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Format Artist Title Label Catalog No Released Promo
10* No Artist Dinner Music Pontiac PLP-504 No
10* No Artist Gay Budapest Plymouth POP-100-7 No
10* No Artist Irish Melodies Plymouth POP-100-11 No
10* No Artist Oldtime Favorites Plymouth POP-100-3 No
10* No Artist Polka Hits Plymouth POP-100-14 No
10* No Artist Polka Parade Plymouth POP-100-1 No
10* No Artist Stephen Foster Melodies Plymouth POP-100-10 No
10* - 78 RPM No Artist The Ugly Duckling Peter Pan 523 No
12* - 78 RPM No Artist General Electric Electronic Reproducer Demonstration Record Columbia Electrical Transcription XP 35457 Yes
7* No Artist After You (How Could I Ever Love Again) Claudette CL-310 No
7* No Artist Bee-Bom Reprise Records 278 No
7* No Artist Fat Magic Firefly Paperbacks 38333 1979 No
7* No Artist Fools Moon Country International 233 A 1989 No
7* No Artist Gremlins Adventures Buena Vista GREMLINS No
7* No Artist Hansel And Gretel Peter Pan F1236 No
7* No Artist Have You Ever Been Lonely Sara J-6611 No
7* No Artist Heavy Light Heavy Light DEMO Yes
7* No Artist Heidi: Book And Record Peter Pan 1935 No
7* No Artist Jack PDB Records PDB 4 1988 No
7* No Artist Jack And Jill Tunes For Tots 5 No
7* No Artist Learning The Guitar Kay No
7* No Artist The Little Drummer Boy Mr. Pickwick MPX-2 No
7* No Artist The Little Fat Policeman Disneyland 224 No
7* No Artist Mary Had A Little Lamb Tunes For Tots 11 No
7* No Artist My Ecstasy Capitol Records PRO-6506 Yes