Captain And Tennille / Song Of Joy
Format LP
Artist Captain And Tennille
Title Song Of Joy
Label Pickwick Records
Catalog No SPC-3724
Released 1976
Promo No
Packaging LP 01x1 Slot
Playing Time 31:04
A1. (3:14) Song Of Joy
(Rasputia Boutte/Billy Preston)
A2. (3:16) Lonely Night (Angel Face)
(Neil Sedaka)
A3. (3:29) Shop Around
(Berry Gordy, Jr./William "Smokey" Robinson)
A4. (3:17) Smile For Me One More Time
(Chris Tennent/Daryl Dragon)
A5. (2:10) Going Bananas
(Daryl Dragon)
B1. (3:48) Muskrat Love
(Willis Alan Ramsey)
B2. (3:38) Thank You, Baby
(Bruce Johnston)
B3. (3:18) Wedding Song (There Is Love)
(Paul Stookey)
B4. (4:54) 1954 Boogie Blues
(Daryl Dragon/Toni Tennille)