David Lanz
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Format Artist Title Label Catalog No Released Promo
CD David Arkenstone; Kostia With David Lanz The Spirit Of Olympia Narada ND-64006 1992 No
CD David Lanz Cristofori's Dream Narada Lotus ND-61021 1988 No
CD David Lanz Nightfall Narada Lotus CD-1006 1986 No
LP David Lanz Heartsounds (Piano Solos) Narada Lotus LP-1003 1984 No
CD David Lanz; Wayne Gratz; William Ellwood; Eric Tingstad And Nancy Rumbel Sampler #4 Narada Lotus ND-61025 1989 No
LP Eric Tingstad; Nancy Rumbel; David Lanz Woodlands Narada N-61016 1987 Yes