M People
M. Doc
M.C. Tee And Lord Tsheem
Ma, Yo-Yo
Mac Band
Macar Brothers
MacArthur, Douglas
MacColl, Kirsty
MacGregor, Mary
Machines of Loving Grace
Macisaac, Ashley
Mack, Jack, And The Heart Attack
Mack, Jimmie
Mack, Lonnie
Mack, Warner
MacKenzie, Gisele
Mackenzie, Scott
MacRae, Gordon
Mad River
Maddox, Johnny
Maddox, Johnny, And His
Maddox, Johnny, And The
Maddox, Johnny, And The Rhythmasters
Maddox, Rose
Maestro, Johnny
Magazine 60
Magestro, Miss Toni
Maggard, Cledus, And the Citizen's Band
Magic Grass
Magic Lanterns
Magic Slim And the Teardrops
Magnum Force
Magnusson, Jakob
Mahal, Taj
Mahaney, Bob
Mahogany Rush
Mai Tai
Maile Serenaders
Main Ingredient, The
Maines Brothers Band, The
Majic Ship, The
Makeba, Miriam
Malamet, Marsha
Malchak, Tim
Malcolm And The Mirrors
Malmsteen, Yngwie
Malone, Ted
Maltby, Richard, And His
Malvin, Artie
Mamado And She
Mamas And the Papas, The
Mama's Boys
Man (15)
Man in Black
Manakas, Van
Manchester, Melissa
Mancina, Mark
Mancini, Henry
Mancini, Henry, And His Orchestra
Mancini, Henry, His Orchestra And Chorus
Mandel, Howie
Mandel, Johnny, And His Orchestra
Mandell, Jim
Mandrell, Barbara
Mandrell, Louise
Mangione, Chuck
Mangione, Gap
Manhattan Transfer
Manhattans, The
Manilow, Barry
Mann, Barry
Mann, Carl
Mann, Herbie
Mann, Johnny, Singers, The
Mann, Lorene
Mann, Manfred
Manne, Shelly
Mannheim Steamroller
Mann's, Manfred, Earth Band
Manson, Jeane
Mantle, Micky
Mantler, Karen
Mantovani And His Orchestra
Mantovani, Annunzio Paolo
Map of the World
Mara, Ta, And the Seen
Marcels, The
March Leaders Band
March Violets
March, Peggy
March, Steve
Marchan, Bobby
Marcovitz, Diana
Marcum, Frank
Marcus, Steve, Count's Rock Band
Marcus, Wade
Marcy And Margie
Marcy Brothers, The
Marcy Playground
Mardones, Benny
Margulis, Charles
Margulis, Charles, And H
Marie, Donna
Marie, Kelly
Marie, Marie
Marie, Teena
Marina And The Diamonds
Marine, Bill
Mark And Clark Band, The
Mark Iv
Marketts, The
Marks, Guy
Marks, Kenny
Marky Mark And the Funky Bunch
Marley, Bob, And the Wailers
Marley, Ziggy, And the Melody Makers
Marlo, John
Marlo, Micki
Marriner, Neville
Marrs, Steve
Mars, Bruno
Mars, Chris
Marsalis, Branford
Marsalis, Wynton
Marshall Tucker Band, The
Marshall, Meri D.
Martel, Marty
Martel, Mimi
Marterie, Ralph, And His Orchestra
Martha And the Muffins
Martha And the Vandellas
Martian Symphony Orchestra
Martin, Bobbi
Martin, Cloe
Martin, Dean
Martin, Eric
Martin, Freddy, And His Orchestra
Martin, Grady
Martin, Grady, And His Slew Foot Five
Martin, Grady, And the S
Martin, Grady, And the Slewfoot Five
Martin, Joe, And His Orchestra
Martin, Marilyn
Martin, Moon
Martin, Ray
Martin, Ray, And His Orchestra
Martin, Ricci
Martin, Steve
Martin, Steve, And the Toot Uncommons
Martin, Tony
Martin, Vince
Martindale, Wink
Martinez, Hirth
Martinez, Nancy
Martini Ranch
Martino, Al
Martino, Pat
Martino, Ronnie
Marvelettes, The
Mar-Vels, The
Marvin And Johnny
Marx, Groucho
Marx, Richard
Mary Jane Girls
Mary My Hope
Mas, Carolyne
Mascis, J
Masekela, Hugh
Maskman And the Agents
Mason And Fenn
Mason Dixon
Mason Proffit
Mason, Barbara
Mason, Dave
Mason, Harvey
Mason, Jackie
Mason, Vaughan
Masqueraders, The
Mass Production
Masse, Paul
Massed Bands And Corps Of Drums Of The Guards Division, The
Massey, Raymond
Massey, Wayne
Master Fleet
Masters of Reality
Masters, Hal
Masters, Sammy
Matchbox Twenty
Material Issue
Mather, George
Mathieu, Mireille
Mathis, Johnny
Matlock, Ronn
Matrix (26)
Matsu, Tokyo
Matsui, Keiko
Mattea, Kathy
Matthews' Southern Comfort
Matthews, Dave, Band
Matthews, Ian
Mauds, The
Mauriat, Paul
Mauriat, Paul, And His Orchestra
Mauro, Michael
Mavericks, The
Max Headroom
Max Q
Maxted, Billy, And His Manhattan Jazz Band
Maxwell, Claude
Maxwell, Robert
Maxwell, Robert, His Harp And Orchestra
May, Billy, And His Orchestra
May, Brian, And Friends
May, Elaine
May, Raymond
Mayall, John
Mayall's, John, Bluesbreakers
Maye, Marilyn
Mayer, Hans
Mayer, Tom
Mayfair Symphonette Orch
Mayfair, Helen
Mayfield, Curtis
Mayfield, Percy
Mazzy Star
MC Hammer
McAdoo, Mike
McAnally, Mac
McAuley Schenker Group
McBride And the Ride
McBride, Bob
McBride, Martina
McCain, Edwin
McCall, C.W.
McCall, Darrell
McCall, Jim
McCall, Toussaint
McCalla, Deidre
McCallum, David
McCampbell Brothers, The
McCann, Denise
McCann, Les
McCann, Les, And Eddie Harris
McCann, Les, Ltd
McCann, Peter
McCarter, Jennifer
McCarters, The
McCartney, Linda
McCartney, Paul
McCaslin, Mary
McClain, Alton, And Destiny
McClain, Charly
McClain, Janice
McClinton, Delbert
McClinton, O. B.
McClure, Bobby
McCoo, Marilyn, And Billy Davis Jr
McCorison, Dan
McCormack, John
McCormick, Gayle
McCormick, Maureen
McCoy, Charlie
McCoy, Marjorie
McCoy, Neal
McCoy, Van
McCoys, The
McCrae, George
McCrae, Gwen
McCreary, Mary
McCuller, Arnold
McDaniel, Mel
McDaniels, Gene
McDonald, Brian, Group
McDonald, Country Joe
McDonald, Jeanette
McDonald, Michael
McDonald, Skeets
McDonald, Steve
McDowell, Carrie
McDowell, Mississippi Fred
McDowell, Ronnie
McDuff, Eddie
McDuff, Jack, Brother
McEntire, Pake
McEntire, Reba
McFadden And Whitehead
McFerrin, Bobby
McGee, Parker
McGhee, Bumps, And His Twisters
McGhee, Howard
McGill, Alan
McGilpin, Bob
McGovern, Maureen
McGraw, Tim
McGriff, Jimmy
McGuffey Lane
McGuinn, Clark And Hillman
McGuinn, Roger
McGuire Sisters, The
McGuire, Barry
McGuire, Phyllis
McIan, Peter
McIntire, Lani, And His
McKayle, Donald
McKee, Maria
McKendree Spring
McKendree Spring 3
McKennitt, Loreena
McKenzie, Bob And Doug
McKenzie, Scott
McKinley, Ray, And Some of the Boys
McKinnon, Barry
McKuen, Rod
McLachlan, Sarah
McLagan, Ian
McLaren, Malcolm
McLauchlan, Murray
McLaughlin, John
McLaughlin, Pat
McLean, Don
McLean, Penny
McLean, Phil
McMahon, Ed
McMahon, Gerard
McNally, Larry John
McNamara, Robin
McNeill, Dugan
McNeill, Pamela
McNeir, Ronnie
McNeir, Ronnie, Experience, The
McNichol, Kristy And Jimmy
McPhatter, Clyde
McQuaig, Scott
McQuinn, Kevin
McRae, Carmen
McShann, Jay
McVie, Christine
Mead, Abigail
Mead, Sister Janet
Meade, Donna
Meadows, Marion
Meat Loaf
Meat Puppets
Medeiros, Glenn
Medley, Bill
Medley, Phil
Meece, David
Meighan, Bob, Band, The
Meinert, Margie
Meisburg And Walters
Meisner, Randy
Meisner, Verne
Mekons, The
Mel And Kim
Melachrino Strings, The
Melfi, Johnny
Meli, Debbie
Melis, Jose
Mellencamp, John
Mellencamp, John
Mellencamp, John
Mello-Mackin-D And Mr. Stretch
Mellow Moods of Jazz, The
Melvin, Harold, And the Blue Notes
Members, The
Memories, The
Memphis Horns, The
Men and Volts
Men at Work
Men They Couldn't Hang
Men Without Hats
Mendelson, Andy
Mendes, Sergio
Mendes, Sergio, And Brasil '66
Mendes, Sergio, And Brasil '88
Mendes, Sergio, Trio, The
Mental as Anything
Mercer, Mabel
Mercer, Sandy
Merchant, Natalie
Mercury, Eric
Meriwether, Roy, Trio, The
Merman, Ethel
Mernit, Billy
Merrill, Buddy
Merry Orchestra, The
Merryweather, Neil
Messenger, Ian
Messengers, The
Messina, Jim
Messina, Jo Dee
Metheny, Pat
Metheny, Pat, And Lyle Mays
Metheny, Pat, Group
Metro All Stars
Metronome All Star Band
Metros, The
Mexicali Singers
Meyers, Jimmy, Trio
MGM Studio Orchestra
Mi Sex
Miami Sound Machine
Michael And The Messengers
Michael, George
Michaels, Lee
Michaels, Margo
Michalski And Oosterveen
Michel, Marc
Mickelson, Paul
Mickey And Sylvia
Middleton, Eddie
Middleton, Tony
Midi, Maxi And Efti
Midler, Bette
Midnight Oil
Midnight Star
Midnight Strings, The
Midnight, Charlie
Mid-Westerners, The
Mighty Clouds of Joy
Mighty Fire
Mighty Flyers, The
Mighty Hannibal, The
Mighty Lemon Drops, The
Mike And the Mechanics
Milano, Frank
Miles, Barry
Miles, Buddy
Miles, Buddy, Express
Miles, Buddy, Regiment
Miles, Jackie
Miles, John
Milestone Jazzstars
Miller, Adam
Miller, Bill
Miller, Christine
Miller, Chuck
Miller, Dennis
Miller, Eddie, Orchestra
Miller, Elva, Mrs.
Miller, Frankie
Miller, Glenn
Miller, Glenn, And His Orchestra
Miller, Jody
Miller, Joe
Miller, Lesley
Miller, Marvin
Miller, Mitch
Miller, Mitch, And His Orchestra
Miller, Mitch, And His Sing-Along Chorus
Miller, Mitch, And Orchestra
Miller, Mitch, And The Gang
Miller, Mitchell, And His Orchestra
Miller, Ned
Miller, Roger
Miller, Russ
Miller, Steve, Band, The
Milli Vanilli
Millions Like Us
Mills Brothers, The
Mills, Frank
Mills, Hayley
Mills, Stephanie
Milnes, Sherrill
Milsap, Ronnie
Mindbenders, The
Mineo, Sal
Mingus Dynasty
Mingus, Charles
Mini Pops, The
Miniature Men
Minks, The
Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra
Minnelli, Liza
Minogue, Annie
Minogue, Kylie
Minute Men, The
Miracle Legion
Miracles, The
Mirettes, The
Mirijanian, Craig
Mirror Image
Misfits, The
Mishler, Embert, And the M
Missing Persons
Mission UK, The
Mission, The
Mister Mister
Mistletoe Disco Band, The
Mistletoe Players, The
Mitchell Trio, The
Mitchell, Blue
Mitchell, Chad, Trio, The
Mitchell, Chuck
Mitchell, Guy
Mitchell, Joni
Mitchell, Kim
Mitchell, McKinley
Mitchell, Price
Mitchell, Prince Phillip
Mitchum, Robert
Mixmaster Gee And the Turntable Orchestra
Mixtures, The
Mizell, Rocky
Mobley, Hank
Moby Grape
Modern English
Modern Eon
Modern Jazz Quartet
Modern Jazz Society, The
Modern Romance
Modern Talking
Modern Times
Modernaires, The
Modest Mouse
Modugno, Domenico
Moebius, Dieter
Moffatt, Hugh
Moffatt, Katy
Moffett, Charnett
Moffitt, Peter
Molly And the Heymakers
Molly Hatchet
Mom And Dads, The
Moments, The
Mom's Apple Pie
Mona Lisa Overdrive
Monarch All Star Jazz
Mondo Rock
Money, Eddie
Monkees, The
Monotones, The
Monroe, Bill
Monroe, Bill, And His Blue Grass Boys
Monroe, Bill, And the Bluegrass Boys
Monroe, Vaughn
Monroe, Vaughn, And His Orchestra
Monroe, Vaughn, And His Orchestra And Chorus
Monroes, The
Montan, Chris
Montana Slim
Montanas, The
Monte, Lou
Montenegro, Hugo
Montenegro, Hugo, And His Orchestra
Montez, Chris
Montgomery, James, Band
Montgomery, John Michael
Montgomery, Melba
Montgomery, Wes
Montgomery, Wes, Trio
Montrell, Roy
Montrose, Ronnie
Monty Python
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Moods Of Nature
Moody Blues, The
Moody Brothers
Moog Machine
Mooney, Art
Mooney, Art, And His Orchestra
Moore, Barry
Moore, Beth
Moore, Bob
Moore, Brad Anthony
Moore, Christy
Moore, Dave
Moore, Dorothy
Moore, Gary
Moore, Jackie
Moore, Matthew
Moore, Melba
Moore, Rica
Moore, Tim
Morales, Michael
Morales, Noro
Morales, Noro, And His Orchestra
Moran And Mack
Moran, Lester "Roadhog", And the Cadillac Cowboys
Moraz, Patrick
Moreland, Ritchie
Morello, Joe
Moreno, Mariano
Morgan Brothers, The
Morgan, Al
Morgan, B.J.
Morgan, George
Morgan, Jane
Morgan, Jaye P.
Morgan, Lee
Morgan, Lorrie
Morgan, Meli'sa
Morgan, Russ
Morgan, Russ, And His Orchestra
Morini, Erica
Morissette, Alanis
Mormon Tabernacle Choir, The
Moroder, Giorgio
Morris, Gary
Morris, Jeremy
Morris, Joan
Morrison, Kim
Morrison, Peter
Morrison, Van
Morrissey, Dick
Morse, Steve, Band
Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra
Moses, Rick
Motels, The
Mother Earth
Mother Love Bone
Mother's Finest
Motley Crue
Motors, The
Mott the Hoople
Mottau, Eddie
Mould, Bob
Moulin Rouge
Mountain Music Jubilee
Mounted Band Of The Blues And Royals
Mouskouri, Nana
Mouth And MacNeal
Move, The
Movies, The
Moving Hearts
Moving Pictures
Moyet, Alison
Mr. Big
Mr. Blink
Mr. Fiddler
Mr. Goon-Bones
Ms. Adventures
Muhammad, Idris
Mulcays, The
Muldaur, Maria
Mull, Martin
Mullen, Jim
Mullican, Moon
Mulligan, Gerry
Mullins, Rich
Mulloy, Bob
Mumm, Lloyd, And His Sta
Mumy, Bill
Mungo Jerry
Munich Machine
Munn, Frank
Muppets, The
Murad's, Jerry, Harmonicats
Murdock, Shirley
Murmaids, The
Murphey, Michael Martin
Murphey, Ryan
Murphy Town Singers, The
Murphy, Eddie
Murphy, Peter
Murphy, Ron
Murphy, Walter, And the Big Apple Band
Murphy, Walter, Band
Murphy, Walter, Band, The
Murphy, Willie
Murray, Anne
Murray, Arthur
Murray, Joanne
Murray, John
Murrow, Edward R.
Musette, Rene, Orchestra
Music Explosion, The
Music Machine, The
Musical Youth
Mustard Seed Faith
Musto And Bones
MVB Orchestra And Chorus
My Sister's Machine
Myers, Paul
Myles, Alannah
Myre, Jimmy
Myrick, Gary
Myrick, Gary, And The Figures
Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band, The
Mystic Moods Orchestra, The
Mystics, The