Kate Bush
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Format Artist Title Label Catalog No Released Promo
12* Kate Bush The Big Sky EMI 12KB 4 1986 No
12* Kate Bush Experiment IV EMI 12KB 5 1986 No
7* Kate Bush Cloudbusting EMI America P-B-8386 1986 Yes
CD Kate Bush Aspects Of The Sensual World Columbia Records 44K 73174 1990 No
CD Kate Bush The Dreaming EMI/Manhattan CDP-7-46361-2 1982 No
CD Kate Bush Hounds Of Love EMI America CDP-7-46164-2 1985 No
CD Kate Bush The Kick Inside EMI America CDP-7-46012-2 1978 No
CD Kate Bush Lionheart EMI America CDP-7-46065-2 1978 No
CD Kate Bush The Red Shoes Columbia Records CK 53737 1993 No
CD Kate Bush Sensual World Columbia Records CK 44164 1989 No
LP Kate Bush Kate Bush EMI America MLP-19004 1983 No