
Saint James, Sylvia
Saint John's University Men's Chorus, The
Saint Joseph Convent Choir
Saint Margaret's All Boy
Sainte-Marie, Buffy
Sainte-Marie, Mister
Saints Constantine And Helen Greek Orthodox Church Choir
Saints, The
Sakamoto, Kyu
Sakamoto, Ryuichi
Salisbury Cathedral, Soloists And Choir Of, The
Salmer, Vare
Salsoul Orchestra, The
Salt Water Taffy
Sam And Dave
Sam the Sham And the Pharaohs
Samanda, Al, And Orchestra
Sammes, Michael, Singers, The
Sammes, Mike, Singers, The
Sammy Burdson Group
Sample, Joe
Samples, Willie
San Francisco Earthquake
San Remo Golden Strings
San Sebastian Strings
Sanborn, David
Sandals, The
Sandburg, Carl
Sanders, Charles R., Dr.
Sanders, Debbie
Sanders, Felicia
Sanders, Ray
Sanders, The
Sandford, Chris
Sandi And Salli
Sandifer, Phillip
Sandler And Young
Sandler, Adam
Sandmen, The
Sandpiper Chorus, The
Sandpipers And Orchestra, The
Sandpipers, The
Sands of Time, The
Sands, Jodie
Sands, Tommy
Sanford/Townsend Band, The
Sang, Samantha
Santa Esmeralda
Santa Esmeralda Starring Leroy Gomez
Santamaria, Mongo
Santana, Carlos
Santana, Jorge
Santa's Helpers
Santiago And His Silver Strings
Santo And Johnny
Santos, Larry
Saracho, Gary
Sarde, Cliff
Sarducci, Father Guido
Sargent, Chuck, And The
Saridis, Saverio
Sarkissian, Mike, And His Cafe Bagdad Ensemble
Sarstedt, Clive
Saskia And Serge
Sasson, Deborah
Sateriale, Fred, Orchestra, The
Sateriale, Freddie, Big Bang
Satriani, Joe
Saunders, Fernando
Saunders, Roger
Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
Sauve, Renee
Savage Garden
Savage Grace
Savage, Bob
Savino, Domenico, And His Orchestra
Savitt, Buddy
Savoy Brown
Savoy Players And Orchestra, The
Sawyer Brown
Say, Jack, Orchestra And Chorus
Sayer, Leo
Sayles, Johnny
Scaffold, The
Scaggs, Boz
Scaletta, Don, Trio, The
Scandinavian Letkis Dance Band, The
Scarbury, Joey
Scarlett And Black
Schafer, Kermit
Scheid, Elmer, And His B
Scheja, Staffan
Schenkel, Chris
Schenker, Michael, Group
Schickele, Professor Peter
Schifrin, Lalo
Schilling, Peter
Schmidt, Claudia
Schmidt, Earl, Orchestra
Schmit, Timothy B.
Schmitt Brothers Barbershop
Schmitt Brothers, The
Schnebly, Larry
Schneider, Fred
Schneider, Fred, And The Shake Society
Schneider, Helen
Schneider, John
Schneider, Raldo
Schnitzel, Herman F.
Schock, Harriet
Schoen, Vic, And His Orchestra
Schon, Neal
Schonherz And Scott
Schory, Dick
Schory, Dick, And His Orchestra
Schory, Dick, New Percussion Ensemble
Schory, Dick, Percussion And Brass Ensemble
Schroeck, Artie, Implosion, The
Schroeder, Diana, Recording Orchestra
Schuft, Jerry, And His Concertina
Schuler, Fritz
Schulmerich "Carillon Americana" Bells
Schultz, Robert
Schulz, Charles M.
Schumann, Walter
Schumann, Walter, The Voices of,
Schuur, Diane
Schuyler, Thom
Sciuto, Tony
Scobey, Bob
Scobey, Bob, Frisco Band
Scobey, Bob, Frisco Band
Scofield, Ed
Scofield, John
Scooters, The
Scott, Bobby
Scott, Christopher
Scott, Francis, And His Orchestra
Scott, Freddie
Scott, Jack
Scott, Linda
Scott, Marilyn
Scott, Millie
Scott, Ray, Chorus And Orchestra
Scott, Shirley
Scott, Stephen, Singers, The
Scott, Tom
Scott, Tony
Scott-Heron, Gil
Scotti, Tony
Scottish National Orchestra
Scottish National Orchestra Chorus
Scotton, Johnny
Scottsville Squirrel Barkers, The
Scovill, Donald
Scovotti, Jeanette
Scratch Band, The
Screaming Blue Messiahs
Scritti Politti
Scrivenor, Gove
Scruffy The Cat
Scruggs, Earl
Scruggs, Earl, Revue, The
Sea Level
Sea, Johnny
Seals And Crofts
Seals, Dan
Seals, Dan
Sear, Walter
Searchers, The
Searchlighters, The
Sease, Marvin
Sebastian, John
Sebesky, Don
Sebesky, Don, And The Jack-Rock Syndrome
Secada, Jon
Second Chapter of Acts
Second Coming, The
Secrest, Mike
Secret Agents, The
Sedaka, Dara
Sedaka, Neil
See No Evil
Seeds, The
Seeger, Pete
Seekers, The
Seely, Jeannie
Segall, Ricky, And The Segalls
Seger, Bob
Seger, Bob, And the Silver Bullet Band
Seger, Bob, System
Seldom Scene, The
Select Choir Of The Senior Lutheran Colleges In The United States And Canada
Self, Ronnie
Sellars, Marilyn
Sellers, Dale
Sembello, Michael
Senati, John, And His Orchestra
Sensations, The
Seratt, Chisai And Kenny
Serendipity Singers, The
Serious Brothers, The
Serry, John
Sessions, Ronnie
Sets In Order American Square Dance Society, The
Setzer, Brian
Setzer, Brian, Orchestra, The
Seven Oh Seven
Seven Seconds
Seventh Wonder
Severinsen, Doc
Severinsen, Doc, And His Orchestra
Seville, David
Sex Pistols
Sexton, Ann
Sexton, Charlie
Seymour And His Heartbeat Trumpet
Seymour, Phil
Sha Na Na
Shadow (21)
Shadows of Knight, The
Shahin And Sepehr
Shakespear's Sister
Shamen, The
Shanahan, Bernie
Shane, Michael
Shangri-Las, The
Shank, Bud, Quartet, The
Shankar, Ravi
Shannon, Del
Sharkey, Feargal
Sharon, Ralph
Sharon, Ralph, And His Orchestra
Sharp, Dee Dee
Sharpe, Mal
Sharpe, Ray
Sharpe, Sunday
Shattered Glass
Shaw Brothers, The
Shaw, Artie, And His Gramercy Five
Shaw, Artie, And His Orchestra
Shaw, Artie, Orchestra, The
Shaw, George
Shaw, Georgie
Shaw, Marlena
Shaw, Milt, And His Orchestra
Shaw, Milt, Trio, The
Shaw, Robert, Chorale
Shaw, Robert, Chorale And Orchestra
Shaw, Robert, Chorale, The
Shaw, Tommy
Shaw, Woody
Shea, George Beverly
Shear, Jules
Shearing, George
Shearing, George, Quintet, The
Shearing, George, Trio
Sheehy, Michael
Sheer Thursday
Sheffield, Dave
Sheldon, Earl, And His Hits A Poppin' Orchestra
Sheldon, Ernie, And The Villagers
Shelley, Pete
Shelton, Ricky Van
Shepard, Jean
Shephard, Billy
Shepherd of the Hills
Shepherd, Cybill
Sheppard Missett, Judi
Sheppard Sisters, The
Sheppard, T. G.
Sherbs, The
Sheridan, Tony
Sherman, Allan
Sherman, Bobby
Sherman, Joe, And The Washington Squares
Sherman, Joe, His Orchestra
Sherman, Mark
Sherman, Reed
Sherman, Richard
Sherrill, Billy, Quintet, The
Sherrill, Billy, Singers, The
Sherrill, Joya
Sherrill, Laura Beth
Sherwood, Roberta
Sherwoods, The
Shields, Roger
Shilkret, Nathaniel, And Orchestra
Shin Ensemble Of Tokyo, The
Shine (22)
Shiner, Mervin
Shipley, Ellen
Shirelles, The
Shirley And Lee
Shirley, Danny
Shirley, Don
Shirts, The
Shit And Chanel
Shocked, Michelle
Shocking Blue, The
Shoen, Vic, And His Orchestra
Shondell, Troy
Shook, Gary
Shooters, The
Shooting Party
Shooting Star
Shore, Dinah
Shore, Howard
Shore, Jimmy
Short Cuts, The
Short Stuff
Short, Bobby
Shotguns, The
Shott, Joe, And His Hot Shots
Showguys, The
Showmen, The
Shrieve, Michael
Shriver, Roger
Shy Talk
Sicroff, Elan
Side Effect
Sidekicks, The
Sidewalk Swingers, The
Sidran, Ben
Siebel, Paul
Siegel, Janis
Siegel-Schwall Band
Sigler, Bunny
Signaoff, Sam
Sigue Sigue Sputnik
Silencers [2], The
Silencers, The
Silhouettes, The
Silk Tymes Leather
Siller, Bob
Silos, Leopoldo
Silver Condor
Silver Convention
Silver Platinum
Silver, Eric
Silver, Horace
Simeon, Omer, Trio
Simeone, Harry, Chorale, The
Simmons, Gene
Simmons, Patrick
Simon And Garfunkel
Simon Sisters, The
Simon, Carly
Simon, Frank
Simon, Joe
Simon, Lucy
Simon, Paul
Simone, Nina
Simple Minds
Simple Plan
Simply Red
Simpson, Red
Simpson, Valerie
Simpsons, The
Sinatra, Frank
Sinatra, Frank, And Friends
Sinatra, Nancy
Sinfonia Of London, The
Sinfonia Varsovia, The
Singing Dogs, The
Singing Millers, The
Singing Nun, The
Singing Nuns of Jesus And Mary, The
Singing Scene, The
Single Bullet Theory
Singleton, Charlie
Singleton, Margie
Sinnamon, Shandi
Siouxsie And The Banshees
Siovaila, Tami
Sir Mack Rice
Sir Mix-A-Lot
Siravo, George, And His Orchestra
Sister Hazel
Sister Sledge
Sisters of Mercy
Sitwell, Dame Edith
Six Fat Dutchmen
Sixties Generation, The
Ska Men, The
Skaggs, Ricky
Skellern, Peter
Skid Row
Skids, The
Skinner, Brian
Skinner, Jimmie
Skip And Flip
Skip-Jacks, The
Skulnik, Menasha
Sky King
Skyles, William
Skyline (17)
Skyliners, The
Slack, Freddie
Slammin' Watusis
Slater, David
Slatkin, Felix
Slatkin, Leonard
Slaughter, Chuck
Slavin, Martin,'s Music
Slawson, Brian
Sledge, Percy
Slewfoot Five, The
Slick Rick
Slick, Grace
Slickee Boys, The
Slim Dusty And His Bus
Slim Jim And the Western
Sloan, P. F.
Slow Children
Sly And Robbie
Sly And the Family Stone
Sly Fox
Sly, Slick And Wicked
Small Talk
Small Wonder
Small, Fred
Small, Millie
Smart, Charles
Smash Mouth
Smash Palace
Smashing Pumpkins, The
Smeck, Roy
Smile (16)
Smiley Culture
Smiley, Red
Smiley, Tommy
Smith And Son
Smith Girls, The
Smith, Al
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Arthur "Guitar Boogie"
Smith, Arthur, And His Cracker-Jacks
Smith, Bessie
Smith, Bob, Buffalo
Smith, Bro
Smith, Cal
Smith, Carl
Smith, Connie
Smith, Darden
Smith, Dudley, Steel Band
Smith, Erica
Smith, Ethel
Smith, Frankie
Smith, Huey "Piano"
Smith, Hurricane
Smith, Jennie
Smith, Jerry
Smith, Jimmy
Smith, Johnny
Smith, Kate
Smith, Kathy
Smith, Keely
Smith, Lonnie
Smith, Lonnie Liston
Smith, Lulu Roman
Smith, Margo
Smith, Michael W.
Smith, Mindy
Smith, O.C.
Smith, Patti
Smith, Patti, Group
Smith, Paul
Smith, Puddin' Head
Smith, Ray
Smith, Rex
Smith, Ron Louis
Smith, Russell
Smith, Sammi
Smith, Somethin', And the Redheads
Smith, Will
Smith, Winifred
Smithereens, The
Smiths, The
Smotherman, Michael
Smothers Brothers, The
Smyth, Patty
Snap, Crackle, Pop
Snap-On Male Chorus
Sneaker Pimps
Sneakers And Lace
Sneakers, The
Sniff 'N' the Tears
Snow, Hank
Snow, Henry, Singers
Snow, Phoebe
Snyder, Bill
Snyder, Jimmy
Snyder, Terry
Snyder, Terry, And the All-Stars
Sobule, Jill
Soccio, Gino
Social Distortion
Sodja, Joe
Soft Cell
Soft Machine
Soft Thunder
Some, Belouis
Sommer, Bert
Sommer, Elke
Sommers, Joanie
Song Spinners, The
Sonic Youth
Sonnier, Jo-El
Sonny And Cher
Sonny, Hall And Weldon
Sons Of Champlin, The
Sons of Freedom
Sons of Harmony
Sons of the Pioneers
Sons Of The Purple Sage, The
Sophomores, The
Sopwith Camel, The
Sorensen, Jacki
Sorin, Pierre-Yves
SOS Band, The
Soul Asylum
Soul Children
Soul Children, The
Soul City Symphony, The
Soul II Soul
Soul Sonic Force, The
Soul Surfers, The
Soul Survivors
Soul, David
Soul, Jimmy
Sound Effects
Sound Stage Chorus
Sound Stage Orchestra, The
Sound, The
Sounds Nice
Sounds of a Thousand Strings
Sounds of Christmas
Sounds of Our Times
Sounds of Our Times, The
Sounds of Sunshine
Sounds of Sunshine, The
Sounds of The 70's Orchestra
Sounds Orchestral
Soup Dragons, The
South Sea Serenaders
South Shore Commission
South, Joe
South, Joe, And the Believers
Souther, Hillman, Furay Band, The
Souther, J.D.
Souther, John David
Southern California Mormon Choir, The
Southern Echoes, The
Southern Pacific
Southern, Jeri
Southside Johnny
Southside Johnny And The Asbury Jukes
Sovine, Red
Spa Style
Space Monkey
Spandau Ballet
Spanky And Our Gang
Spann, Otis
Spanos, Danny
Sparkletones, The
Spear Of Destiny
Spear, Sammy, And His Rogues Of Ragtime
Spears, Billie Jo
Spears, Britney
Spears, Merle
Special Aka, The
Special Delivery
Special Efx
Specials, The
Spector, Ronnie
Speers, The
Spence, Judson
Spencer, Earle
Spencer, Jeremy, Band, The
Spencer, Tracie
Spencer-Hagen Orchestra, The
Spheeris And Voudouris
Spheeris, Chris
Spheeris, Jimmie
Spice Girls
Spiders From Mars
Spiders, The
Spikes, The
Spin Doctors
Spinal Tap
Spinners, The
Spiral Staircase
Spittin' Image
Spivak, Charlie
Spizzles, The
Split Enz
Split Image
Spokesmen, The
Spooky Tooth
Sports, The
Sportsmen, The
Spotlights, The
Springer Brothers
Springfield, Dusty
Springfield, Rick
Springfields, The
Springsteen, Bruce
Spruill, Stephanie
Spyro Gyra
Squier, Billy
St. Coletta Chorus
St. Francis De Sales Boychoir
St. John, Helen
St. Kilian Boychoir
St. Louis Cardinals (1967)
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
St. Louis, Louis
St. Michael, Joe
St. Nicklaus, Dick
St. Olaf Choir, The
St. Olaf College
St. Paul
Stabbing Westward
Stacey Q
Stafford, Jim
Stafford, Jo
Stafford, Jo, And Gordon MacRae
Stafford, Terry
Stage Dolls
Staines, Bill
Stairsteps, The
Stalling, Carl
Stallone, Frank, Jr.
Stampley, Joe
Stan And Doug
Stan And Joe
Stan Hardin
Standells, The
Standley, Johnny
Stang, Arnold
Stanky Brown
Stanley Brothers, The
Stanley, Chuck
Stanley, James Lee
Stanley, Michael, Band
Stanley, Pamala
Stanley, Ray, Singers And Orchestra, The
Stansfield, Lisa
Stanulis, John, And The Polka Jacks
Staple Singers, The
Staple Sisters, The
Staples, Mavis
Staples, The
Stapleton, Cyril
Stapleton, Cyril, Orchestra, The
Stapp, Scott
Star Sisters, The
Starburst Concert Band
Starcher, Buddy
Starchild/Disco Bee
Stardusters, The
Starke, Heinrich, Brass Band
Starland Vocal Band
Starlight Symphony, The
Starlighters, The
Starliters, The
Starr Bros., The
Starr, Brenda K.
Starr, Edwin
Starr, Kay
Starr, Kenny
Starr, Maurice
Starr, Ringo
Stars On
Stars on 45
Stars Wars Intergalactic Droid Choir And Chorale, The
Startled Insects
Statesiders, The
Statesmen Quartet, The
Statler Brothers, The
Staton, Candi
Staton, Dakota
Staton, Merrill, Choir, The
Staton, Merrill, Stereo Voices, The
Statues, The
Status Quo
Stavis, George
Steagall, Red
Stealers Wheel
Stealin Horses
Steber, Eleanor
Steel And Brass
Steel Breeze
Steel Pulse
Steele, Bob
Steely Dan
Steffen, Kerwin
Stegall, Keith
Stegall, Rusty
Stein, Lou, Quartet, The
Stein, Lou, Quintet, The
Stein, Lou, Trio, The
Stein, Susan
Steinman, Jim
Stephan And Janis
Stephens, Dave
Stephens, Ott
Stephens, Tension
Stephenson, Van
Steps Ahead
Stereo Mc's
Stereos, The
Stern, Bill
Stern, Isaac
Stern, Mike
Stevens And Grdnic
Stevens, April
Stevens, Cat
Stevens, Cat, Band
Stevens, Connie
Stevens, Dodie
Stevens, Jeff, And the B
Stevens, Jon
Stevens, Kay
Stevens, Mort, And His Orchestra
Stevens, Ray
Stevens, Risë
Stevens, Shakin'
Stevenson, Adlai
Stevenson, B. W.
Stevie B
Stewart, Al
Stewart, Amii
Stewart, Andy
Stewart, Billy
Stewart, Dave
Stewart, Don
Stewart, Gary
Stewart, Georgiana Liccione
Stewart, Jermaine
Stewart, John
Stewart, Johnny
Stewart, Rex
Stewart, Rex, And His Band
Stewart, Rod
Stewart, Sandy
Stewart, Wynn
Stigers, Curtis
Stills Young Band, The
Stills, Stephen
Stites, Gary
Stitt, Sonny
Stitt, Sonny, With Strings
Stivell, Alan
Stock, Aitken, Waterman
Stokes, Simon
Stoloff, Morris
Stoltzman, Richard
Stompers, The
Stone Canyon Band, The
Stone City Band
Stone Fury
Stone Poneys
Stone Roses, The
Stone Sour
Stone Temple Pilots
Stone, Cliffie
Stone, Cliffie, Square Dance Orchestra
Stone, Kirby, Four
Stone, Michael
Stone, Ralph, And His Orchestra
Stone, Roland
Stone, Sly
Stonehill, Randy
Stoneman Family
Stonemans, The
Stoney And Meatloaf
Stoney Brook
Stooges, The
Stookey, Paul
Stop, Dicky
Stordahl, Axel, And His Orchestra And Chorus
Storm And Herman
Storm, Gale
Storm, Warren
Story, Liz
Stosh And His Polka Tones
Stovall Sisters, The
Stover, Janet
Stracke, Win
Stradivari Strings
Stradivari Strings, The
Stradlin, Izzy, And the Ju Ju Hound
Straeter, Ted
Straight Eight
Straight Lines
Straight No Chaser
Strait, George
Straley, Teresa
Strange, Billy
Strange, Michael
Strangeloves, The
Strangers, The
Stranglers, The
Strasser, Hugo, And His Orchestra
Stratford, Ontario Shakespearean Festival Players
Stratis, George, And His Orchestra
Stratton, Gil
Strawberry Alarm Clock
Strawberry Shortcake
Stray Cats
Stray Dog
Street Christians
Street People
Street People, The
Street Toyz
Street, Janey
Street, Mel
Streeter, Shelly
Streisand, Barbra
Strienz, Wilhelm
String-A-Longs, The
Strings Unlimited
Strong, Benny
Strong, Benny, And His Orchestra
Strong, Nolan
Strony, Walt
Strummer, Joe, And the Latino Rockabilly War
Strunk, Jud
Stuart, Alice
Stuart, John
Stuart, Marty
Stuarti, Enzo
Stuckey, Nat
Studebaker "7"
Student Nurses, The
Students Of McGill University, Montreal
Studio Strings
Sturr, Jimmy, And His Orchestra
Sturtz, Howie, Orchestra
Styczynski, Alvin
Style Council, The
Stylistics, The
Stylists, The
Suburbs, The
Sue Ann
Sugar Bears
Sugar Plum Fairy And Cast, The
Sugar Sisters, The
Sugar, Chuck
Sugarcubes, The
Sugarhill Gang
Sugarock Band, The
Sullivan, Brian
Sullivan, Ed, All Star Cast
Sullivan, Ed, Singers And Orchestra, The
Sullivan, Maxine
Sullivan, Paul
Sullivan, Slim, And the Westerners
Sulton, Kasim
Summer, Donna
Summer, Henry Lee
Summers, Andy
Summers, Bob
Summers, Davey
Summers, Les, And His Orchestra
Summers, Vic
Sun And the Moon, The
Sun Tones, The
Sunblind Lion
Sunday Funnies
Sunday School Picnic, Synthesizer And Orchestra
Sundays, The
Sundelius, Marie
Sundholm, Roy
Sunglows, The
Sunny And Phyllis
Sunrays, The
Sunsetters, The
Sunshine Company, The
Super Soul Musical, The
Supermen, The
Supremes, The
Sure, Al B.
Surey, Roland
Surf M.C.'S
Surf Symphony, The
Surface, Dennis, And Wind
Surfaris, The
Surprise Sisters, The
Susan Of Sesame Street
Sutherland Brothers
Sutherland Brothers And Quiver
Sutherland Brothers, The
Sutton, Glenn
Sutton, Gregg
Suzuki Violin School
Suzuki, Pat
Suzy And the Red Stripes
Swaggart, Jimmy
Swagmen, The
Swan, Billy
Swanee River Boys, The
Swanson, Brad
Swanson, Ric, And Urban Surrender
Swayze, Patrick
Sweat, Keith
Sweatman, Wilbur,'s Original Jazz Band
Sweet Blindness
Sweet Comfort Band
Sweet Cream
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Inspirations, The
Sweet Mountain Boys, The
Sweet Peace
Sweet Sensation
Sweet, Matthew
Sweet, Rachel
Sweethearts of the Rodeo
Swimming Pool Q's, The
Swindells, Steve
Swing Out Sister
Swing Set
Swingin' Medallions
Swinging Ambassadors, The
Swinging Madisons
Swingle Singers, The
Switched On Nashville
Sykes, Keith
Sylvern, Hank
Sylvern, Hank, Orchestra
Sylvers, Edmund
Sylvers, The
Sylvia [Country]
Sylvia And Michael Johns
Sylvia And Ralfi Pagan
Symphony Of The Air, The
Symphony Orchestra
Syndicate of Sound
System Of A Down
System, The
Szabo, Gabor
Szymanski, Bob, Orchestra
Tabs, Ray
Taff, Russ
Taffys, The
Tag Team
Tagg, Larry
Tags, The
Takanaka, Masayoshi
Take 6
Talbert, Van
Talbot Brothers, The
Talbot, John Michael
Talbot, Wendy
Talk Of The Town
Talk Talk
Talking Heads
Tami Show
Tampico, The
Tams, The
Tangerine Dream
Tannahill Weavers, The
Tanner, Gid
Tanner, Joe
Tanner, Marc, Band, The
Tappen, Ashley
Tar Babies
Tarney/Spencer Band, The
Tarriers, The
Tartaglia, John Andrews
Tassels, The
Taste Of Honey, A
Tate, Terry
Tatum, Art
Taubman, Paul
Taubman, Paul, Trio, The
Tavana's Polynesia
Taylor, Andy
Taylor, B.E., Group
Taylor, Billy, Trio
Taylor, Burt
Taylor, Cathie
Taylor, Debbie
Taylor, Gloria
Taylor, James
Taylor, James "J.T."
Taylor, John
Taylor, Johnnie
Taylor, Kate
Taylor, Koko
Taylor, Larry
Taylor, Les
Taylor, Livingston
Taylor, Merle
Taylor, R. Dean
Taylor, Rod
Taylor, Roger
Taylor, Sam
Taylor, Sam (The Man), And His Orchestra
Taylor, Steve
Taylor, Ted
Tayshus, Austen
T-Bones, The
Tchaikovsky, Bram
Te Kanawa, Kiri
Teagarden, Charlie
Teagarden, Jack
Team Mates
Teardrop Explodes, The
Tears for Fears
Tebala Chanters
Tebala Shrinanigans
Tebaldi, Renata
Ted Comstock Orchestra
Teddy Bears, The
Tee Set, The
Tee, Howie
Teegarden And Van Winkle
Teenage Fanclub
Teenage Flames
Teen-Aires, The
Temple of the Dog
Temple University Choir, The
Temple University Concert Choir, The
Temple, Shirley
Tempo, Nino
Temprees, The
Ten Plus
Ten Ten
Ten Thousand Maniacs
Ten Wedge
Ten Years After
Tenants, The
Tender Slim
Tennesseans, The
Tennessee Guitars, The
Tennessee Three, The
Tennessee Two, The
Tennille, Toni
Tenpole Tudor
Tepper, Robert
Terasaki, Wes
Terrace, Pete
Terrell, Tammi
Terri, Salli
Terry, Clark
Terry, Gordon
Terry, Helen
Terry, Joe
Terry, Tony
Tetes Noires
Tex, Joe
Texas Tornados
Textones, The
That Petrol Emotion
The Kindergarten Kids And Friends
The The
Then Jerico
They Might Be Giants
Thielemans, Toots
Thieme, Art
Thieves, The
Thin Lizzy
Third Booth, The
Third Eye Blind
Third Rail, The
Third World
Thirty-Eight Special
Thom, M.
Thomas Group, The
Thomas, B. J.
Thomas, C. D.
Thomas, Carla
Thomas, Dylan
Thomas, Glenn Edward
Thomas, Ian
Thomas, Ian, Band
Thomas, Irma
Thomas, Joe
Thomas, John Charles
Thomas, Lillo
Thomas, Margot
Thomas, Marlo, And Friends
Thomas, Michael Lee
Thomas, Mickey
Thomas, Nolan
Thomas, Pat
Thomas, Philip-Michael
Thomas, Ray
Thomas, Rob
Thomas, Rufus
Thomas, Timmy
Thompson Community Singers, The
Thompson Twins
Thompson, Bob, His Orchestra And Orchestra
Thompson, Chris
Thompson, Hank
Thompson, Hank, And His Brazos Valley Boys
Thompson, Hank, And The Brazos Valley Boys
Thompson, Kelly Nelson
Thompson, Marc Anthony
Thompson, P. K., And The Nashville Connection
Thompson, Richard
Thompson, Sean
Thompson, Sue
Thomson, Ali
Thomson, Barry
Thornhill, Claude
Thornhill, Claude, And His Orchestra
Thornton, Marsha
Thorogood, George
Thorogood, George, And the Destroyers
Thorpe, Billy
Those Fantabulous Strings
Those X-Cleavers
Thought, The
Thousand Strings
Thrasher Brothers
Thrashing Doves
Three D
Three Days Grace
Three Degrees, The
Three Dog Night
Three Knights
Three Man Army
Three O'clock
Three Suns, The
Three Times Dope
Three Young Men From Montana, The
Thunder, Johnny
Thunderclap Newman
Thundermen, The
Thurston, Jimmie, And His Orchestra
Tibbetts, Steve
Tigner, Marcy
Tikaram, Tanita
Til Tuesday
Tillis, Mel
Tillis, Mel, And the Statesiders
Tillis, Pam
Tillotson, Johnny
Tilston, Steve, And Peter Finger
Tilton, Martha
Timbuk 3
Time Bandits
Time Gallery
Time Zone
Time, The
Timelords, The
Times Two
Timex Social Club
Tin Angel
Tin Drum
Tin Huey
Tin Machine
Tin Star
Tin Tin
Tingstad, Eric
Tingstad, Eric, And Nancy Rumbel
Tiny Alice
Tiny And His Hawaiian Bubbles
Tiny Tim
Tiomkin, Dimitri
Tiomkin, Dimitri, And His Chorus And Orchestra
Tippetts, Julie
Tippin, Aaron
Tisdale, Wayman
Titra, Stephen
Tiu, Ginny
Tjader, Cal
T-Motion And Group
Toad the Wet Sprocket
Toan, Danny
Toby Beau
Toby Redd
Today People
Todd, Dick
Todd, Michael
Todd, Nick
Tokens, The
Toll, The
Tom And Dan
Tom And Jerry
Tom N' Jerry's Rockets
Tom Tom Club
Tomita, Isao
Tomlin, Lily
Tomlinson, Michael
Tommy D.
Tommy Tutone
Tompall And the Glaser Brothers
Tone Loc
Tonight Show Band
Tonight Show Orchestra, The
Tony! Toni! Tone!
Too Short
Tooker, Vic
Tooker, Vic, And His Riverboat Ramblers
Top Record Artists With Orchestra And Chorus
Toppers, The
Tops Orchestra And Choristers
Torch Song
Tores, Johnny
Tork, Peter
Tormé, Mel
Tornadoes, The
Tornquist, Evie
Torok, Mitchell
Torrance, Richard
Torres, Liz
Torroba, Federico Moreno
Tosh, Peter
Touch (16)
Touch of Class
Touch of Country
Tourists, The
Toussaint, Allen
Touzet, Rene, And The Cha Cha Rhythm Boys
Tovey, Frank
Tower of Power
Towner, Ralph
Townsend, Al, Wonderful World Jazz Band
Townsend, Ed
Townshend, Pete
Townshend, Simon, Moving Target
Townsmen, The
Toys, The
Tozzi, Giorgio
Trace, Al
Trace, Al, Orchestra
Tractors, The
Trade Winds, The
Tragically Hip
Trailer, Rex
Trailer, Rex, And His Cow Hands
Trammps, The
Transvision Vamp
Trappist Monks Of The Abbey Of Gethsemani
Trash Can Sinatras
Trash Funk
Trashmen, The
Trask, Diana
Traum, Artie
Traum, Happy
Traveling Wilburys
Travers, Mary
Travers, Pat
Travers, Pat, Band
Travis And Bob
Travis, Merle
Travis, Randy
Trav'lers Trumpets
Travolta, John
Treat, Frankie
Tremeloes, The
Tremulis, Nicholas
Trent, Buck
Trent, Tammy
Trevino, Rick
Triangle Players, The
Tribes, The
Trim, Phil
Trinidad Steel Band, The
Trinity Singers, The
Trio Brilante
Trio Los Panchos, The
Trip Shakespeare
Triple 'S' Connection
Tripp, Roger
Tristano, Lennie
Tritt, Travis
Triumphs, The
Tro, Rob
Troccoli, Kathy
Troggs, The
Troopers, The
Trower, Robin
Troy, Doris
Troy, Roger
Truc Of America
True, Andrea, Connection
Trumpets Unlimited, The
Trust Company
Truth, The
Tsomidis, Iordanis
Tsoy, Kim
Tubb, Ernest
Tubb, Ernest, And His Texas Troubadours
Tubb, Ernest, And Loretta Lynn
Tubb, Ernest, Texas Troubadours
Tubb, Justin
Tubes, The
Tucciarone, Angel
Tucker, Bobby, Quartette, The
Tucker, Faye
Tucker, Louise
Tucker, Richard
Tucker, Sophie
Tucker, Tanya
Tucker, Tommy
Tucky Buzzard
Tuebols, Luis, And His Argentinean Orchestra
Tune Rockers
Tune Toppers, The
Tunesmiths, The
Tunnell, Jimi
Tunstall, KT
Turn of the Century
Turner, Big Joe
Turner, Harold
Turner, Ike And Tina
Turner, Jessi Lee
Turner, Joe, And His Blues Kings
Turner, Josh
Turner, Mary Lou
Turner, Pierce
Turner, Ray
Turner, Rex, Dance Band
Turner, Sammy
Turner, Spyder
Turner, Tina
Turner, Titus
Turrentine, Stanley
Turtles, The
Tuxedo Junction
Twain, Shania
Twenty Of The World's Greatest
Twenty Twenty
Twilley, Dwight
Twilley, Dwight, Band
Twin String Orchestras, The
Twin Tide
Twinkle Brothers, The
Twisted Sister
Twitty, Conway
Two Kings In A Cipher
Two Live Crew
Two Live Jews
Two Of China
Two Twenty Volt
Twomey, John
Tyle, Ted
Tyle, Teddy
Tyler, Bonnie
Tyler, Jim, And Orchestra
Tyler, T. Texas
Tymes, The
Tyner, McCoy
Tyzik, Jeff
U. S. Armed Forces Symphony
U.K. Baby
Uggams, Leslie
Ugly Americans
Ugly Kid Joe
Ullman, Tracey
Ulvaeus, Bjorn
Unchained Mynds
Uncle Julius And His Boy
Uncle Pecos
Underdogs, The
Underground Sunshine
Undertones, The
Underwood, Charlie, Glide Band
Undisputed Truth, The
Unifics, The
Union Gap, The
United States Air Force Academy Colorado: Band And Cadet Chorale
United States Coast Guard Band, The
Unity Quartet, The
University of Michigan Band
University of Northern Iowa Jazz Band
University Of Redlands Choir, The
University of Wisconsin
University Of Wisconsin-LaCrosse Marching Chief
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University Of Wisconsin-Madison Concert Choir
University Of Wisconsin-Men's Glee Club
Unknown Artist
Unlimited Touch
Until December
Untouchables, The
Up With People
Upper Mississippi Jazz Band
Urban Dance Squad
Urban Verbs
Urbaniak, Michal
Ure, Midge
Urge Overkill
Uriah Heep
USA for Africa
USA/European Connection
Utah Saints
Utah Symphony Orchestra
Vadnal, Johnny, And His Orchestra
Vai, Steve
Valdez, Miguelito
Valdez, Rafael, Orchestra, The
Vale, Jerry
Valens, Ritchie
Valente, Caterina
Valenti, John
Valentin, Dave
Valentine Brothers
Valentine, Cindy
Valino, Joe, And the Gos
Vallee, Rudy
Valley Forge Military Academy Band
Valli, Frankie
Valli, Frankie, And the Four Seasons
Valli, June
Van Acker, Luc
Van Camp, Eric
Van Damme, Art, Quintet
Van Doren, Mamie
Van Dyke, Dick
Van Dyke, Leroy
Van Eps, George
Van Halen
Van Horne, Randy, Singers, The
Van Hoy, Rafe
Van Tieghem, David
Van Zandt, Townes
Van Zant
Van Zant, Johnny, Band
Van, Harvie June
Van, Jeffrey
Vanberg, Charles, And His Orchestra
Vance, Felix
Vance, Vince, And the Valiants
Vandross, Luther
Vanguards, The
Vanilla Fudge
Vanilla Ice
Vanilla Mix
Vanity 6
Vanity Fare
Vann, Teddy
Vannelli, Gino
VanWarmer, Randy
Vapors, The
Vardi And The Medallion Strings
Vardi, Emanuel
Varola, Little Richie
Vassy, Kin
Vaughan Brothers
Vaughan, Sarah
Vaughan, Stevie Ray, And Double Trouble
Vaughn, Billy
Vaughn, Billy, And His Orchestra
Vaughn, Billy, His Orchestra And Chorus
Vaughn, Billy, Singers
Vaughn, Billy, Singers, The
Vee, Bobby
Vee, Bobby, And the Shadows
Vega, Alan
Vega, Suzanne
Vela, Rosie
Velaires, The
Velore And Double-O
Vels, The
Velvet Underground, The
Velvet, James
Venchura, Maria
Venetians, The
Venici, Mario, And His Orchestra
Ventura, Charlie
Ventures, The
Venuti, Joe
Vera, Billy
Vera, Billy, And the Beaters
Verdaquer, Esbart
Verdery, Benjamin
Veri And Jamanis
Verne, Larry
Vernon, Kenny
Vertical Horizon
Verve Pipe, The
Vesper Voices
Vetter, Sy, 's German Band
Vetter, Sy, 's Old Time German Band
Vibra Corporation
Vibrations, The
Victims, The
Victoria, C. B.
Vidal, Carlos
Videls, The
Video All Stars
Video, Monte
Vienna Boys Choir, The
Vienna Concert Orchestra, The
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Vienna State Opera, Members of the Chorus And Orchestra Of The
Vienna State Opera, The
Vienna Symphony
Vienna World Pops Symphony Orchestra
Viennese Colonade Orchestra, The
Vierra, Christina
View From The Hill
Villa, Joey
Village People
Village Stompers, The
Villians, The
Vince Edwards
Vincelli, Joseph
Vincent St. Martin And Gl
Vincent, Gene
Vincent, Gene, And His Blue Caps
Vincent, Vinnie, Invasion
Vinding, Mads, Group
Vinegar Joe
Vino, Al
Vinson, Eddie "Cleanhead"
Vinton, Bobby
Violent Femmes
Virtue, Frank
Virtues, The
Viscounts, The
Vitamin Z
Vitro, Roseanna
V'la L'bon Vent
Vocal Majority, The
Vogl, Nancy
Vogues, The
Voice of the Beehive
Voices in Motion
Voices of Christmas, The
Vollenweider, Andreas
Volman, Mark
Voltage Brothers
Volz, Greg X.
Von, Vicki Rae
Vonnair Sisters
Voudouris, Roger
Voxpoppers, The
Voyager (15)
Wa Wa Nee
Wade, Adam
Wadsworth Mansion
Wagner, Al, And His Philharmonic Strings
Wagner, Jack
Wagner, Roger, Chorale
Wagoneers, The
Wagoner, Porter
Wagoner, Porter, Show, The
Waikiki Brass, The
Waikiki Guitars
Waikikis, The
Waikiki's, The
Wailers, The
Wainwright, Loudon, III
Waite, John
Waitresses, The
Waits, Tom
Wakelin, Johnny, And the Kinshasa Band
Wakely, Jimmy
Wakeman, Rick
Walden, Narada Michael
Waldman, Wendy
Walker Brothers, The
Walker Jr, Billy Joe
Walker, Billy
Walker, Charlie
Walker, Clay
Walker, Glenn
Walker, Jerry Jeff
Walker, Junior
Walker, Junior, And the All Stars
Walker, Reggie
Wall of Voodoo
Wall, Alwyn, Band, The
Wallace, George, Jr.
Wallace, Jerry
Wallace, Richard
Waller, Fats
Waller, Fats, And His Rhythm
Wallets, The
Wallflowers, The
Wallin, Johnny
Wallington, George, And His Band
Wallis, Ruth
Wallis, Shani
Walsh, Joe
Walsh, Johnny
Walsh, Sheila
Walsh, Steve
Walt Disney
Wammack, Travis
Wanderers, The
Wanderley, Walter
Wang Chung
Wansel, Dexter
Ward Brothers
Ward, Anita
Ward, Billy, And His Dominoes
Ward, Clara
Ward, Clifford T.
Ward, Helen
Ward, Jack
Ward, Jacky
Ward, Janice
Ward, Lisa
Ward, Matthew
Ward, Norman
Ward, Robin
Warfield, William
Wariner, Steve
Waring Chapel Choir, The
Waring, Fred
Waring, Fred, And His Pennsylvanians
Waring, Fred, And The Pennsylvanians
Warlocks, The
Warner Brothers Military Band, The
Warner Brothers Studio Orchestra, The
Warner, Frank
Warner, Gerret
Warner, Jeff
Warner, Virgil
Warnes, Jennifer
Warren G
Warren, Floyd, And His Band
Warren, Fran
Warren, Gary
Warren, Joey
Warren, Paul, And Explorer
Warren, Rusty
Warren, Scott
Warwick, Dionne
Was (Not Was)
Washington, Baby
Washington, Dinah
Washington, Grover, Jr.
Watanabe, Sadao
Water, Ray, And His Orchestra
Waterboys, The
Waters, Crystal
Waters, Ethel
Waters, Muddy
Waters, Roger
Watkins, Doug, Quintet
Watkins, Lovelace
Watley, Jody
Watson, B. B.
Watson, Doc
Watson, Gene
Watson, Johnny "Guitar"
Watson, Wayne
Watts, John
Wave, The
Waxing Poetics
Waxman, Chris
Waybill, Fee
Waylon And Willie
Wayman, Joe
Wayne And Shuster
Wayne, Bobby
Wayne, Jeff
Wayne, Thomas
Wayward Bus, The
We Five
Weather Girls, The
Weather Report
Weatherly, Jim
Weaver And Beasley
Weaver, Dennis
Weavers, The
Webb, Chick, And His Orchestra
Webb, Jimmy
Webb, Susan
Webb, T.S. Henry
Webber, Merrily
Weber, Frank
Webster, Ben
Webster, Chase
Wechter, Julius
Weems, Ted, And His Orchestra
Wege, Kurt
Weigand, Jack
Weinberg, Elyse
Weir, Bob
Weird Wilbur
Weisberg, Tim
Weisberg, Tim, Band, The
Weiss, Larry
Weissberg, Eric, And Steve Mandell
Welch, Bob
Welch, Gillian
Welch, Kevin
Welch, Lenny
Welcome Home
Welcome, Ruth
Welk, Lawrence
Welk, Lawrence, And His Champagne Music
Welk, Lawrence, And His Dixieland Boys
Welk, Lawrence, And His Orchestra
Welk, Lawrence, And His Sparkling Strings
Welk, Lawrence, Singers And Orchestra, The
Welk, Lawrence,'s Champagne Strings
Weller, Freddy
Wells, Cory
Wells, Jean
Wells, Kitty
Wells, Mary
Wellstood, Dick
Welte, Madonna
Welton, Danny
Wendroff, Michael
Wendy And Lisa
Werner, David
Werner, Olav, And Galleberg Sangkor
Werner, Olav, And the Soelvguttene
West Allis Central High
West Indian Girl
West Junior High School
West Point Cadet Glee Club
West Side Story
West, Albert
West, Dottie
West, Leslie, Band, The
West, Mae
West, Shelly
West, Val
Westcott, Bruce
Westerman, Floyd
Western Jamboree Cowboys
Western Union Band
Western Wind
Western, Billy
Western, Johnny
Westgate Gospel Singers
Westminster Abbey Massed Children's Voices
Westminster Cathedral Choir
Weston, Kim
Weston, Paul
Weston, Paul, And His Music From Hollywood
Weston, Paul, And His Orchestra
Weston, Randy
Westwood Chorister, Westwood Lutheran Church
Wet Wet Wet
Wet Willie
Wettling, George, All-Stars
Wettling, George, 's Jazz Band
Whaling, Rudie
Whalum, Kirk
Wham! U.K.
What If
What is This
Wheaton College Women's Glee Club
Wheeler, Billy Edd
Wheeler, Caron
Wheeler, Onie
Whelchel, Lisa
When in Rome
Whiskey Man
Whispers, The
Whitaker, Johnny
White Lie
White Lion
White Plains
White Sisters, The
White Stripes, The
White Tiger
White Wolf
White Zombie
White, Alan
White, Anthony
White, Barry
White, Bukka
White, Jack
White, Jay
White, Josh
White, Karyn
White, Lenny
White, Maurice
White, Michael
White, Slappy
White, Tony Joe
Whitehall, David, And His Orchestra
Whitelaw, Phil, And Friends
Whiteman, George
Whiteman, Paul, And His Orchestra
Whites, The
Whitesidewalls, The
Whitford, Sue And Phil
Whiting, Margaret
Whitley, Keith
Whitman, Slim
Whitmore, Pat
Whitstein Brothers, The
Whittaker, Roger
Whittemore, Arthur
Who, The
Why On Earth
Wide Boy Awake
Wiebe, Henry D.
Wiedlin, Jane
Wier, Rusty
Wiffen, David
Wiggins, John And Audrey
Wilber, Merlin
Wilburn Brothers, The
Wilcox, David
Wilcox, Edna M.
Wilcox, Harlow, And The Oakies
Wilcox, Larry, And His Orchestra
Wild Blue
Wild Cherry
Wild Choir
Wild Flowers, The
Wild Orchid
Wild Pair, The
Wild Rose
Wild Rose High School Chorus
Wild Tones, The
Wilde, Danny
Wilde, Kim
Wilde, Marty
Wilder, Matthew
Wildweeds, The
Wiley, Lee
Wilfahrt, "Whoopee" John
Wilfahrt, "Whoopee" John, And His Orchestra
Wilfahrt, "Whoopee" John, Orchestra
Wilk, Scott, And the Wal
Wilke, Norm, 's Little Fishermen
Wilkin, John Buck
Wilkins, David, Little
Wilkins, Jack
Will Bronson Chorus, The
Will to Power
Willard, Kelly
Willard, Wesley, And The 709's
William Penn College Jazz Band, The
Williams Brothers, The
Williams, Andy
Williams, Billy
Williams, Billy, And The Westerners
Williams, Clarence, Orchestra
Williams, Cootie
Williams, Danny
Williams, Deniece
Williams, Dick
Williams, Don
Williams, Douglas
Williams, Fred D.
Williams, George, And His Orchestra
Williams, George,' Swinging Big Band
Williams, Griff, And His Orchestra
Williams, Hank
Williams, Hank, Jr.
Williams, James "D-Train"
Williams, Jerry
Williams, Joe
Williams, John
Williams, Johnny
Williams, Johnny, And The Singing Cowboys
Williams, King
Williams, Lenny
Williams, Leona
Williams, Mary Lou
Williams, Mason
Williams, Maurice
Williams, Maynard
Williams, Otis, And His Charms
Williams, Pat
Williams, Paul
Williams, Pearl
Williams, Robin
Williams, Roger
Williams, Tex
Williams, Tex, And The Sundowners
Williams, Vanessa
Williams, Wendy O., Ultrafly And The Hometown Girls
Williamson, Cris
Willing, Foy
Willis "The Guard" And Vigorish
Willis, Bruce
Willis, Chad
Willis, Chuck
Willis, Kelly
Wills, Bob
Wills, Bob, And His Texas Playboys
Wills, Viola
Wilser, Eddie
Wilson Phillips
Wilson, Al
Wilson, Ann
Wilson, Brian
Wilson, Buzz
Wilson, Clayton
Wilson, Flip
Wilson, George, Orchestra
Wilson, Gerald, Big Band, The
Wilson, Hank
Wilson, J. Frank
Wilson, J. Frank, And the Cavaliers
Wilson, Jackie
Wilson, Joemy
Wilson, Jonathan
Wilson, Justin
Wilson, Ken
Wilson, Larry Jon
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Meri
Wilson, Murry
Wilson, Nancy
Wilson, Peanuts
Wilson, Precious
Wilson, Renee
Wilson, Ruby
Wilson, Shanice
Wilson, Slim "88"
Wilson, Stanley, And His Orchestra
Wilson, Teddy
Wilson, Teddy, Trio
Wilson, Tony
Wilton Place Street Band
Win, Kimball
Winans, Daniel
Winchell, Paul
Winchester Cathedral Choir
Winchester, Jesse
Wind Song
Winding, Kai
Winding, Kai, And Orchestra
Windy City
Wing And A Prayer Drum Corps
Wing, Paul
Wingfield, Pete
Winkly And Nutly
Winslow, Stephanie
Winston, George
Winstons, The
Winter, Edgar
Winter, Edgar, Group
Winter, Edgar, White Trash
Winter, Johnny
Winter, Paul
Winter, Paul, Consort
Winterhalter, Hugo
Winterhalter, Hugo, And His Orchestra
Winterhalter, Hugo, Orchestra And Chorus
Winters Brothers Band, The
Winters, Jonathan
Wintour, Dave
Winwood, Steve
Wire Train
Wisconsin Idea Theatre, The
Wisconsin Singers, 1976-77, The
Wisconsin State University - Stevens Point
Wise, Chubby
Wiseman, Mac
Wishbone Ash
Wishful Thinking
Wisner, Jimmy, Sound, The
Witch Queen
Witches And the Warlock
Withers, Bill
Witherspoon, Jimmy
Without Warning
Witkowski, Bernard
Witt, Toni, And His Orchestra
Wizenhiemers, The
Wofford, Mike
Wolchek, Steve, And His Polka Kings
Wolf, Peter
Wolfe, Carl
Wolfe, Neil
Wolowic, Stan
Wolowic, Stan, And The Polka Chips
Wolverines Big Band, The
Wolverines Classic Jazz Orchestra, The
Womack And Womack
Womack, Bobby
Wombles, The
Womenfolk, The
Wonder Band, The
Wonder Who, The
Wonder, Stevie
Wonderful Word Chorus
Wonders, The
Wood, Bill
Wood, Brenton
Wood, Chris
Wood, Del
Wood, Marty
Wood, Ron
Wood, Roy
Woodbury, Woody
Woodentops, The
Woodhull's Old Tyme Masters
Woodland Valley Singer, The
Woodruff, Maurice
Woods, Buddy
Woods, Ilene
Woods, Little Joe
Woods, Phil
Woods, Ralph
Woods, Stevie
Woods, The
Woodwind Quartet
Woolery, Chuck
Wooley, Amy
Wooley, Sheb
Woolley, Bruce, And The Camera Club
Woollfe Gang, The
Wopat, Tom
World Party
World, The
World's Finest Banjo Band, The
World's Greatest Jazz Band, The
Worth, Marion
Worth, Stan
Wosloski, Stanley
Wranglers, The
Wray, Link, And His Ray Men
Wray, Link, And the Wraymen
Wrays, The
Wreckx -N- Effect
Wrest, The
Wright Brothers, The
Wright, Bernard
Wright, Betty
Wright, Charles, And the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
Wright, Chely
Wright, Curtis
Wright, Gary
Wright, George
Wright, Greg
Wright, Ira, And His Orchestra
Wright, Johnny
Wright, Michelle
Wright, Syreeta
Wrightson, Earl
Wu-Tang Clan
Wyle, Steve
Wylie, Pete
Wyman, Karen
Wynette, Tammy
Wynn, Steve
Wynns, Sandy
Wynter, Mark
Xmal Deutschland
Y And T
Yamash'ta, Stomu
Yancey, Jimmy
Yankovic, "Weird Al"
Yankovic, Frankie
Yankovic, Frankie, And His Orchestra
Yankovic, Frankie, And His Yanks
Yarbrough And Peoples
Yarbrough, Glenn
Yardbirds, The
Yarrow, Peter
Yates, Lori
Yazz And the Plastic Population
Yearwood, Trisha
Yellow Magic Orchestra
Yellow Power
Yesterday And Today
Yoakam, Dwight
Yorgesson, Yogi
York, Dr.
York, Rusty
Yorke, Peter, And His Concert Orchestra
Yoshimura, Ijyuuro, And Shinzo Eujita
Yost, Dennis
Yost, Dennis, And the Classics IV
Young Americans, The
Young Folk, The
Young Fresh Fellows, The
Young Holt Trio, The
Young Lovers, The
Young MC
Young Rascals, The
Young, Barry
Young, Dan
Young, Donna Jean
Young, Faron
Young, George
Young, Georgie, And the Rockin' Bocs
Young, James
Young, Jesse Colin
Young, John Paul
Young, Karen
Young, Kathy, With the Innocents
Young, Larry
Young, Leon, String Chorale, The
Young, Lester
Young, Neil
Young, Neil, And Bluenotes
Young, Neil, And Crazy Horse
Young, Paul
Young, Tommie
Young, Val
Young, Vicki
Young, Victor
Young, Victor, And His Singing Strings
Youngblood, Sydney
Youngbloods, The
Younger, Cole
Younger, James And Michael
Young-Holt Unlimited
Youngman, Henny
Ytre Suloen Jass Ensemble
Yuro, Timi
Yvoire, Claude, And The Radio Geneva Orchestra
Z' Looke
ZaBach, Florian
Zaca Creek
Zacharias, Helmut
Zacharias, Provocative Strings Of, The
Zadora, Pia
Zager And Evans
Zager, Michael, Band
Zambrowski, Vic
Zander, Robin
Zappa, Frank
Zavaroni, Lena
Zawinul, Joe
Zelkowitz, Goldie
Zemarel, Zim, And His Orchestra
Zembruski, Victor, And His Orchestra
Zentner, Si
Zentner, Si, And His Orchestra
Zentner, Si, Orchestra, The
Zevon, Warren
Zich, Karel
Ziggy Talent
Zill, Pat
Zillertal Band, The
Zimmer, Hans
Zimmer, Norma
Zimmerman, Harry, Band Band
Zimmerman, Russ, And His Orchestra
Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction
Zombie, Rob
Zombies, The
Zulus, The
Zwol, Walter
Zydeco, Buckwheat
ZZ Hill
ZZ Top