Rosemary Clooney
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Format Artist Title Label Catalog No Released Promo
7* Rosemary Clooney Come On-A My House Columbia Records 4-39467 1951 No
7* Rosemary Clooney Happy Birthday, Dear Wife Gibson Musicards GIB-2 1955 No
7* Rosemary Clooney This Ole House Columbia Records 4-40266 No
7* Rosemary Clooney Who Kissed Me Last Night Columbia Records 4-39813 No
EP Rosemary Clooney You Make Me Feel So Young Philips Records 429010 BE No
LP Rosemary Clooney Legendary Singers: Rosemary Clooney Time-Life Music SLGD-16 1986 No
LP Rosemary Clooney Rosie's Greatest Hits Columbia Records CL 1230 No
10* - 78 RPM Rosemary Clooney; Jimmy Boyd Little Josey / Dennis The Menace Columbia Records 39988 1953 No
EP Rosemary Clooney; Harry James Hollywood's Best Columbia Records B-319 Yes
7* Rosemary Clooney; George Morgan You Love Me Just Enough To Hurt Me Columbia Records 4-21071 No
EP Rosemary Clooney With Paul Weston And His Orchestra I Do! I Do! I Do! Columbia Records B 1618 No
7* Marlene Dietrich; Rosemary Clooney Good For Nothin' Columbia Records 4-39812 No
7* Benny Goodman Sextet; Benny Goodman Trio; Rosemary Clooney It's Bad For Me Columbia Records 4-40616 1955 No