The Motels
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Format Artist Title Label Catalog No Released Promo
7* The Motels Only The Lonely Capitol Records B-5114 1982 No
7* The Motels Shame Capitol Records P-B-5497 1985 No
7* The Motels Suddenly Last Summer Capitol Records B-5271 1983 No
7* The Motels Take The L Capitol Records B-5149 1982 No
LP The Motels All Four One Capitol Records ST-12177 1982 No
LP The Motels Careful Capitol Records ST 512070 1980 No
LP The Motels Little Robbers Capitol Records ST-12288 1983 No
LP The Motels The Motels Capitol Records R-150402 1979 No
LP The Motels Shock Capitol Records SJ-12378 1985 Yes