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Format Artist Title Label Catalog No Released Promo
12* Petra Voice In The Wind Star Song 6322204 1984 Yes
CD Petra Beat The System Star Song SSD 8057 1984 No
CD Petra If I Had To Die For Someone Word Petra 1 1998 Yes
CD Petra The Petra Praise Experience Word PET-Special 1997 Yes
LP Petra Back To The Street A&M Records SP 5143 1986 No
LP Petra Beat The System Star Song SPCN 7-102-05786-5 1984 No
LP Petra Captured In Time And Space A&M Records SP-6401 1986 Yes
LP Petra Come And Join Us A&M Records SP 5062 1977 No
LP Petra More Power To Ya A&M Records SP-5065 1982 No
LP Petra Never Say Die A&M Records SP-5064 1981 No
LP Petra Not Of This World A&M Records SP-5066 1983 No
LP Petra On Fire Star Song SSR 8106 1988 No
LP Petra Petra A&M Records SP-5601 1974 No
LP Petra This Means War Star Song SJ-74102 1987 No